Monday, July 13, 2009

Living a Purposeful and Conscious Life of Awareness

Living a Purposeful and Conscious Life of Awareness.

1. You are not only here to bear witness to the extraordinary conscious evolution of Earth, but you are an integral part of her ascendancy. The more you consciously choose to take an active impassioned role, your life will reflect an exciting purposeful, magical journey.

2. You are what you choose to think, speak and feel. The more you consciously choose thoughts and emotions with love, non-judgement, compassion and acceptance, the more your reality will reflect this back to you.

3. Everything that appears in your reality, you consciously or unconsciously draw to yourself for your highest good. Change your perception and your reality will change.

4. The only person who can make you sad, angry, bitter, resentful or regretful is you. Become aware what you choose to keep replaying over and over again in your life. Do you choose to be right or happy

5. Put your focus and attention only on what you intend for your life and not on the how and when of it happening. In this way, you allow the greatest scope for sychronicities, magic and miracles to regularly and consistently appear in your reality.

These five points are a great start, as one begins to see their lives from a higher perspective.
What would you suggest to add to this list?

Love and Blessings,

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