Monday, July 20, 2009

Creating You Reality

My whole life I have found money on the ground-OK it was in the form of coins..but the Universe just sent me a sign that I graduated on to allowing myself to receive in greater abundance. After a rather long hiatus from exercising, on my walk today, I found a dollar bill on the sidewalk. I immediately:
1. felt elated and took it as a sign that aundance-especially financial-will be flowing in easily, in increased value and through the most unexpected ways, and
2. thought maybe the angels are showing me signs of encouragement to exercise more often.

In examples of synchronicities like these, I am always quick to realise the higher perspective to whatever I bring to myself in my reality. If it is there, I know that I have created it and brought it to myself for a purpose-even the seemingly so called challenging things. Once we choose to have this kind of perspective on our lives, then we remain calm, in control and happy whatever turns up in our reality. The more conscious we are of creating our realities, the more we are able to positively and joyfully create them. Happy creating!!
Love and Blessings,

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