Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Blessing Of Living In A Supportive Universe

Do you feel supported by the Universe?
Having approached the past 11 years with a deep knowing that the
Universe always has my back and truly desires that which I desire, I rest comfortably
knowing that I am abundant, guided, protected and loved more than I can possibly imagine. Yet, this was not always the case.
Before January 2003, I lived in a restrictive prison of fear and
contrast that I had built for myself to uncomfortably reside in.

By consciously freeing myself from this restrictive illusion and only
choosing positive energies, I noticed something rather magical started to
happen. The bright, confident frequency that was held within my heart
radiated out and opened me up to optimistically receive, which then
created a reality that positively and enthusiastically gave to me. By
holding only the highest of energies, I connect with my Divine
eternal nature and experience my original crystalline essence.

The Posse of Angels is reminding us that a crystalline being is fully
aware of their alchemical, magician's ability to bend their reality to suit
their intentions, creating the life that they desire most.The deliberate
creation of life begins to reflect a regular flow of amazing synchronisities
and highly unlikely occurrences.

For instance, the day before our recent move, Pete and I realised that
the moving van we booked for 9am had to park on our side of the street
and there is no parking there on Wednesdays between 8-12 because of
street sweeping. In addition, the Culver City police are among the best and most
 vigilant when it comes to writing parking tickets. Knowing that things always
work out for us, we released expectations and waited for the moving van
to turn up.

At 9:30, a half and hour late, we caught sight of the moving van
coming down our street. As it went to the end of the block to turn
around, inthat moment, miraculously the street sweeper appeared
right in front of the moving van, swept in front of our house and
continued on, as the moving van followed and parked in front of
our house. I say it was miraculous because for the past 4 years the street
sweeper always comes down our street closer to noon and on this
particular day, he chose to sweep our street early. In addition, for the
whole time that the moving van was there, no police appeared!

Having established an energetic practice of being grateful that thing
always work out for me in wonderful ways, they do. This got me pondering
if I am in the minority in being supported by the Universe? If perchance you
answered my opening question with a "NO!" as you feel like the Universe
does not support you, think again.

The Posse of Angels is reminding us that whether we are conscious
of it or not, the Universe has always been supportive to everyone and it
does not differentiate and play favourites. No matter who we are, the
Universe has always wanted exactly that which we desired and the
funny thing is, it did everything to support us in the manifestation and
attainment of those desires.

But most of humanity has not seen the physical manifestation of their
wishes because of the perpetuation of energies such as doubt; worry, lack
and limitation that were in direct contrast to our Divine abundant natures.
With the perpetuation of this discordance within us, as we clung to all the
reasons as to why our dreams could not be filled, the Universe then supported
us in our energetic endeavours and sent us more reasons as to why our
desires did not manifest.

And just like the Universe supports me with my sunny bright
outlook, it also supports others, who perhaps are not so positive
and optimistic.

Last week. I was driving on the infamous 405 freeway with a car
load of boxes to take to our new home. The word 'freeway' which is
used to describe this stretch of road is at times a misnomer; as on
many occasions, there is no freedom as one experiences only gridlock.
Having snail-crawled past an abandoned car causing all kinds of snarls,
I looked off in the distance and caught sight of a man walking on the shoulder.
As I inched closer, I could see a rather unhappy fellow with a deep scowl,
carrying a gasoline can and I knew that it was he who had abandoned his
car in order to get fuel. With his speed of walking faster than I was driving,
I had the opportunity to read his T-Shirt.

On the front was a big circle, which had two crosses for eyes and a
very sad frown. Above the face in big bold letters read the word "NIRVANA"
and at the bottom of the face was the word "NOT!" And underneath
were the words, "Sh*t Happens!"

Knowing that this week's topic was going to be about the blessing
of a supportive Universe, I thought that this was a perfect example of
the Universe co-creating and matching this fellow's energy.

And The Posse of Angels can hear some of your thoughts, perhaps
thinking, "But that is not fair, as it is just a T-Shirt and he does not have
a clue about consciously choosing his energies." And The Posse of Angels
is replying, "You're absolutely correct.The Universe is not fair, nor is it unfair.

The Universe is always supportive as it is constantly bringing us more
of the energy we choose to focus on and perpetuate, regardless of whether
it is positive or negative. I guess the biggest turn around that I had in my
life 11 years ago was that I chose not to make excuses anymore as to why
I should not be supported and began to support myself. I chose to live by
the principle, "The best always happens to me; as I expect the best without
having expectations."

And magically, when I started to positively support myself in
following the path of the fulfilment of my dreams; it did not take
long for the Universe to then get on board and positively support me.
Here's hoping that your gas tank is alway full!

Love and Angel Blessings,

Candy XXX
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

5th Dimension Manifestation with Inspired Action

       Did you know that as of March 1, 2015, many of us have ‘officially’ crossed the threshold of dimensions and are now living in 5th dimensional reality? Like some of you, I found out after the fact and missed the party. (The Posse of Angels said that they actually slept through it.) Thinking back to the first Sunday of March, I did not recall feeling any different and, for the most part, many of you reading this newsletter probably didn’t either. For the crossover from dense 3rd dimensional energy to the lighter energies of higher dimensional living, has been a way of life for many of us who made the conscious choice to shift years ago.
     The Posse of Angels wish us to know that this grand shift by Humanity saw many in the Collective Consciousness indeed make very different decisions. Before the official handover, many of us who were experiencing a higher dimensional way of living before decided to release all negativity, shift our emphasis off of scarcity and lack and put our attention on gratitude for our blessings. Along with this conscious perpetuation of positive, high vibrational frequency, we made the decision to see ourselves as part of one world, one grand collective.

      And The Posse of Angels is excited to remind us that what has happened as a result of living directly from our hearts is that we reconnected with the Magician within us all and began to experience the ability to manifest our heartfelt desires. Our heart is where the alchemical co-creation of magic and synchronicities has always resided. But those desires could not be accessed in the limiting, disconnected energies of 3rd dimensional reality. This new and very different landscape of living in 5th dimension energies has seen many of us experiencing instant manifestation- and absolutely loving it!
     But, The Posse of Angels do wish to remind us that the manifestation of our wishes is still very much a co- creative effort with the Universe. This co-creative effort entails our 100% trust in our Divine eternal abundant nature by getting out of our own logical way and releasing all attachments and expectations to the outcome. In this way, we will be completely open and energetically unencumbered to receive the fulfillment of our desires. It is these open and trusting energies, coupled with those of our taking ‘Inspired Action’ that will make absolutely uncanny miracles become a daily occurrence in our lives

     A perfect example of the difference between 3rd and 5th dimensional living came as a result of a wish of my husband and mine to live in Santa Monica. We have both felt a pull to live in this beautiful seaside area of LA for the past year. Yet when both of us tuned in before 2015, we knew that it was still too early for the move. With this New Year, we both felt an even stronger urge to move and were waiting for a sign to show us how to move forward. I kept tuning into the Posse of Angels asking them for signs, and all I got was silence. They might as well have shown me a gone fishing sign because they were uncharacteristically silent. As days ticked by without a sign, I felt inspired to phone a friend to see if she knew someone who could help us find a place. My friend put me into contact with a real estate agent and when I phoned her on the evening of Thursday March 4th, I explained that we desired to move to Santa Monica. She then proceeded to share the following information:
       She said that because of its popularity, most of the properties that were for rent in Santa Monica never make it to the rental sites, as the market is driven mostly by word of mouth. She went on to say that for this reason, there was very little on the market, and that those places that do get multi-listed are hotly contested for by a very competitive market. With the area being so sought after, she said to expect that the homes would be much smaller compared to other areas and to expect our weekends to be taken up with running from open house to open house, as private showings were very rare. Her advice was that even before we found a place, we should fill out an application form (of course not putting in an address) print out our credit report, references and a letter of introduction.
     Then when we did find a place that we were interested in, we should immediately put in an application already to go. She added that properties in Santa Monica usually get many applications for each rental and that it could be up to two weeks before we would hear whether our application was accepted. She even suggested that we put in several applications on multiple places to better our chances to be chosen over the competition.

      While she was speaking, I heard the Posse of Angels say to me loud and clear, “This is her reality, not yours.”
     After she finished, I thanked her for her time. Hanging up the phone, I remembered that there is no competition, as the Universe is constantly conspiring to bring us the fulfillment of our wishes. And if Pete and I were excited about moving to Santa Monica, that’s all that mattered. Getting shivers of confirmation, I then felt inspired to go on Craigslist and see what was available.
       Looking through the listings, my eye was drawn to a photo of some very cute, curtained French doors belonging to a townhouse in Santa Monica. The rooms looked very spacious, and it was actually nearly double the size of our current home. Although all the other listings had only contact email addresses, strangely, this one had a phone number with a name, Nicole. Early the following Friday morning I rang Nicole and she cheerfully answered. When I expressed interest about the rental she replied, “ I would love to show you the townhouse at 6:30pm this evening.  Pete and I met Nicole at the property and found out that she was the owner. The home was light, bright, spacious and it even had a balcony off the master bedroom. (I am not surprised as I have been visualizing a balcony off the master bedroom of my new home in Santa Monica for the past year.) The next day, Saturday, March 7th, we arranged to drop off our application to Nicole at 1:30pm and 2 hours later she phoned and said that the townhouse was ours. We signed the lease on Sunday, March 8th and we move in April.

       And The Posse of Angels wishes to remind us that one of the major things that makes 5thdimensional living so vastly different from 3D reality, is that there are no rules, no logic, no rational, and no tried and true proven ways to follow.
     The greatest advice to the art of living in the 5th dimension is never to compromise what we desire. Remember that the Universe desires that which each one of us desires and that it does not place obligations, conditions or restrictions on the how and when of it happening. By being willing to receive in all possible ways and following-up the excitability and joy in our hearts with inspired action, we open the doors of magic for the fulfillment of our dreams.

     So two years ago, when I began to visualize my new home in Santa Monica, I did not restrict myself by worrying that only few rentals do get multi-listed, nor did I worry about dealing with the pressures of a competitive market. But what I did do was I felt excited as I imagined myself smiling, wearing a big beach hat, reading a book and sipping an iced tea on my sundrenched balcony. And while I visualized this peaceful scene, I felt the warmth of the sun on my face, smelled the freshness of the ocean breeze, and allowed my heart to feel joy, contentment and gratitude for all my countless blessings.
     Have a magical April everyone!  See you later…I’ve got to go pack now!!

Love and Angel Blessings,
Candy XXX
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

To Speak Up Or Not To Speak Up

"To Speak Up Or Not To Speak Up"
by  Claire Candy Hough   

     WHOA, hold the phone!!! Have the Posse of Angels lost their marbles and taken leave of their heavenly senses? How is it possible that they can even entertain the idea of not speaking up?? For the past 10+ years we have systematically released anything that is not honoring and respectful. We have found our voice after lifetimes of being manipulated, used, abused and pushed into settling for anything less then we so richly deserve.  And now feeling empowered with all the strides we have made, how could they even entertain the idea of whether to speak up or not?

     Well, as always they are enjoying our reaction to this title and laughing with us; as they never laugh at us. They are assuring us that they have indeed not taken leave of their senses, but this is very important to consider as to whether or not to speak up about what you know and believe in your heart to be true.
     The reason it is important is that with the raising of the consciousness on the Planet and with humans shifting to discern what is Truth, many things will be revealed and brought to light about the deception, corruption and crimes against humanity that have been perpetuated on Planet Earth.
     With many of these disclosures coming to light, you may be presented with loved ones, family and friends who hear the same news and revelations, yet they may have very different perceptions and opinions to ours. With the unveiling of hidden truths that destroy long held beliefs, there will be many who will not be ready to comprehend the information. And while many of us have been waiting years for crimes against humanity and lies to be disclosed, there are others who will not see these disclosures as a tangible sign of the evolution of the Planet and they will be anything but excited and enthusiastic.

     The Posse of Angels is reminding us that with the raising of the consciousness, there is an energetic divide that has occurred. There are those who still choose to remain in 3rd dimensional frequencies of fear and allowing others to control their lives, and then there are those who have risen above the Matrix and are now experiencing the ease, grace and flow of 4th and 5th dimensional living.
     And The Posse of Angels is reminding us that those who have awakened to the enslavement of the Planet will be faced with a choice.  The quandary they will face is whether to tell others of the hi-jacking of almost every area of our lives by those of evil intent. With these areas including our health, our food supply, our money, our rights to privacy, our right to clean air and water and our personal liberties, the decision as to whether or not to share this information with others will be a decision that many of us will reflect upon.

For example, a recent trip to Australia found us at a reunion of my husband’s childhood mates in a friend’s backyard. Several of the discussions centered around reminiscing about their shared experiences and also pondering the fate of the world; as they have seen so many changes in the past 50 years. When the topic was raised about the problems of the Planet, some even voicing that the world was destined to be destroyed, I gently spoke up and disagreed.
     I stated that the world was evolving as the consciousness of the Planet was rising and there were many examples of people focusing their intention on a world of love, acceptance, unity, and peace. One of the more outspoken gentlemen than stated that this concept of a world of love was all well and good for those who chose not to face reality and hide their heads in the sand, but that he did not believe that the world would ever evolve into a Utopian society; as if a Utopian state was a concept that was unattainable.
    I replied that with this one belief and the energy held around it, there would be 100% certainty that an ideal society that benefited all would never, ever happen in ‘his’ reality. But I was quick to add that with my firm belief that just such a society is reachable, I opened up the doors of possibilities for it to manifest in my lifetime.

     Seeing a natural Segway, I began to introduce the work I do as a Reiki Master/Teacher working in the field of Energy Medicine and how Quantum Physics states that our thoughts create our lives and that there are different realities for everyone depending on their energetic frequency that they choose to perpetuate.

      Speaking over the top of me, as if he was swatting away a small insignificant fruit fly, he emphatically stated that in order to solve the ills of the world what was needed was to put into power a ‘benevolent dictator’ that would lead the people and establish directives on how to live their lives. I did a double take as to his choice of words, ‘benevolent dictator’? I calmly said, “Do you realize that the phrase benevolent dictator is an oxymoron? How can you even voice that you would welcome someone who wields absolute authority over you in a dictatorship. Just think about Adolph Hitler, Idi Aman Dada, Saddam Hussein!" I then quickly added, “Come to think of it, when one considers areas such as the taking away of our civil liberties, the manipulation of elections, the buying off of politicians, governments, and our corrupt financial institutions aren’t these all a direct reflection of the world we are currently living in because we have blindly given over our freedoms in almost every area of our lives?"

     Once again, my words fell on deaf ears as he said, “What we really need to do is to elect the politicians that have guts to hit people where it hurts them the most, in their pockets. People will only take notice if you make them pay for the privileges that they receive.” I suddenly was about to mount my high horse and ask him to define his use of the word privileges; as my belief is that we have an inherent right as occupants on Planet Earth to clean fresh air and water, foods that have not been genetically modified and chemically poisoned with pesticides, rights to choose alternative and holistic health therapies, rights not to be vaccinated, rights to privacy- just to name a few areas-and not have to pay dearly for them.

     Yet, as I was just about to stir up a cloud of indignant dust and defend my case, I heard The Posse of Angels say, ‘choose wisely as we are not here to defend our choices’.  Their words ‘choose wisely’ meant choose the energies that you most want your energies to align with, instead of changing anyone’s view points. With their wise, sage words, I realized that the energetic divide between us was so vast that he was not consciously at the stage to be able to perceive, let along entertain the possible thought,  that he has the ability to create whatever reality he chooses to experience, including a Utopian society.

     The Posse of Angels is reminding us that we are not here to change any ones’ beliefs and persuade them to think as we do. We are here only to voice our own Truths, and just as long as we do this authentically, honestly, openly and transparently, then we will be radiating the most loving, joyful, passionate, and accepting of energies.

     And they are stressing that it is the energies that we hold within that are even more important to our planet than our beliefs.

     So if we are magnanimous and considerate, allowing that everyone has the right of free will to believe what he or she chooses to believe-even my husbands’ friend who believed that we needed a benevolent dictator to tell us how to live our lives-then we must bless everyone where they choose to be, because that is perfection for their journey.

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: 831.277.3716
SKYPE: candy.hough

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

'Trust In Yourself' by Claire Candy Hough

Trust In Yourself

     The Posse of Angels is saying that the most important word for the collective consciousness in 2015 will be Trust; trust in ourselves. They wish for us to remember that our journey toward enlightenment has allowed us to experience a greater clarity as to how to honor, respect and trust who we are. This has seen many throwing off the shackles of being controlled and manipulated. Whether we chose to awaken to see the inconsistencies in the carefully manipulated, manufactured news that is fed to us by the media, or whether our eyes have been opened to see that many things that we were told were safe were anything but safe, we gained greater clarity in knowing what truth is for each of us.

     Regaining our trust in ourselves is tantamount for our evolution; as others abused so much of our trust. For example, Aspartame was passed by the food and drug administration, even though documentation has revealed that before being passed research showed that it caused cancer in lab rats. Much like Aspartame, GMO’s were also passed to be safe although they showed to have genetically harmful effects and research on fluoride in our water supply has shown empirical evidence that it causes cognitive disorder and brain damage.
     In regard to our health, there have been many instances of suppressions of natural cancer therapies that build up the immune system through diet, emotional wellbeing and organic natural living. These natural remedies were suppressed because they focus on prevention; rather than the perpetual collecting of monies for an elusive search of finding a cure and pushing chemotherapy, which poisons the body. Dr. Peter Glidden is one of many conventional doctors who have publically stated that research has shown that chemotherapy is a waste of money and does not work in 97% of cases. He emphatically states that the only reason it is administered is the tremendous kickbacks that the Doctors receive from using it.

     While our health has been hijacked, our right to free energy has been kidnapped as well. There have been many sources of free energy available in the past 100 years, but in order to keep us dependent on oil, many of these inventions were bought and hidden away from us for power, money and greed. In addition, much has been hidden about our Planet Earth being a part of a Galactic Federation. Our interstellar family has been working tirelessly to help us break the stranglehold of those in powerful positions whose only agenda is to perpetuate darkness and crimes against humanity.

     As our Planet experiences increased light nothing can remain hidden that is not of the Truth. Many of these disclosures will cause utter outrage, as it will come to light that many who we elected into authoritative positions have lied to us. These disclosures may be revealed in other areas such as corrupt financial and banking systems, the exposure of carefully planned wars and invasions of other countries to gain control over natural resources, and the systematic poisoning of our air and water through chemtrails to depopulate the Planet.

      And The Posse of Angels is not denying your right to feel horror and incredulity with the disclosure of many dark practices. I recently read that Pope Francis has stated publically that one out of every fifty priests rapes children and admits that there are over 8000 active pedophiles in the clergy. It is no wonder that we feel revulsion when we hear that the diocese knows all this and has had a long sordid history of protecting their pedophiles by paying off their legal fees, and moving the accused priests to different parishes (where they most likely continue their abuse with different children.)
      Yet, The Posse of Angels is cautioning us that we are not here to judge and we are not here to point fingers, plan attacks and retaliate. For if we did that, we would be no better than the perpetrators of such lies and we would be giving our power away. We are solely here to bear witness and hold the space for all that is not of love to be brought back into alignment with the light of God. The more we can trust that in order for our beloved Planet to ascend beyond corruption, dishonesty and fraud, all deceptions must be revealed in order to be fully dealt with and the perpetrators held accountable for their actions.

     The reason much is going to be revealed in 2015, resulting in many longstanding institutions crashing down, is that the collective consciousness has shifted to such a high energetic frequency of clarity that many of us intuitively know when someone or something is not of the Truth.
     With our restored clarity, some may say, “How could I have been so blind and not seen what is so clear now?” or, “How could I have allowed myself to be influenced and manipulated?” And The Posse of Angels is saying not to be so hard on ourselves as we virtually handed over the decision making in almost every area of our lives. Being asleep as to our greatness, we remained sedated in a deeply unconscious state as we unknowingly kept ourselves in a somnambulant state.  But as we have awakened, we have learned to take back the trust that we freely gave to others. This trust within us will grow stronger and stronger as the year 2015 unfolds.
     Instead of being distressed that you may have allowed yourself to be dictated by others in the past, The Posse of Angels is asking us to release ourselves from any negativity over the past and to put our energies on trusting our intuition in the present moment. By trusting yourself and not someone else, you become the creator of your reality. In this way, you have the power as a multi-dimensional being to trust your own judgment, and choices that concern your life, your health, and your liberties.

     Our safest bet in 2015 is to trust our hearts, as our hearts will never steer us wrong. If something does not seem right, if something causes us the slightest bit of doubt, it means that our feelings are clearly advising us that something is out of alignment with our hearts. Please dear ones, trust this inner barometer because it will steer you away from anything harmful and point you in the direction of the people and experiences that resonate of the highest frequencies of love and light.

    This expansion of our Trust will not only grow to keep us in Truth but it will also help us to step into the life of our dreams. It will help us to trust in our greatness and to shine our gifts and abilities out to the world with passion, enthusiasm and joy. The Posse of Angels is saying that our ability to now discern Truth, has removed the constrictive shackles that put a stranglehold on our dreams. With greater Trust in ourselves, we have now created the energetic space for the signs to be freely presented for us to experience the fulfillment of our dreams. Once those signs manifest to show us which way to go in the direction of our dreams, all we need to do is to trust and step forward, and the miraculous will occur.

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: 831.277.3716
SKYPE: candy.hough

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Angel Wisdom For A Brand New Start

      Today the Posse of Angels wishes to say, ‘Bon Voyage’ and have a great journey. And a lot of you may well be thinking, “Thanks Posse of Angels for the wishes, but where am I going?”
     This past week’s Fall Equinox marked the significant date of harvest time and heralds a brand new start for those who have done the work. And no matter who you are, it is important to know that depending how much you have honored your journey, meaning how much you have cleared and cleansed negativity, forgiven others and adopted unconditional love in your heart, will determine what happens from this month onwards.   
     And The Posse of Angels is quick to chime in, “Did you think that you went through all those relationship challenges and struggles for nothing?  Did you think that the storms of financial hardships that we weathered in order to learn true abundance were for naught?  Did you think that this amazing journey of discovering who we authentically are was just something that happened, and not carefully orchestrated for a higher purpose??

     Well, it is precisely this higher purpose that will be presented to many of us who have diligently completed the above tasks, as we step into those magical events that will unfold, revealing the circumstances for our new beginnings and exactly what we will be harvesting.
     The Autumn Equinox marks the arrival of the season of Fall, which is traditionally seen as a period of great change. Now the Posse of Angels is saying that those who release all attachments and expectations, fully letting go as to how and when these new beginnings or opportunities will occur in our lives, will fully open the doors for limitless possibilities, magic and miracles to manifest.

     As we watch leaves fluttering to the ground in the fall, we are reminded that nature's cycles are mirrored in our lives. Autumn is traditionally the time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden; as we allow Spirit to take charge of our lives. If we have been diligent in doing the above, The Posse of Angels is now emphasizing that all that we truly need to do is surrender for God and the angels to easily show us how to best serve ourselves and  the Planet.
      Much like a writer or painter feels God’s grace working through them to bring forth their creations, we need to let go and get out of the way so that the flow of the Divine can work through us and appear on the canvas of our lives. And because the Universe is always working for our highest good, this fall season will see many of us being presented with fresh new opportunities, tailor made by God, to be of best service in order to share our talents and gifts with the world.
     Having experienced the budding of new growth in the spring, to it's blossoming in the summer, autumn is a time of leaves falling and branches becoming bare. The Posse of Angels is saying that we are very much like those trees shedding off our leaves, as we chose to be spiritually bare; unencumbered and weighed down by the past to receive the new starts in our lives. And when friends or family members set off on a new journey, we often present them with gifts to make their trip more enjoyable.
        The Posse of Angels is saying that the greatest thing that they can give us at this point is not extra money, nor material things, as we have 'the where with all'  to manifest anything that we choose. And they wish to remind us that we have always had the power and the wisdom to negotiate a Divine journey. Many of us were like Dorothy Gale in setting off on our journeys in search of our own Oz or Home, to come full circle, realizing that we always had the power within ourselves. Yet like Dorothy, we never would have found our strength without all the challenges and struggles that tested our faith along the way.
     Their send-off gift, is an inspirational poem written by a gifted Metaphysical Teacher  Leonard Milgraum and his poem is entitled:

The Wisdom God Placed in Your Soul.

Whenever you stumble, or falter or fumble
Or fail to advance to your goal, Take a moment in prayer
And see past the despair, to the Wisdom God place in your Soul
When you’re cut or confused, and your ego is bruised
And you feel that you’re out of control, yet, this feelings not true
There’s a you, within you, it’s the wisdom God placed in your soul.
There are times you’re so low, there seems no place to go
Still, there’s one place you always can stroll, when there’s nowhere to hide,
You can just go inside, To the wisdom God placed in your Soul.
In the silence you’ll find, Peace beyond peace of mind
The courage to make yourself whole, it’s a counsel unique
That you don’t have to seek, it’s the wisdom God placed in your soul
Only few come to know, that gratuitous glow
From the knowledge of life’s’ earthly role, yet, we all get to try
To decipher the why, in the wisdom God placed in our soul.
by Leonard Milgraum
     As The Posse of Angels watches us step on to our new paths of being of service, they have a tear in their collective eye because they are so proud of how far we have come. And just like any proud guardian that has watched over, guided, and protected their much loved charges, they have some extra tidbits of loving advice to impart that will help us enormously; as we faithfully step forward.

1.         Once we get busy, it is important to remember to take time to do nothing and just be; as it often brings everything back into perspective. They are reminding us to take time to rest, relax and sit in silence to regenerate our souls. This is especially important to remember because after being quiet for so long, many of us will be raring to go full throttle and may experience burnout.
2.         Do not become attached to the expectation of what you want, for sometimes you have to forget what you want in order to remember what you so richly deserve.
3.         As your fortunes increase and your financial strength grows remember to use that strength and abundance to lift others up. Pay it forward.
4.         Remember the trust in ourselves that got us to this point of a new start, and to not be afraid to take that leap of faith; for you have nothing to lose but your fear.
5.         Remember to be your remarkable self and not a carbon copy of anyone else.
6.         Remember that knowledge comes from learning and that wisdom comes from living it.
7.         After you have set your heartfelt intentions, all that is required for success is a vision of a destination. The journey itself will reveal the means that will open up the way to take you there.

Keep trusting and have faith in yourself and the journey will keep on revealing itself.

Happy New Journey!

Love and Angel Blessings,
Candy XXX 
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


          I recently had a conversation with a former client and very dear friend who was in despair as his faith in himself had become shaky, making him lose hope. This gentleman is a brilliant speaker, a wonderful writer and his international workshops have helped people to transform their lives through the power of love. Yet because he does not choose to have a ‘normal’ or ‘conventional’ job, he has incurred judgment from his family who have called him crazy to waste his time on helping others. What prompted our conversation was that his parents called him and told him that he was a failure.
         The first thing that the Posse of Angels did when they heard the word ‘failure’ was to laugh. And they explained that if we really knew how powerful, limitless, and multi-dimensional that we are, we would realize that we are created by the loving hand of God to be magical alchemists that can create our worlds.
          I asked this friend if he agreed with his parents’ conclusion that what he was doing was a waste of time. He said that while following his hearts’ longing to be a presenter had been financially hard, every time he spoke as a motivational speaker it made him feel alive.

          He described that when he was scheduled to speak, he would be guided to not prepare anything. And yet when he stood up to present, he felt that God was speaking through him; as he easily brought forth the perfect words filled with inspiration, pathos and his talks were even sprinkled with comedic moments and jokes. I asked him what some of the responses had been over the years of sharing his unique gifts.
          He told me that people were so affected during his presentations, that many experienced huge heart openings and could clearly see their beauty within. He shared that many of the participants became conscious that the story that they had been choosing to tell themselves was simply not true and it was merely an illusion. They finally decided to acknowledge their power by changing the sad stories that they had chosen to believe in, and instead exchanged them with new stories of peace, joy and self-love.
          I then asked this dear friend if the results of his using his passion, gifts and talents as a presenter sounded as if he was a failure. He laughed and replied, “Not only am I not a failure, but to even consider doing anything else would be dishonoring to who I am”.

           So where did his parents get the concept that this inspirational friend of mine had failed? Well, the concept of failure, like many things. is not real and it is just a matter of opinion and perception. Failure is dependent on some benchmark of achievement and success that others deem is right for our lives. If his parents are calling him a failure because he is not making a certain salary, not driving a particular type of car, not wearing designer clothes, not owning his own home, and not following the status quo, then through their eyes and by their yard stick, he has definitely failed.
          There are decades of generations that have been brainwashed to believe that “Life is a struggle” and that “Life was never meant to be easy”. This way of thinking saw many people too afraid to explore and pursue a passion. Stopping themselves from developing a creative idea or pursuing the joy in their hearts saw many following the opinion of others by doing jobs that were soul destroying. After a while the accumulated energies of discontentment became so toxic, that in order to function on a day to day basis, many chose to hide. And whether they chose to escape their overwhelming sadness with alcohol, drugs, shopping, involvement in empty relationships, or other forms of medication, it provided a much too small band aid for a much larger wound.
            The Posse of Angels is saying that, 'YOU CANNOT FAIL'. And they want to repeat it for emphasis, 'YOU CANNOT FAIL!'
           They want to make it very clear that in order to fail, you have to have something to fail at and they are assuring us that there is nothing to fail at.
            They are reminding you that when you wrote your contract with the Etheric council on what lessons you would be presented with in this human incarnation, your contract provided a mere guide line for you to use your free will to make decisions. When you would make your decisions, they would never be marked as a pass or fail, good or bad. or right or wrong. They were only choices that brought about consequences, as all choices inevitably do. And when each one of us arrives across the veil in non-physical form and we have our life’s review, there is no judgment at all…zero, ziltch, nada, niente,……NONE!! Therefore, there is no failure!
          Only on our Planet do many feel fit to judge others as to what they should do, have to do, or ought to be doing. The Posse of Angels is drawing your attention to the word doing and they wish to remind us that the reason that we cannot fail is that we are not here to do anything. The act of doing is the old paradigm way of existing on our Planet that saw us generating by ourselves in order to bring about an expected outcome. When we were at a lower dimensional frequency, we only had the capacity to connect with our analytical, logical and rational mind. This made life very hard as we pushed and controlled for things to happen in certain ways.
         Once we open up to being unlimited potential, and not held by our thinking physical brain, we begin to raise our energetic frequencies, expand our consciousness and we are able to access a higher enlightened awareness by allowing ourselves to just be.

          When we are in this state of being and connect with our hearts, we feel abundant and motivated as we connect to our Divine eternal natures. It is through our hearts and not our minds that we connect with God working through us. The more we allow the seeds of our passion and unique gifts to blossom, that God has already planted within us, the more we allow a co-creative dance to bring forth the synchronicities, miracles and magic to help us take inspired action and live this passion. This is the reason why you are here.
          And whether that passion manifests as an overwhelming urge to write, to sing, to draw, or to be an inspirational speaker, like my cherished friend who was told he is a failure, it is through these heart-driven desires that will fuel our abundance within. Filled with the richness and wealth of abundance, each of us will emanate very new energies as passionate, ‘ALIVE’ human beings that will go on to create a very new age on our beloved Planet Earth.

Love and Angel Blessings,
Candy XXX
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

'Robin Williams, You and Me-Making A Difference In The World'

     With the news that sent shock waves across our Planet, The Posse of Angels wishes to share with us that Robin Williams’ crossing over was in no way untimely; as each of us decides when and how we wish to exit the contract of our physical incarnation. The Posse of Angels wish to share with us the higher message contained in his passing, and how extraordinarily well-timed it was because of what many are currently feeling.
     In truth, many people are so weary, exhausted, and fed-up because of the level of violence and conflict that still exists on our beloved Planet. In addition to this, many of us have not seen the tangible, physical signs on how we can move forward with our lives; in order to share our gifts and talents with the world. This has made many Light workers and those who are living a conscious life of awareness lose heart and to question that with all of our efforts, if we even make a difference at all to this world.

     The Posse of Angels wishes to share that Robin William’s death was synchronistically timed in order for everyone to be made aware of the importance of one life-one life lived in true authenticity-and how it can affect so many people on the Planet. By sharing one’s gifts, talents and generosity with others, it is unbelievable how each one of us goes on to touch the lives of so many people that we know. And even more remarkable, is that we touch and influence the lives of those people whom we never have met.
     If you never met Robin Williams and yet, your heart and breath momentarily suspended upon hearing the news of his passing, then your life was touched in some way by this extraordinary actor, humanitarian, and generous kindhearted soul.

     The message contained in Robin Williams well timed crossing over is this:

      “Never ever forget that your individual spirit is unique and one of a kind. Always remember that you are such a special integral puzzle piece of the Planet that without you the grand design of the Earth’s ascension will not be the same. The Posse of Angels is saying that if there weren't any need for your special brand of individual energy to be on this Planet, than you wouldn't be here. You are not here by happenchance and you were actually chosen from billions of souls to participate in the ascension of our beloved Planet Earth.
     The angels are lovingly wrapping their arms around each of you saying, “Do not forget that no matter how overwhelming life's struggles seem to be, one person can not only make a difference in the world, but that one person can make all the difference and be the world to another person.” They wish to remind us that it is often because of one person that enormous changes come about in our world; one has only to look at Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and now Robin Williams. You are no different to any of these souls as the Universe is within you and just like them you are here to make a difference.”

     This enormous wake-up call of making a difference probably would not have happened had Robin Williams not crossed over. If he had lived, many of us would have gone on to marvel at his comic genius, laughed and cried at his movies, but not with the same depth that we are feeling now. In much the same way when someone is always there, we don’t give it our full attention. Yet, when they are gone, we really take notice as it leaves an indelible mark and such a vast enormous hole in our hearts and in our lives.
     In many ways, Robin Williams crossing reminded me of when the crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died in 2006; from a fatal stab wound to his heart by a gentle sting ray. Steve worked tirelessly to bring environmentalism and animal protection to the forefront of our world. But as long as he was on the Planet, many others took a back seat; for they knew that the animals were in his very capable hands.

     But with his passing, suddenly this larger than life character that endeared us with his passion, his enthusiasm and his call of ‘Crikey’ was gone; and with him, exited a huge ball of energy from the Planet. This had to happen in order for others to step forward and get involved. With his death highlighting a new awareness for how important it is to stop destroying animals’ habitats, massive amounts of people got involved.
     The Posse of Angles is acknowledging that many light workers are fed up and weary and many have said that they wish to go Home. With Robin Williams choosing to take his own life at this crucial moment of the Planet’s ascension, we get to experience firsthand at a visceral, gut wrenching level what that would feel like if we did choose to leave our human incarnation. The repercussions and shock waves that would be sent out into the Universe would be enormous. This is because you are the Universe.

     One of the greatest movies that portrayed our importance to others is my favorite Christmas movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. When Jimmy Stewart wishes that he was not born, his wish is granted by an angel and everything changes in the lives of every person that he has ever known. In addition, everything changed in the lives of the people that they knew. This then set off a chain reaction that went on and on and on.
     The Posse of Angels reminds us that we come into this human incarnation with a complete tool kit to build, to navigate, and to form our lives perfectly. And while it may appear that some people have more things in their tool kit like money, resources, more connections, more time etc. we each have exactly what our individual soul needs to make a difference on the Planet with our special unique blend of being exactly who we are.

     And creating a difference in the world has nothing to do with the amount of time that we contract to be here in human form. When I was feeling sad that Robin Williams would not get to play other amazing roles, I tuned in to see if he had any regrets on leaving when he did. When he spoke, he spoke through the Posse of Angels.
     He reminded us that when the majority of souls cross over from human flesh to spirit and review their lives, very few of them have regrets for things that they did not achieve. He went on to explain that since we are infinite beings, with limitless possibilities to create, if we did start having regrets for the things that we did not achieve, we would be eternally sad because we never ever be able to accomplish all the things that we wished to do. The Posse of Angels were quick to add that the one thing that souls regretted the most when they crossed over, was not whether they achieved anything; but is was whether or not they tried.

     From the movie Jack, Robin Williams words touch many us deeply when he says: “Please, don’t worry so much. Because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day, make a wish, and think of me. Make your life spectacular.” - Jack

     Robin Williams’s greatest gift in making a difference in the world was to show us how much he tried. And by trying, he made his world, and ours, spectacular. By trying, he, and so many of us, went on to experience his brand of unique magic and just what one person’s efforts achieved in making such an enormous difference in our world. Just like Robin, you are here to make a difference in the world.

Love and Angel Blessings,
Candy XXX
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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