Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Follow Your Amazing Inner Barometer of Intuition

The Posse of Angels wishes to remind everyone, and they do mean everybody, that we all have intuitive abilities. This is not just relegated to those who call themselves clairvoyants, and one does not have to utilize it through a professional business in order to benefit from acting upon their intuition. If we follow this God given inner barometer, our lives go from a constant effort of struggle and control, to one of allowance and ease. So, if listening to our intuition and acting upon it will help our lives flow and bring outcomes more incredible than our rationalizing minds could ever conjure up, why do many people tend to discount their intuition? The Posse of Angels is saying that most of the world was programmed to think with their heads and not their hearts. I am sure that many, like me, have experienced situations where our intuition told us to do something and then we chose to not follow it. And in the end, we may have experienced an outcome that was not wholly satisfying; as it seemed more like a compromise, and less than what we truly desired. In many instances, people do not follow their intuition because to do so would make them appear very different from others who follow the rules and go about their lives in very logical ways. It isn’t always easy to go against the expected ways of living. But I can tell you personally, that having lived this way for the past 11 years, my husband and I have listened and stepped forward solely when we heard the voice of God speaking in our hearts: as He showed us the signs as to where to live and what actions to take. As a result, we have experienced magical synchronicities that have lead us to live in amazing places, and meet incredible connections that have presented opportunities to further the fulfillment of our dreams. And while I have experienced countless miraculous stories as a result of following my intuition, one of my favorite examples came about four months before I met my beloved husband Pete. You see in the four years leading up to January 2003, I was going through the darkest times of my life. Anorexic and devoid of all hope, I prayed for God to end the pain and darkness. His answer to my prayer came in the form of my Walk-In experience and spiritual awakening; as I remembered my Divine eternal nature once again. By reconnecting to the Divine within myself, I acknowledged, honored and respected who I was. In doing so, I was able to clearly discern the voice of God speaking through my heart as to how to be of best service to myself and others. Wishing to have a beloved cherished partner to walk this path of service, I felt compelled to write a Decree to God thanking Him for my Twin-Flame Relationship. I not only wrote his characteristics but that we were the best of friends, nothing was more important than our relationship, we traveled the world together, we worked together and he treated me like his princess. After I finished writing this Decree, I saw it as a sacred pact with God and I slept with it under my pillow and read it out morning and night. And as I read it out loud, I didn’t ask God for my Twin-Flame, but I thanked Him for my beloved because I knew that he was already mine; even though he had not manifested in the physical as yet. After about 6 weeks of doing this every day, I could energetically feel him with me and I felt like the time was drawing near that we would meet. In that week that I began to feel his presence, I had just started to look for a financial advisor and I synchronistically bumped into a dear friend who I had not seen for a very long time. When I mentioned my search, she got very excited and highly recommended her financial advisor; who I then contacted and set up a meeting with. A few hours before the appointment, the advisor called, and asked me if I minded driving out closer to his office as he had a very tight schedule that day. As his office was almost an hour away, I was going to reschedule for another time, but immediately, my intuition told me to drive out to meet him. We agreed that we would meet at a cafĂ© next to a new shopping center not far from his office. After my appointment was over, I had a strong urge to check out this new, unexplored center. As I entered the mall, I looked at the directory and saw that most of the stores were on the higher levels. Walking into the elevator, I felt that something was pressing me to go down to the basement. As the elevator door opened onto the basement, I saw that this level contained services like the Post Office, Health Services, a Bank, and a Pharmacy. It was then that I saw a small sign that had arrows pointing around a corner and it read, ‘Your Divine Destiny’. Upon reading the sign, I received shivers up and down my spine as confirmation of my intuition telling me to follow the arrows. At the end of the corridor, I saw Tibetan flags surrounding the entrance to a New Age shop. When I entered the store, the girl behind the counter said, “Hi, Mirabelle will be ready in just a minute for your reading.” Upon hearing the word reading, massive shivers shot through my body. All of a sudden, a large woman appeared, smiled and gestured for me to come over. Feeling as if some energetic force was drawing me over to her table, I sat down. She told me to pick 11 cards from her Tarot deck. As I was choosing the cards, she said, “You have undergone a great shift within” and her light green eyes seemed to be on fire. She then continued without even glancing at her cards, “You have come from another realm, the angelic realm and your mission is very grand.” Taking the cards that I had drawn, she looked at them, and smiled. “My dear sweet child, did you know that you are supposed to be meeting your Twin-Flame?” I smiled and said that I knew that he was coming. All of a sudden, a dark cloud seemed to appear on Mirabelle’s face, and it completely changed her expression. With great seriousness she said, “In your present condition, he will not be able to see you and your meeting will never take place. You hardly have any body fat on you, as you choose to not eat and live primarily in the etheric world. Your beloved is an Earth sign and you are of the Earth now and you must eat my dear child. Go home, fatten up, gain weight and then, and only then, will he be able to you see you and be attracted to your physical form.” Looking down at the cards again, she stressed in a very stern voice, “Heed their warning.” When I enquired as to whether there were any other messages they wished to give me, Mirabelle said, “You two have a very sacred mission of God indeed. Once you meet your Twin-Flame, all else will fall into place.” When I took out my wallet to pay her, she smiled and said, “There will be no charge.” From that moment on, I could not stop stuffing food into my mouth and slowly my skeletal form started to fill out. It was 6 weeks later that I was invited to attend a, “Come as your favorite rock star” party. I went as Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac and when the only Elvis at the party walked in, he grabbed a chair and put it at my table. We spoke for the next 5 hours and 5 days later he asked to marry me. Pete was everything that I had written in my Decree to God. The Posse of Angels is reminding us that they are constantly arranging and rearranging connections for us and then sending us signs as to how and when to step forward. By listening and acting upon our intuitions, we allow ourselves to take advantage of God and the angels’ heaven sent clues that will lead us to experience magic manifesting in our lives. P.S. I never did end up employing that financial advisor professionally, for his role was simply to draw me to that shopping center and for me to receive that fortuitous, heaven sent reading with Mirabelle. Love and Angel Blessings, Candy XXX Claire Candy Hough Author of ‘Angels of Faith’ Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough

Monday, April 28, 2014

Give Yourself Credit

The Posse of Angels has asked me several times, ‘Why are people so hard on themselves? And, why do they choose to focus their attention on what they haven’t done or how they could have done something better?’ As the majority of angels that make up my angelic family have not lived a human life, they have never had to experience duality. Seeing themselves only as Divine Source energy, they not only feel whole and complete, but they also feel joy as to what they accomplish. With their deep, profound connection to God, they know without a shadow of a doubt that whatever they achieve, or have not achieved is not only Divine, but it is perfection. Many of us were brought up to not to draw attention to our accomplishments and to underplay who we are. Whole generations were programmed to not draw attention to their gifts and abilities and to give themselves credit. Giving ourselves credit is something that is natural for all of us and we can see it in very young children. Their unbridled enthusiasm and openness is infectious. This willingness to share sees many of them quite candidly shouting out answers and excitedly waving their hands to be called upon. Unfortunately, this natural urge of wishing to share ourselves with others is often met with discouragement and we are taught to be quiet and to not make a fuss. This programming saw many us falling silent and resigned as we stifled our pride in ourselves. Yet, even though this Divine natural instinct of ours to give ourselves credit has remained dormant, it is something that can be encouraged to reawaken as I found out in 2008. With our move to the Monterey Bay area 6 years ago, I was synchronistically lead to join an organization called The Professional Women’s Networking group. Before each meeting, every member of the group was given 30 seconds on a stop-watch to state who they were and what they did. It was called an elevator speech. The significance of the name was that, if you met someone in an elevator and just had a fraction of time between floors to introduce yourself, what would you say? I found it interesting how the speeches fell into three distinct categories. 1) Those of us who were new to the elevator speech, started by stating our names and then began inserting ‘ums’ and some ‘errs’ and then basically crashed and burned as the buzzer went off. 2) There were those that knew their elevator speech. But as they were not very confident at publically acknowledging and giving themselves credit, they spoke in inaudible voices and haltingly. Even though this group of women recited the words perfectly, there was very little belief in themelves and their delivery did not carry much conviction. 3) And then there were the masters of the elevator speech. These verbal warriors stood like implacable, steadfast vigils delivering and enunciating who they were and what they did as if it was a creed written by the hand of God almighty himself. The confidence and assurance that they exuded, made the audience excited to find out more about them. And I marveled as not only did they manage to get all this information across in a nonchalant, confident, non-arrogant manner, but some of the gifted few even had time to wrap it all up by ending with their business’s signature quote. Desiring to be one of these elevator speech masters, I went home and practiced and by next month’s meeting I stood up, smiled and said with great confidence, "Hello my name is Claire Candy Hough and through my wonderful Healing Practice Angel Healing House I am a Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher, an Angel Practitioner, an International radio host a write and an author. I help clients improve their emotional and physical well-being, live lives of joy, peace and love so that they can go forth and fashion a beautiful life for themselves"! And all of this was said in under 30 seconds! The funny thing that I came to realize after saying this speech meeting after meeting, was that I really did not care if anyone got who I was, but how good I felt in acknowledging me. The Posse of Angels is laughing as they are reminding us that giving ourselves credit doesn’t involve inflated egos, puffing out our chest and strutting around like roosters, crowing about what we’ve done in order to get recognition. It is merely the open acknowledgement of our individual capabilities, and the deep knowing that our efforts and accomplishments do make a difference as they hold special meaning for the betterment of the Universe. As so many of us have been programmed to be human doings and not human beings, we have received a lot of our recognition and attention from doing things. Because of this, the very minute that we accomplish a task, we instantly set our attention on the next task to be done. By taking time to pat ourselves on the back and really enjoy our achievements, we allow it to become part of who we are. The energy and resonance of achievement sends messages to our brain and body and actually fortifies the frequency of self-confidence and belief in ourselves. If we choose not to honor our accomplishments, we will always be on a hamster wheel of perpetually adding things to endless lists, ticking them off and never really getting to the end. With this constant worry that there is always more to do, we do not give ourselves the much needed sense of…… I AM ENOUGH. The Posse of Angels is reminding us that before we incarnated in human form, our accomplishments were just things we chose to do; as there was nothing more attached to them. No grading scale, no comparisons, their certainly was no competition, no extra prizes or even extra money in our pay packets that were attached to anything that we did. By giving ourselves credit for what we have done, we are encouraged to try more things, be adventurous and experience more of life. And when we give ourselves permission to acknowledge our achievements, the Universe has a magical way of revealing more connections that provide us with even greater opportunities to be proud of ourselves. Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Writer Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Practitioner International Radio Host Author of "Angels of Faith" CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let Go of Fear and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about this much spoken about month of April. For those of us who have honored and respected our lives, we will experience a magical month indeed. The Posse of Angels is reminding us that unexpected opportunities and connections will manifest in physical form in order for us to begin to fulfill our intentions of stepping forward into our dreams. And there is a big difference between those that take advantage of these connections, and those that let these chances go by. The difference is that those who will take advantage of the opportunities will allow their commitment to their dreams to be of greater consequence, than any fear that they may choose to have. The dictionary definition of fear is that it’s an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause us harm or pain, or is a threat. And if fear is a belief that we have had programmed and educated into us, then with our free will, we can choose to go beyond our fears and educate them out of our lives by simply not choosing to believe in them. And this is precisely what The Posse of Angels wishes to address today, letting go of fear in order to live our dreams. Choosing to be so committed to our heartfelt desires so that no fear whatsoever will stop us. Yet fear of stepping forward and sabotaging our dreams may not be obvious, as I helped a client of mine discover. A lovely client and Reiki student of mine is one of the most gifted and talented spiritual Teachers that I know. Several years ago, she experienced gang violence when she was shot and a Dr. told her that she would never walk again. Not liking her Doctors prognosis, she got a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion and each Doctor told her the same thing that she would not walk again. While speaking with her physical therapist , he told her that there was hope and a chance for her to walk again. Choosing to align herself with this hope, she went through grueling physical therapy. By not taking no for an answer and with her iron will and determination, she eventually walked again. And if walking again was not enough of a success, she is an inspiration as she has gone on to become a physical fitness trainer. She is a remarkable teacher because she has taken the hardships and adversities in her life, learned from them and gone on to affect her world; not with hatred, anger and revenge, but with great love, compassion and forgiveness. And even with overcoming this enormous physical challenge, because of her fear and long held issues around worthiness, she sabotages herself in a very sneaky way that stops her from stepping forth and being of service as a Teacher. She is constantly studying and taking course after course for ever more certifications to make herself ‘good enough’ to be a Teacher. Now, The Posse of Angels is reminding us that there is nothing wrong with bettering our minds, and learning things. But there does come a time when we must face our fears and know that we are well taught and have all we need to offer our gifts and abilities to others. What I find amazing is that she physically defied the medical Doctors and walked again and yet her fear of being worthy and measuring up stops her cold in her tracks when it comes to sharing her gifts with others as a Teacher. And I can understand exactly what my student is feeling because there was a time when I was also in fear of teaching. You see, in 2003, I had been well taught as a Reiki Master/Teacher and had established my Healing Practice for over a year, when I received a random call. The caller asked when I would be holding my next class to learn Reiki. As I gave Reiki healing and Intuitive Counseling sessions but had never taught Reiki before, I literally laughed into the phone and said, “Oh you don’t want me, you want my Master Teacher who lives about 2 hours away.” I then gave them her number and hung up. A few minutes later, I received another random call from another person who wanted to study Reiki with me. Again, I giggled and I thought how synchronistic and directed them to my Master Teacher. Well, when God and the Angels want us to do something, they are tenacious and will not give up and keep sending us signs. Over the next few days, I received more calls from people enquiring about studying Reiki with me. The penny finally dropped that a) the Universe was encouraging me to teach even though I had never taught Reiki before and b) that I would have the wherewithal to be a great Teacher. After attuning many hundreds of Reiki Master Teachers and Reiki Practitioners over the last 11 years, teaching Reiki is such a delight and absolute joy for me. But like with anything new, I had to start with my first student and get over my fear and just do it. And The Posse of Angels is nodding their heads and saying that having one’s dreams and stepping forward to living them are two very different things. Many people sabotage themselves from actually living their dreams because everything in their life is not quite right yet or in perfect order. One client of mine who was offered to be host on a TV program said, “I can’t possibly step forward yet, as I have so much more weight to lose.” And if we do play this game of waiting for everything to be perfect in order to live our dreams, it probably will never be the right time. The truth is that God doesn’t listen to what our ideas of how life needs to be before we can step forward into our dreams. He knows that the perfection already exists in the fact that the offering of those opportunities and connections were Divinely given to us. The Posse of Angels is assuring us that when opportunity comes knocking at your door, please know in that instance that you have all the expertise, courage, strength and wherewithal to step forward through that door and share your gifts with others, because God’s grace has allowed it to manifest and appear on your doorstep. And if God believes in me, and presents me with opportunity knocking, that is all the reassurance that I need to walk through the door and live the life of my dreams! Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Angel Healing House 831-277 3716

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Allow Yourself To Be The Voice

With one of my favorite shows starting its’ 6th season, it reminded me of the wonderful opportunity that I was given to see it grow from its' very first show in the US, to becoming an award winning program. With my husband Pete having worked on the first 5 seasons of ‘The Voice’, he was able to get me tickets to many of the tapings. If you have not seen this wonderful show, it is quite different from other singing competitions; as the coaches, not judges, have their chairs faced away from the singers. In these Blind Auditions, things like age, dress, gender, and culture do not play a part in their selection as the coaches are solely choosing the contestants on their voice. Having been at the tapings season after season, I realized several consistent themes with this show. Firstly, I’ve watched these talented singers pursue what they passionately believe in. Each season there are several contestants who say that they used to have jobs other than singing, but by not pursuing what they love to do they felt as if a piece of them was missing. This feeling of not being whole had led many of them to quit jobs and pursue their music. When they were asked what their fall back choice was, they simply said that there is no fall back; for this is what made them feel alive. Having the courage and the conviction to be who we are is not always an easy path to follow. Many of these contestants sing for meager wages, and their families have had to sacrifice much. They endure whatever it takes for their talent and none of these hardships are enough to dissuade them from turning away from singing; turning away from whom they divinely are. This theme of enduring is not only relegated to sacrificing for the pursuit of their talent; as many of the contestants have also had to endure heartache and loss. Some have spoken about losing a parent to illness; many speak of having a life threatening disease or being bullied as a child. In each case, their suffering pushed them and made them even stronger. And for those who experienced a loved one who crossed over, they have seen just how precious life is and it made them even more determined not to compromise the pursuit of their dreams. And even though each contestant has their unique path that brought them to ‘The Voice’, once they get picked by a coach in the Blind Auditions, they begin anew on a level playing field. The thing that surprises me most about whether the singers continue to advance toward the finals has so much more to do with allowing themselves to be who they are, rather than having an incredible voice. This is so because everyone who gets through the elimination process to make it to the Blind Auditions already has a great voice. What I have been able to observe is that the difference in the contestants and the level of their performance is directly affected by how much they believe in themselves. This determines how much they will connect with the song and sprinkle their performance with magic. This intangible magical element that one may not be able to explain is something truly Divine when it happens. This magical moment tugs on our heart strings, as it stirs something deep inside of the listener. When the contestants practice their songs, coaches most often comment on whether or not the singer has connected with the song. And when the contestant has pressed their coach for more explanation, they simply say, “You just have to believe in yourself more.” In fact, when I have seen the really magical performances, the singer was not singing to be better than anyone else or even to sell more itunes. They were merely bringing forth their God given talent and being themselves. Just recently, when season’s 5 winner of The Voice, Tesanne Chin, was asked what it feels like when she sings, she simply stated, ‘I really don’t know, as something within me takes over and I almost feel like I am not there.” The Posse of Angels and I surmise that what she allows to take over is the grace of God coming through her as she uses her natural abilities. Allowing yourself to be who you are comes from a peaceful, deep knowing within, that you are a child of God and allowed to shine your own special brand of uniqueness. This illumination from within lights us up like Christmas bulbs and it gets the world’s attention. But the funny thing about allowing ourselves to be who we are is that we are not doing it to get attention. In fact, we are not doing it for the money, nor the recognition or the fame. For like Tesanne, we are allowing ourselves to be who we are divinely meant to be. The Posse of Angels is saying that there is nothing that you cannot accomplish, if you have the courage to allow yourself to voice who you are. If you have faith in your abilities, and remain determined and focused on what you love doing, then you allow the beauty of what you love, to be the beauty of what you do.” By allowing yourself to be The Voice you have an infinite number of ways that you can use this powerful instrument. You could be the Voice to bring light to injustice. You may use your Voice to help soothe, heal and bring more love to a world that has been ravaged by hatred and war. Or you may use your Voice, like I do, to empower others to reconnect with who they are in order to step forward and realize the fulfillment of their dreams. And unlike the show ‘The Voice’, life is not a competition that we have to out sing anyone in order to win. All we need to do is to honestly speak up and share our passion with others. And The Posse of Angels is reminding us that whether the contestants on ‘The Voice’ make it all the way to the final show and win the competition is not the overriding goal. Just by the mere fact that they are pursuing who they are, they are successful. For success is not to be measured so much by the position that one has reached in life; as by the challenges and obstacles which one has endured and overcome. Because the contestants have dared to believe in themselves and their talent, each one of their lives has been irrevocably changed. And as a result, their lives have grown so much grander and fuller then they ever could imagine and their world expanded in direct proportion to their courage to be 'The Voice' and pursue who they are. Until next month, go out and share your voice with the world! Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Writer Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Practitioner International Radio Host Author of "Angels of Faith" CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Life Long Love-Affair with Yourself

With this February newsletter, I thought I would check in with the Posse of Angels and ask them what they thought of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. Well, The Posse of Angels was very amused and they asked me, “Why don’t humans have a National Breathing Day?” and “Why isn’t there a National Beating of your Heart Day?” Breathing and the beating of our hearts are similar to love, as they happen naturally. And most of the time, they occur without us even realizing it. I guess their point is that to love and to be loved is a natural thing that all human beings have, and that we can have love in our lives in any second if we choose to receive it. But most of the time, we are so dead set on preaching to the Universe how love is supposed to be in our lives, that we diminish and close off the possibilities of how and when we can experience love. If we buy into the vision of love perpetuated by the greeting card companies, the chocolate manufacturers, the florists and the jewelers, we can get caught up in a very, commercialized form of love that is built around conditions and expectations. For instance, some of these conditions might have us thinking that: • My partner loves me if he buys me flowers. Or, • If he really loves me, he will buy me flowers and a diamond ring. Or, • If he truly loves me the most, he will buy me flowers, a diamond ring, a new Ferrari and a villa in the South of France. The whole point is that once we start to play this game, it is difficult to know where to stop. Appropriating a single day to show love is so insanely ludicrous because at the most profound depth of whom we are as human beings is the fact that WE ARE LOVE in every single second! In fact, we are so inextricably linked with God that even if we do not think we are love, this connection of divine love always exists underneath any false premise that we choose to perpetuate. And if it is dormant and asleep within us, love can be re-awakened in the blink of an eye. And counter to what all the great romance novels and romantic movies have shown us, love does not happen because of who we are with, love happens because of who we are. But, it can only happen with our permission. Many times, we deny that we are love because we are replaying old programs of believing someone else’s words that caused us to feel not worthy or not deserving of love. But deep within, underneath any negative belief system, the angels want to remind you that you are not only love but you are more beautiful , more powerful and more magnificent than you could ever possibly imagine. In fact, as a child of God, you are loved, not only on a specific day, but in every single second of every single day, every single month and every single year before you were born, since you born and will be forever. This is not dependent on what you are given, what you own, what you drive, what you wear or if you ever produce, create or even if you achieve anything. This love is indisputable, unconditional, constant and un-wavering. How extraordinarily fortunate are you!!! If your life is not representative of these words, it may be because you have forgotten who you are and are allowing external expectations and conditions to dictate if you are allowed to be loved. Actually the hardest I have ever seen the angels weep, is for those clients who have completely forgotten who they are; as they have forgotten the love of God inside. Because when we forget who we are, we stop loving ourselves and stop seeing ourselves as having any importance. Once we stop acknowledging our importance, we then begin to seek and find our identity in other people and things outside of ourselves. This sets us on a perpetual carousel of giving our power away. So remember, if you have been disappointed by love on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, ask yourself where in your life that you can put more focus and attention on the creation of your importance. Perhaps you could: Write that book that you have inside yourself? Dare to switch to a more honoring job? Take that holiday that you’ve dreamed about? Honor your gifts and talents and share them with the world. And if you wake up on Valentine’s Day morning and do not find your new Ferraris parked in your garage, or your breakfast tray does not come with a diamond ring on it nor two plane tickets to your villa in the South of France, remember that love is not something that you are given or have to search for; love is something that you already are. Until next time, remember that by having a life-long love affair with yourself, it will constantly bring you the richest fulfillment from the inside out. Love and Angel Blessings, Candy XXX Claire Candy Hough Author of ‘Angels of Faith’ Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough “ Let go of the steering wheel of life, so that God and the angels can drive you around to all the miracles” Claire Candy Hough

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Key to the New Age is Your Passion

Firstly I would like to say a HUGE happy Anniversary to myself and Angel Healing House Radio. For it was 2 years ago, January 2012, that I began hosting my first radio program on Blog Talk Radio. Looking back over the past 2 years, there were certainly some things which I intuited would happen as a result of starting my own radio program. My show has enabled me to go global and opened up the opportunity to internationally share the inspirational messages from my angelic family, The Posse of Angels. And although, I had been a guest on many radio and television programs, this was a very new experience for me. So was I fearful and did I doubt myself? You bet! But the encouraging voice of God and the angels was much stronger than those two illusions of doubt and fear. Armed only with a great excitement to host my own show, I stepped forward in faith. Every Tuesday morning at 11am (PST) I sought to bring forth a heavenly show filled with humor, down to earth practical angel advice, and most of all love. Looking back over the last 2 years, I can clearly see that there was one area in particular, probably the most important area, that my radio program allowed me to develop, and this was in the area of my writing. From the initial show, The Posse of Angels told me not to feature any guests on my program, as my show would solely be a platform for delivering angel messages on relevant topics. Not having any guests, and never being quite 100% sure whether I would have any callers, I channeled and wrote information on topics to present. And while I had written books and blogs in the past, this regular weekly radio show kept me on task and forced me to be diligent in writing. As a result of this, I allowed my natural talent of writing to be developed every single day. Now it is amazing what one is capable of when one takes a leap of faith and believes in ones’ passion. Every week, by honoring my great love and gift for writing, I built a strong foundation of being able to create easily, with words flowing without effort. The Posse of Angels is agreeing with me and saying that all this practice to my passion of writing has been like a dress rehearsal. The accumulated energies of my focus on my passion is opening new doors of opportunities and connections that are aligned with my writing to abundantly foster, promote and support me . In fact, with all of my diligence as a writer and author, The Universe will have no ambiguity as to how it will help me to co-create my heartfelt wishes and the fulfillment of my dreams. And while my path to new beginnings is different to yours, I can tell you that we are all in the same boat, as we are riding on the waves of a very new frequency and a great change in energy. This great change in energy is like nothing else we have experienced on our Planet. And just like nurturing my passion of writing, this new energy has all to do with each and every one of us finding that passion within and then sharing it with the world; for sharing it with the world is the most important component. This sharing energy is expansive, limitless, and filled with endless possibilities. And the wonderful news is that this energy is accessible to everyone as we begin to come home and own a new power within. I’d like you to ask yourself, “What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?” “ What would happen if you truly let go of all preconceived ideas of what you should do and followed your heart as to what you love doing and share it with the rest of the world?” The perfect time to review, own and share your unique and special abilities is in the present moment, because all we have is the nano second of the Now. In the majority of cases, this passion is something that comes effortlessly and easily from you. This passion or talent is often something that when you do it, you lose all track of time and you would do it even if you were not getting paid for it. This gift that was given to you by God is so much a part of you that it is inextricably linked to who you are and brings your heart immense joy. The Posse of Angels is saying please do not hide your passion away from the world because that passion is the very reason that you are here in physical form. Now you may be thinking, “But I’m not talented, there’s nothing that I do that is creative in order to share with others”. But it’s paramount to remember that we each have an integral purpose for the world. In fact you incarnated on the Earth plane in physical form in order that you can reconnect to your passion and rediscover your importance to the Universal plan. That importance to the Universal Plan is held within your passion, your gifts and your abilities. The Posse of Angels is saying that it is important to note here when so many people are looking to be more spiritual, and searching for answers in their lives, that the number one thing that will reconnect you to feeling like you are living Heaven on Earth, is for you to recognize the blessing of your God given gifts and to shine and bring them forth to share with the rest of the world. Your passion is the key to the New Age and each of us holds a piece of it to create. And while you may not see yourself as the next Jane Austen, Picasso, or Mozart, you might have a passion and love for rescuing animals, saving the rainforests, helping the homeless, saving the whales or inventing ways to clean up our beautiful Planet. By writing that book that you have inside of yourself, your story could deeply touch the lives of others and help encourage them to live their passion. The song that you write could lift the hearts of those who are disillusioned and give them hope to live another day and try one more time. By passionately bringing forth your talents and abilities with fun, joy and creativity, you will work with these powerful energies to open doorways to the most magical and miraculous connections and opportunities for yourself. But these magical doors will not appear and open for you, if you have not stepped forward and shown faith and trust in yourself as part of the Divine plan. That Divine plan that you signed on for, was to share your glory with the rest of humanity. This glory within you, your passion is begging to be recognized now and the Earth is waiting for you to celebrate it and bring it forth with all your enthusiasm and excitement. By uniting the recognition of our gifts and passions and the powerful brand new energy available to us all, this winning combination will bring forth an amazing reality for each one of us. And I, just like The Posse of Angels, can’t wait to see what miracles we all will create. Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Writer Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Practitioner International Radio Host Author of "Angels of Faith" CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Belief In Our Dreams Equals Magic

Belief in Our Dreams Equals Magic!! I adore this time of the year. Come rain or shine or anything else, on December 1st all of our 100 angels come down from the attic and fly onto the Angel Healing House Christmas tree. We only have angels on our tree and The Posse of Angels is stating, “What else would Angel Healing House hang on their tree? I am like a child, filled with wonder and enchantment absorbing the decorations, embracing the season of giving and brimming with good will and peace for all. And while every day for me is Heaven sent, this time of the year is especially magical because my belief that anything is possible seems to be heightened. The ability to choose to believe is certainly not seasonal. It’s within everyone’s capacity, yet is underutilized by many people. What makes many of us automatically assume that the fulfillment of our wishes either will not happen, be very difficult to achieve or that we will have to accept a compromise? The Posse of Angels is saying that while our programming and belief systems have a great effect on our perceptions of life, it is we who ultimately have free will as to how we choose to perceive our lives.The unwavering belief in oneself and belief in ones heartfelt dreams creates an alchemical magic that often brings about astounding results. A wonderful example of the power of belief came to me from a client who found me on my Angel Healing House Blog Talk Radio program. Jim, not his real name, was a classroom teacher and he longed to rise to the position of being a principle. Deciding to make movement to the fulfillment of his desire, he went back to school for additional credentials. With increased certification, he searched constantly to find a position. But year after year, he kept coming up empty. When I spoke with him, he said that he didn’t get a job as a principle because there were too many over qualified people for too few jobs, and that good paying jobs like these were scarce. He also said that he and his wife longed to move north; as the neighborhood in the south in which they lived had changed for the worse and was quite dangerous now. But with not getting a better job, there was no way they could afford to move as the northern suburbs were more expensive. In addition to being downhearted, he was physically suffering from back problems, shortness of breath, and was not sleeping at night. The more he spoke, the more the Posse of Angels showed me a leaf that had been caught in an eddy and it had his face on it. This Jim leaf was caught in a downward whirlpool of his own making, created by his thoughts and beliefs in lack and focusing on a defeatist attitude of not being able to achieve his desires. Firstly, The Posse of Angels swooped in and reminded Jim that there is only what he desires. Actually there only is what each and every one of us desires. This was an unbelievable revelation to him as he thought he was in fierce competition with everyone else. I went on to paint him a very different, but vivid picture of just how multi-dimensional we are and that there is a different reality for everyone depending on their desires and their energies within. I then explained to him, compassionately of course, that until he changed the sad and sorry tale that he kept telling himself day in and day out about not being able to get a job, that he would never, ever achieve what he felt in his heart was his due. The reason for this was because his feelings were so energetically opposite to what he desired. Once we allow this knowledge to settle on the deepest part of our soul, then we realize that it doesn’t matter how many other people in the world are going for those jobs. What matters is that whatever we ask for and faithfully believe in, must manifest for us. But I emphasized that we must let go of the how and the when for our hearts desires to be realized, as this area is the providence of God and the angels, not ours. In this way, the most magical of possibilities and miracles can occur to answer our prayers; far from the limited ways our logical minds can conceive. For the rest of the session, I shared with Jim tried and true, simple exercises that he could focus on and practice that would help turn his desperate, sad energies into those which were more grateful, positive and optimistic. By letting the grace of God work in his life, I told him that he would easily draw a job to himself that fulfilled his desires. Four weeks later, I received this email from Jim: “I just wanted to let you know and to thank you and the Posse of Angels for your guidance. I am happy to say that last night I was named Principal at a terrific elementary school. I know that our session together and my changed, positive outlook made all the difference. My wife and I both send well wishes to you!” Jim New Jersey, USA This was not only wonderful news, but Jim went on to tell me of the additional miracle that was attached to the fulfillment of his dream. He said that the principle’s job that he was offered was in a Northern suburb, exactly where they initially desired to move! Fancy that, what a coincidence! Jim told the Universe, God and the angels exactly what he desired and what clinched this deal with God, was his focus, faith, and belief in the magic of life. Then ABRACADABRA, magic happened. Now The Posse of Angels is chiming in and saying that our having faith is not the belief that God will do what we want. Rather it is the belief that He will do what is for our highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. In this way, all prayers are answered. But in order for this to occur, we must surrender our linear limited view of life, and allow for our prayers to be answered through God’s handiwork. My lovely client did not begin to change his outlook of despair to belief in order to influence God. But his change to optimism and having a positive outlook was to change the nature of himself. And as many of us have experienced, it is only by changing from within does our world begin to change on the outside. You need to believe in things that have not happened yet; for they will never manifest into the physical form without that energy of belief behind them. One of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves, not only in this holiday season but all year round, is the gift of belief. By surrendering and allowing for the grace of God to enter into our lives, we will allow for infinite possibilities to create miracles for us. Now, is being asked to believe an easy thing to do, especially when there is no tangible physical evidence that things will all work out for the best? Absolutely not! But having lived this way for 10 years, I find that it is only when I am in a state of suspension, with absolutely no place to land in sight, that it forces my wings to unfurl in order for me to fly. And as I fly along, buoyed by the grace, the majesty, the infinite love, protection and guidance of God and the angles, I may not be aware of my destination, but the magic in life happens because I have had the faith to let God be the wind beneath my wings and allow His winds to carry me and give me direction. Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Writer Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Practitioner International Radio Host Author of "Angels of Faith" CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough