Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Being Brave is Being Self-Realized

      The Posse of Angels wishes to remind everyone of how fortunate we are to have had so many enlightened souls who came before us. These brave spiritual warriors who stepped out into a very dark world paved the way, and made it easier for the first wave of Lightworkers to bravely take our message out to the awakening shifting masses.
     Their contribution to facilitating our journey as Spiritual Teachers becomes even more amazing, when one considers that many of them were bringing forth their messages previous to the establishment of supportive, like-minded communities on the Internet. This group of Spiritual Warriors contained prominent names that lead by example, and made an enormous contribution to inspiring me to be brave and to speak my truth.

    Jerry and Esther Hicks brought forth The Teachings of Abraham with books like “The Laws of Attraction” and “Ask and it is Given”. It is interesting to note that Esther received her encouragement and support from a psychic, medium Jane Roberts, who channeled an energy called 'Seth'. Her publication of the “Seth Materials”, established her as one of the pre-eminent figures in the world of paranormal phenomena.

      Some others who paved the way for many to step forward and be courageously authentic were Doreen Virtue, Neil Donald Walsh, Shirley MacLaine and Eckhart Tolle.
     Doreen spoke openly about seeing, hearing, and conversing with angels and faeries. Not only on Sundays in the confines of Church, but in every moment of the day. In addition to empowering many to honor their psychic and intuitive gifts, she validated and confirmed what others already knew to be true about their angelic connection.
      In much the same way, Neil Donald Walsh had the audacity to write a book that was called Conversations with God. He also took the concept of speaking to God through an intermediary like a Rabbi, a Priest or Minister, only on a certain day of the week, and showed that one could dialog with God on their own. This inner dialog could occur at any place and at any time, in order to receive messages and guidance to their questions and prayers.

     Think of how brave Shirley Maclaine was to openly speak about her contact with our intergalactic star brethren (I don’t use the words aliens) and her spiritual truths in books like, “Out on a Limb” and “Dancing in the Light”. Remember these books were published in 1983 and 1985 and were brought forth to a completely different energetic world of 30 years ago!
     Another enormous contributor to paving the way for others to focus their energies was Eckhart Tolle, who implored all of us in his book,” “The Power of Now”, to engage only with  the present moment. 
    For as I say, it is only in the nano-second of the now that miracles, magic and synchronicities can happen.

     One of these brave spiritual teachers who helped awaken Planet Earth to love, peace, acceptance and the power within all of us, was Wayne Dyer, who recently passed from the Earth plane. Some of his enormously successful books are “Your Erroneous Zones”, “The Power of Intention” and “Your Sacred Self.” 
     His experience of having spent much of his childhood in an orphanage after his father walked out, leaving his mother to raise three small boys, formed and shaped his life. And instead of hiding it away with shame and guilt, he truthfully recounted stories from his family life and repeatedly used his own experiences as an example.
     One of Wayne Dyers strongest messages was to pursue being self-actualized. When one is self-actualized or self-realized, one lives with their energies focused on realizing their full potential.
     By expressing one's creativity joyfully and openly, pursuing knowledge, and the desire to serve the Divine within and then to serve others, they receive a feeling of worth, value and riches that is unparalleled by any monetary or material wealth. And just like Jane Roberts influenced Esther Hicks, the teachings of Swami Muktananda, the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu and St Francis of Assisi were Wayne Dyer’s inspirational teachers who all had a great influence on his work and life.

     And whether the influence on awakening to our self-realization occurs from a Spiritual teacher like Jesus, Buddha, Francis of Assisi, Jane Roberts, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and/or many others, their message may have been different yet they share a wonderful commonality.

    They honestly and openly shared their message to the world, without reservation and embarrassment. Some would call it being brave, but The Posse of Angels and I prefer to see it as living from our Divine eternal nature. And in this way, our previous way-showers expressed their story with full voice, in the most authentic and truthful of ways.
     Each one of these Spiritual Teachers knew deep down, what I have been saying since I had my angelic Walk-In experience in 2003.

     We are not here to teach anyone anything as each one of us is born with all the spiritual wisdom and knowledge already inside of us.
     By imparting my personal story of challenges, struggles and triumphs in the most honest way, I lead by example and demonstrate to others that they can be empowered to confidently share their self-realized soul to the World as well.

     In fact, The Posse of Angels is sharing with us that this was the reason that we all came back in this lifetime; to shine the example of our self-realized light to the world. 
     Those brave souls among us who choose to be like those previous Spiritual Warriors and will choose to be self-realized, will be stepping up on a much larger platform, in front of a much wider audience to be seen and for our message to be heard. 

     For those of you who are afraid of sharing with others, for instance, that you see and speak to dead people, see angels and faeries, are afraid to publicly admit that you have contact with our Star brothers and sisters, or that you incarnated as a Walk-In, The Posse of Angels wishes you to know that...
it is far scarier to deny who you are than to let the world see your true light.

     They wish to remind us that once you are self-realized, you no longer care what others think and your only mission is to shine your incredible, God given,  Divine light out to the world.
     And just like Esther, Doreen, Neil, Shirley, Eckhart, Wayne, Claire Candy and so many others, you too have the free will and all that you need within to bravely take your unique story, and boldly step forth to shine your light on our beloved planet.

Happy Shining!!! 
Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of "One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness and ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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“Let go of the steering wheel of life, so that God and the angels can drive you around to all the miracles”
Claire Candy Hough

Monday, August 31, 2015

Open to Receive Divine Grace

       Knowing that the Posse of Angels wished to share insights on receiving Divine Grace, they lead me out to my balcony and had me look at my rosebushes. As I gazed upon the vibrancy of their red, mauve and yellow blooms, I felt this overwhelming emotion of peace and deep knowing that I, like them, would always be taken care of .
Tuning into their energies I heard,  “Allow yourself to just ‘Be’ and open to receive all the nourishment that you need from Divine Source to facilitate your growth. Do not force, push or control life’s agenda. For each one of us is exactly the same as the rose bush, as we are also one of God’s blessings. By opening up to receive in the way God Source wishes for us to grow, we will thrive and blossom all the days of our lives on Earth and eternally in our 'One True Home.'
      Just like my rose bushes inherently know that they will be provided for, I know deep in my heart that God and The Posse of Angels are always nurturing me; by answering my prayers for the greatest good of myself and the greatest good of all concerned.                                                 
     It’s important to take note of the last part of that sentence, ‘for the greatest good of all concerned.’ When we hold intentions for our life through our prayers, dreams and wishes we normally focus on an outcome that would be most beneficial for ourselves. And from the second we do this, God and the angels hear our prayers and they immediately start to fulfill our intentions; but not in the way most people imagine it happening.
     You see, many of us have been programmed that our dreams should come true upon the mere utterance of our request. Like so many others, I was brought up with the idea of ‘immediate wish fulfillment’ with examples like, the rubbing of Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, the instantaneous effects of crossed arms and blinking eyes of Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Genie”, and who could forget, the rapid fire results of Elizabeth Montgomery’s twitching nose in “Bewitched”.
     Yet, The Posse of Angels wants to remind us that there is a reason that many of our prayers do not manifest instantly. God and the angels in their infinite wisdom organize the magical and miraculous coming together of people to serve one other. These people often present us with the uncanny, perfectly timed synchronistic opportunities and connections, to bring about the fulfillment of our desires; for the greatest good of us and the greatest good of all. With God’s limitless scope and view of the world, He/She/All That IS can cut down on work time by multiplying the fulfillment of many prayers at once. This is done by organizing synchronistic meetings for people to be of service to one another. (Funny that God is so great on time management, when there is no time in Heaven!)
     Having devoted myself to be open to receive Divine assistance, I have experienced wondrous synchronicities that have shown that the Grace of God is working in my life.
     In June of this year, knowing that my new, channeled novel, “One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness” was going to be released on July 152015; my mind turned towards my various social networks to announce the books publication. When I tuned into the Posse of Angels as to the best ways to promote it, they said, “God has already arranged much, just stay open to receive.”
     Two weeks before the book was released, I received a phone call from an Australian filmmaker who was referred to me by a mutual friend in Australia. She said that she wished to film a documentary about my work, my story about my angelic Walk-In Experience, my Twin-Flame Relationship with my beloved husband Pete, and of course my channeled books.
     I did not have to try to figure out various ways of how to present my book to the world. My efforts at their best would have been limited and would not have the scope and Grace of God’s hand in presenting the book to the widest possible audience and in the most awesome light.
     Just like my rose bushes, I know that by being open to receive in God’s way, that I will be shown signs as to the best ways to step forward, and these will provide me with all the nourishment that my dreams can hold.
    And in this way, I have pretty much lived this quote that I created, “I let go of the steering wheel of life for God to drive me around to all the miracles.”  
     With His eyes on the map, I am free to look at life with eyes of wonder and enchantment, My trust and faith, comes from my belief in God’s careful construction of my life always occurring for the greatest good of all. His track record has been awesome up until now, and has led me to realize my own version of Heaven on Earth.

Wishing you also all the Divine nourishment that your dreams can hold!

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: +61 831.277.3716
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Friday, July 31, 2015

One True Home - Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness" by author Claire Candy Hough

     The Posse of Angels is asking. “Have you ever felt drawn to a certain country; regardless of whether you were born there or ever visited? You may feel a strange connection when you hear the language, a comfortable longing to embrace the music, a familiar urge to partake of the regions food and sense as if you are somehow ‘home’ when you view photos of the landscape. It is as if a certain country and era invokes memories deep inside of you that you just can’t explain.
     Having had an Angelic Walk-In experience in January of 2003, I was able to clearly remember my past lives and the countries and eras that I chose to experience in each one of my human incarnations. Viewing those lives from an Angel’s perspective, I can clearly see how the situations and people that I contracted to appear were all like stepping stones that provided instrumental lessons to help me to grow. Lifetime after lifetime, I garnered valuable experiences that I incorporated in my arsenal of spiritual wisdom, as I enlightened and remembered who I Divinely Am.
     With this clear eyed view into Heaven, not only could I see the deeper meaning behind the careful crafting of my choices of places, eras and souls to create each life, but I saw what happens to us once we cross back over to our one true Home.                                                                                          
     From 2003-2006, this phrase, ‘one true home’ kept coming to my heart over and over again. But The Posse of Angels were very secretive and did not disclose to what purpose it would be used, until they began channeling the book,  “One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness” to me in 2007.
     And my angelic family and I are beaming with pride as we have been waiting patiently for the most optimal and beneficial time for this inspiring book to be published and presented on the Earth Plane.
     To whet your appetite, here is a glimpse into “One True Home” from the back cover of the book:
     Since the beginning of time, humankind has been asking the same questions: Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? What happens to us when our bodies die? Claire Candy Hough explores these mysteries and more in her remarkable new novel, One True Home—Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness.

Follow the adventures of one extraordinary heroine as she lives through many life- times, each a step on the path to spiritual awakening and self-realization: a princess in ancient Egypt, a peasant with the power to heal in medieval Scotland, a spoiled, pampered courtesan in renaissance Venice, a slave captured in Africa and brought to colonial America, and a native American of the Lakota tribe, finally ascending to the angelic being she was always meant to be. More than just a series of fascinating earthly experiences, One True Home shines a light on the biggest mystery of them all: what happens to us between incarnations? Is Heaven real? Claire Candy Hough answers the last question with a resounding “Yes!” pointing to her own connection to Spirit during two near-death experiences. The author brings an extensive background as a clairvoyant and intuitive counselor to craft a story that is accessible and down- to-earth, as well as highly imaginative and deeply spiritual.
      At times thrilling, heartbreaking and tenderly romantic, One True Home is among those rare books that is both a page-turning tale and a work of profound wisdom and insight. Ariel is a heroine you won’t soon forget, and her earthbound adventures and spiritual evolution will stay with you long after the last word has been read. A must-read for seekers of all ages and walks of life, One True Home is destined to become a classic of new age literature.” 
     Created specifically to captivate the reader’s imagination, One True Home – Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness goes far beyond merely intellectualizing and educating others to the existence of past lives. Infused with the energies and tones of the Angelic language of light, many will be re-awakened and deeply touched as they remember their deep knowing that there is so much more to them than just their physical existence.
     By sharing eternal truths and wisdom of a single soul’s intriguing voyage of spiritual growth, the reader is allowed to remember their own spiritual journey; taking them beyond their limited physical world and into the realm of multi-dimensional possibilities where miracles, magic and the mysteries of life are housed.
     And although this story is about our heroine Ariel’s voyage through space and time, One True Home presents the journey that we all get to take as we transition from the physical flesh to Spirit. Readers are reminded of taking part in their own homecoming reunion with friends and family who have previously crossed over the veil.
      It reminds us of attending and witnessing our life’s review in which we clearly experience that what we do and say, not only affects our lives and the lives of others, but every other living thing in the Universe.
     And it helps the reader remember their meeting at the Hall of Akashic Records with the Etheric Council to address and process the lessons that they experienced through exercising their free will while in physical form.

     Deliberately written with a sense of adventure born of an unguarded open, youthful spirit, One True Home helps the reader to explore possibilities as a child would with a sense of wonder. In this way, it offers the reader a chance to go beyond their limited five physical senses to explore new dimensions and discover the intangible and the unexplained.
     After all, a lack of hard facts and evidence does not make something untrue. And for many like myself who have expanded their horizons beyond this physical world, we know that One True Home not only exists, but that with this knowing, we can choose to live Heaven on Earth now.

I invite you to come along on the adventure and purchase your copy of this remarkable book at

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough

Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher//Angel Practitioner

International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House


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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Heaven-sent Social Media


Claire Candy Hough 

Author of 'Angels of Faith'
Reiki Master/Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host

Heaven-sent Social Media

     I recently was given the very clear signs to connect on yet another social media site; even thought my fingers could hardly keep up with all my postings for my business on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Mail Chimp and Google. So when The Posse of Angels whispered God's soft advice-my intuition-to join Instagram, I stepped forward and have been posting ever since.

     Now that I have been on Instagram for three weeks, the big news is that...nothing has happened. Well, nothing tangible yet other than posting photos, following others and gathering followers.
And The Posse of Angels is reminding us that what happens as a result of taking inspired action on intuitive signs is not for us to determine, as this is the providence of God and the Angels.
       With this new addition to my social media platform, I asked The Posse of Angels if all this social media was actually necessary. And while many of The Posse of Angels have not lived a human life and never experienced modern technology, they do fully understand the importance of having a social presence to get our message out to a wider audience.

     For instance, they are saying that early in his ministry, Jesus followed the word of God-his intuition-to take his wisdom and teachings and share it by organising the Sermon on the Mount. Much like one might set up an event on FaceBook for just such a presentation, this enabled him to get his message out to many people.

     The Posse of Angels is also referencing Moses and how he followed God's word-his intuition- to bring forth the Ten Commandments and present them to the children of Israel on Mount Sinai: a pretty grand and impressive platform to showcase his message to say the least.

     Jesus and Moses never were on FaceBook, they did not post selfies on Instagram or trawl for disciples and converts on LinkedIn. For in their time, these avenues were not available. But, this did not stop them from getting their message out.

     The Posse of Angels is pointing out that after they brought forth their message, both Jesus and Moses did not hang on to their laptops, phones or tablets (okay Moses hung on to two very different tablets) waiting, obsessing and counting how many likes and followers they had, in order to determine the worth and importance of their message that they were divinely lead to bring forth. They only needed to step forward when Divinely called to deliver their message and let God and the Angels do the rest for the highest order of all.

     And so it is with us, because ultimately it is all about the message; not about the Bass, which some would lead us to believe. The Posse of Angels is reminding us that everyone will be shown on what platform would be best to present their heartfelt messages; for everyone of us has been gifted with wonderful talents and abilities and the free will to step forth when God-our intuition-speaks to us.

    So, how does one know which platform is best to present themselves?
Firstly, The Posse of Angels is saying to stop trying to figure out which place would be best, for there is no one best place. Be still and wait for the Divine will of Heaven to show you the next inspired action to take and then to trust and action it.
     They are saying to let go of figuring out statistics, demographics, and indicators to get our message to the so-called 'right' people. By letting go of trying to 'figure' life out we open ourselves to 'live' life instead. We allow ourselves to be lead in a co-creative dance with a loving source that always has our back and is always directing us for the highest good.

     Instead of worrying as to how to market yourself, where to post, and how many likes and followers that you have, put all of your emphasis on your unique, God given message. Then ask for a sign to be revealed to you as to the opportunities and connections that would be the best platform to bring the message forth.
     By allowing God and The Angels to direct you, it will be the most perfect avenue and the most receptive audience for you to take in that moment to deliver your unique message.

P.S. Oh and by the way, I'll be posting this on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pinterest and Blogspot, just to be safe and because it feels right for me. :)

Love and Angel Blessings
Candy XXX
 Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: +61 831.277.3716
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Who Are You?"

      The Posse of Angels is starting today’s newsletter with a question, “Who Are You?” and they wish you to take a few moments to answer “I Am ______" and fill in the blank.
     For some of you, the answer will come easily and there may be others who will pause before responding. When I have posed the question, “Who Are You?” to my clients, their answers have been as varied and unique as their set of fingerprints. Many clients chose to finish that sentence by stating their profession i.e. I am a teacher, I am a lawyer, I am a nurse, I am retired etc. Others responded by stating their relationship status i.e. I am a grandparent, I am married, I am a stepfather, and the one that I heard countless times from women, I am only a housewife and a mother; as if being a housewife and a mother was not of great importance.
     And then there were others who when asked to answer this question, actually started to well up with tears and they found it very difficult to respond as they stated that they did not know who they were.
     This past week, I had a beautiful new client who broke down during her session and told me that she had lost her identity and needed help in finding out who she was. After marrying, it was discovered that her husband was ill and throughout their marriage she cared for him. In addition to nursing her husband, she had been quite busy with fund raising. With the passing of her husband several years ago, she no longer was his caregiver, and she had stopped all her fund raising activities.  When I asked her, why she thought that she had lost her identity, she said that when people find out she no longer works or does anything, she feels that people are judging her.
     And if you have physically lived on this Planet within the past 200 years, and that includes all of us, then you have lived being programmed by the energies of the Piscean Age. This past Age was one of logic and reason; viewing ourselves solely through the eyes of concrete justifiable rational evidence. Things like our titles, certifications, and qualifications determined who we were, and whether we were someone of substance, worth associating with. One could say that the quote, “I do, therefore I am”, would be representative of the Piscean Age.
      With the cross over into the Age of Aquarius, we see each other through very different eyes. The importance of degrees, what college we attended and our grade point average all hold less sway compared to a person’s energies of love, unity and harmony that they hold in their hearts.
      When the Posse of Angels heard that she thought others were judging her, they shared that she would be surprised how very little time others spent thinking how she chose to live her life. And they were quick to add that this was more a matter of human nature, rather than a reflection of her worth and value.
She then replied, “You know, when you first asked me, ‘Who Are You?’ In that moment, I thought about saying that I am a painter because I love to paint, but you know, I am not very good at it.”
     The Posse of Angels was quick to reply, “When did determining our 'I Am' get caught up with whether we consider ourselves to be proficient at something. For instance, someone may look at a Picasso and be in rapture as they extol his genius. And yet someone else who does not fancy viewing women painted as dogs with three breasts, may not be as complimentary. Our tastes in Art are very personal and subjective, and so it is with determining our perception of 'Who We Are' and our self-worth.

     I remember living in New York City in the early 80’s as my ex husband accepted a job at a Wall Street Law Firm. This was the decade of the Super-Moms who leapt tall building in a single bound, climbed up the corporate ladder with the baby on their hip, and wore power suits while cleaning their spotless homes. They simply did it all. Having the choice whether or not to work, I chose to devote all my time to raising my daughter. With my ex being new to the firm, I was looking forward to attending a cocktail party to introduce the new influx of lawyers. Standing in groups, drinks in hand, we were introduced. One of the impeccably dressed women lawyers asked me what I did. I enthusiastically gushed and exclaimed how much I loved taking care of my 2 year-old daughter and all the fun mommy, toddler things we did together. While I was speaking, I saw the invisible shutters come down over her eyes, as she yawned and looked at her watch. Glancing over the room, she interrupted me in a distracted tone, “That’s fantastic, you must excuse me.” as she could not escape quick enough. Feeling the sting of being judged and not good enough because I did not work, I cried myself to sleep that night.

     This feeling of not measuring up ate away at my soul so much that I vowed that if I ever had the chance, I would say something very different when someone asked what I did. I would show others that I was worthy and deserving of being someone.
      Well, the next opportunity came with a formal dinner party in the spring. All dressed up, I was well rehearsed with what I was going to say. And when I was introduced to someone and they asked me what I did, I proudly said without hesitation, “I am a classically trained pianist.” which, by the way was correct as I was given classical music lessons throughout my childhood and also as a teenager. Suddenly, this person in front of me came alive, leaned forward and said, “I absolutely adore classical piano, what is your piano of choice?” Thrilled that he was engaged in a response, I replied,  “I love my antique 1901 Steinway baby grand.” which was also true. And then it was like the floodgates were opened as this lawyer enthusiastically shared, “ There are many out there who say Bosendorfs and Bechsteins are the Rolls Royce of pianos, but I am in complete agreement with you, as I too love Steinways. Did you see Alicia Dela Rocha play Rachmaninoff’s 3rd piano concerto at Carnegie Hall? The way she married the dark shades and the light shades of the piece…. well it was sheer genius and I would almost say the best performance ever, if I had not been treated to the Russian genius Evgeny Kissin’s brilliant interpretation with the National Symphony Orchestra when I was in Washington DC litigating a very, very important case. Of course, and I might be dating myself, but I did see Horowitz when I was a young boy……” and he continued on and on scarcely drawing breath, not allowing me to get a word in edgewise. He was mesmerized by the sound of his own voice; hearing himself pontificate and extol his extensive knowledge of classical music.
     As the bell chimed for us to move into the dining room, he took my hand and shook it profusely and said, “It has been such a pleasure speaking with you, and I can’t remember when I have had a more enjoyable conversation.” Watching him walk into the dining room, I noted that I had only said about 14 words to him, and for the rest of the time I listened attentively while he rabbited on.
     This was a very important lesson for me to take note of that it truly does not matter what people think about us, for that is not our concern; it matters more how we feel about ourselves.
     So when someone asks you "Who are You?" you can always choose to smile your widest grin and baffle them with, “I Am Joy","I Am Peace", "I Am Love" or feel free to use one of my favorites,“I Am Extraordinary!”
     But when you proclaim your "I Am" in this way just be prepared for others who are stuck in the old paradigm of identifying themselves solely by what they do and produce, to gaze at you in awe and secretly want what you are having.

Choosing to remain 'extraordinary' until next newsletter, I bid you..

Love and Angel Blessings,
Candy XXX 
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: +61 831.277.3716
SKYPE: candy.hough

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Blessing Of Living In A Supportive Universe

Do you feel supported by the Universe?
Having approached the past 11 years with a deep knowing that the
Universe always has my back and truly desires that which I desire, I rest comfortably
knowing that I am abundant, guided, protected and loved more than I can possibly imagine. Yet, this was not always the case.
Before January 2003, I lived in a restrictive prison of fear and
contrast that I had built for myself to uncomfortably reside in.

By consciously freeing myself from this restrictive illusion and only
choosing positive energies, I noticed something rather magical started to
happen. The bright, confident frequency that was held within my heart
radiated out and opened me up to optimistically receive, which then
created a reality that positively and enthusiastically gave to me. By
holding only the highest of energies, I connect with my Divine
eternal nature and experience my original crystalline essence.

The Posse of Angels is reminding us that a crystalline being is fully
aware of their alchemical, magician's ability to bend their reality to suit
their intentions, creating the life that they desire most.The deliberate
creation of life begins to reflect a regular flow of amazing synchronisities
and highly unlikely occurrences.

For instance, the day before our recent move, Pete and I realised that
the moving van we booked for 9am had to park on our side of the street
and there is no parking there on Wednesdays between 8-12 because of
street sweeping. In addition, the Culver City police are among the best and most
 vigilant when it comes to writing parking tickets. Knowing that things always
work out for us, we released expectations and waited for the moving van
to turn up.

At 9:30, a half and hour late, we caught sight of the moving van
coming down our street. As it went to the end of the block to turn
around, inthat moment, miraculously the street sweeper appeared
right in front of the moving van, swept in front of our house and
continued on, as the moving van followed and parked in front of
our house. I say it was miraculous because for the past 4 years the street
sweeper always comes down our street closer to noon and on this
particular day, he chose to sweep our street early. In addition, for the
whole time that the moving van was there, no police appeared!

Having established an energetic practice of being grateful that thing
always work out for me in wonderful ways, they do. This got me pondering
if I am in the minority in being supported by the Universe? If perchance you
answered my opening question with a "NO!" as you feel like the Universe
does not support you, think again.

The Posse of Angels is reminding us that whether we are conscious
of it or not, the Universe has always been supportive to everyone and it
does not differentiate and play favourites. No matter who we are, the
Universe has always wanted exactly that which we desired and the
funny thing is, it did everything to support us in the manifestation and
attainment of those desires.

But most of humanity has not seen the physical manifestation of their
wishes because of the perpetuation of energies such as doubt; worry, lack
and limitation that were in direct contrast to our Divine abundant natures.
With the perpetuation of this discordance within us, as we clung to all the
reasons as to why our dreams could not be filled, the Universe then supported
us in our energetic endeavours and sent us more reasons as to why our
desires did not manifest.

And just like the Universe supports me with my sunny bright
outlook, it also supports others, who perhaps are not so positive
and optimistic.

Last week. I was driving on the infamous 405 freeway with a car
load of boxes to take to our new home. The word 'freeway' which is
used to describe this stretch of road is at times a misnomer; as on
many occasions, there is no freedom as one experiences only gridlock.
Having snail-crawled past an abandoned car causing all kinds of snarls,
I looked off in the distance and caught sight of a man walking on the shoulder.
As I inched closer, I could see a rather unhappy fellow with a deep scowl,
carrying a gasoline can and I knew that it was he who had abandoned his
car in order to get fuel. With his speed of walking faster than I was driving,
I had the opportunity to read his T-Shirt.

On the front was a big circle, which had two crosses for eyes and a
very sad frown. Above the face in big bold letters read the word "NIRVANA"
and at the bottom of the face was the word "NOT!" And underneath
were the words, "Sh*t Happens!"

Knowing that this week's topic was going to be about the blessing
of a supportive Universe, I thought that this was a perfect example of
the Universe co-creating and matching this fellow's energy.

And The Posse of Angels can hear some of your thoughts, perhaps
thinking, "But that is not fair, as it is just a T-Shirt and he does not have
a clue about consciously choosing his energies." And The Posse of Angels
is replying, "You're absolutely correct.The Universe is not fair, nor is it unfair.

The Universe is always supportive as it is constantly bringing us more
of the energy we choose to focus on and perpetuate, regardless of whether
it is positive or negative. I guess the biggest turn around that I had in my
life 11 years ago was that I chose not to make excuses anymore as to why
I should not be supported and began to support myself. I chose to live by
the principle, "The best always happens to me; as I expect the best without
having expectations."

And magically, when I started to positively support myself in
following the path of the fulfilment of my dreams; it did not take
long for the Universe to then get on board and positively support me.
Here's hoping that your gas tank is alway full!

Love and Angel Blessings,

Candy XXX
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

5th Dimension Manifestation with Inspired Action

       Did you know that as of March 1, 2015, many of us have ‘officially’ crossed the threshold of dimensions and are now living in 5th dimensional reality? Like some of you, I found out after the fact and missed the party. (The Posse of Angels said that they actually slept through it.) Thinking back to the first Sunday of March, I did not recall feeling any different and, for the most part, many of you reading this newsletter probably didn’t either. For the crossover from dense 3rd dimensional energy to the lighter energies of higher dimensional living, has been a way of life for many of us who made the conscious choice to shift years ago.
     The Posse of Angels wish us to know that this grand shift by Humanity saw many in the Collective Consciousness indeed make very different decisions. Before the official handover, many of us who were experiencing a higher dimensional way of living before decided to release all negativity, shift our emphasis off of scarcity and lack and put our attention on gratitude for our blessings. Along with this conscious perpetuation of positive, high vibrational frequency, we made the decision to see ourselves as part of one world, one grand collective.

      And The Posse of Angels is excited to remind us that what has happened as a result of living directly from our hearts is that we reconnected with the Magician within us all and began to experience the ability to manifest our heartfelt desires. Our heart is where the alchemical co-creation of magic and synchronicities has always resided. But those desires could not be accessed in the limiting, disconnected energies of 3rd dimensional reality. This new and very different landscape of living in 5th dimension energies has seen many of us experiencing instant manifestation- and absolutely loving it!
     But, The Posse of Angels do wish to remind us that the manifestation of our wishes is still very much a co- creative effort with the Universe. This co-creative effort entails our 100% trust in our Divine eternal abundant nature by getting out of our own logical way and releasing all attachments and expectations to the outcome. In this way, we will be completely open and energetically unencumbered to receive the fulfillment of our desires. It is these open and trusting energies, coupled with those of our taking ‘Inspired Action’ that will make absolutely uncanny miracles become a daily occurrence in our lives

     A perfect example of the difference between 3rd and 5th dimensional living came as a result of a wish of my husband and mine to live in Santa Monica. We have both felt a pull to live in this beautiful seaside area of LA for the past year. Yet when both of us tuned in before 2015, we knew that it was still too early for the move. With this New Year, we both felt an even stronger urge to move and were waiting for a sign to show us how to move forward. I kept tuning into the Posse of Angels asking them for signs, and all I got was silence. They might as well have shown me a gone fishing sign because they were uncharacteristically silent. As days ticked by without a sign, I felt inspired to phone a friend to see if she knew someone who could help us find a place. My friend put me into contact with a real estate agent and when I phoned her on the evening of Thursday March 4th, I explained that we desired to move to Santa Monica. She then proceeded to share the following information:
       She said that because of its popularity, most of the properties that were for rent in Santa Monica never make it to the rental sites, as the market is driven mostly by word of mouth. She went on to say that for this reason, there was very little on the market, and that those places that do get multi-listed are hotly contested for by a very competitive market. With the area being so sought after, she said to expect that the homes would be much smaller compared to other areas and to expect our weekends to be taken up with running from open house to open house, as private showings were very rare. Her advice was that even before we found a place, we should fill out an application form (of course not putting in an address) print out our credit report, references and a letter of introduction.
     Then when we did find a place that we were interested in, we should immediately put in an application already to go. She added that properties in Santa Monica usually get many applications for each rental and that it could be up to two weeks before we would hear whether our application was accepted. She even suggested that we put in several applications on multiple places to better our chances to be chosen over the competition.

      While she was speaking, I heard the Posse of Angels say to me loud and clear, “This is her reality, not yours.”
     After she finished, I thanked her for her time. Hanging up the phone, I remembered that there is no competition, as the Universe is constantly conspiring to bring us the fulfillment of our wishes. And if Pete and I were excited about moving to Santa Monica, that’s all that mattered. Getting shivers of confirmation, I then felt inspired to go on Craigslist and see what was available.
       Looking through the listings, my eye was drawn to a photo of some very cute, curtained French doors belonging to a townhouse in Santa Monica. The rooms looked very spacious, and it was actually nearly double the size of our current home. Although all the other listings had only contact email addresses, strangely, this one had a phone number with a name, Nicole. Early the following Friday morning I rang Nicole and she cheerfully answered. When I expressed interest about the rental she replied, “ I would love to show you the townhouse at 6:30pm this evening.  Pete and I met Nicole at the property and found out that she was the owner. The home was light, bright, spacious and it even had a balcony off the master bedroom. (I am not surprised as I have been visualizing a balcony off the master bedroom of my new home in Santa Monica for the past year.) The next day, Saturday, March 7th, we arranged to drop off our application to Nicole at 1:30pm and 2 hours later she phoned and said that the townhouse was ours. We signed the lease on Sunday, March 8th and we move in April.

       And The Posse of Angels wishes to remind us that one of the major things that makes 5thdimensional living so vastly different from 3D reality, is that there are no rules, no logic, no rational, and no tried and true proven ways to follow.
     The greatest advice to the art of living in the 5th dimension is never to compromise what we desire. Remember that the Universe desires that which each one of us desires and that it does not place obligations, conditions or restrictions on the how and when of it happening. By being willing to receive in all possible ways and following-up the excitability and joy in our hearts with inspired action, we open the doors of magic for the fulfillment of our dreams.

     So two years ago, when I began to visualize my new home in Santa Monica, I did not restrict myself by worrying that only few rentals do get multi-listed, nor did I worry about dealing with the pressures of a competitive market. But what I did do was I felt excited as I imagined myself smiling, wearing a big beach hat, reading a book and sipping an iced tea on my sundrenched balcony. And while I visualized this peaceful scene, I felt the warmth of the sun on my face, smelled the freshness of the ocean breeze, and allowed my heart to feel joy, contentment and gratitude for all my countless blessings.
     Have a magical April everyone!  See you later…I’ve got to go pack now!!

Love and Angel Blessings,
Candy XXX
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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