Thursday, March 30, 2017

Invest in Your Dreams, Invest in Life

        I recently returned from my Dad’s graveside; as it was the one year anniversary of his passing and the unveiling of his headstone.
After prayers were recited, there were many who shared their remembrances of my father. Although the stories were quite different, it was very easy to see that the theme of each person’s recollection was that my Dad invested in life.
Yes, he was a shrewd business man and made profitable investments, but none were more precious to him than the investments he made in his dreams and other people.

       He defied conventional wisdom of rational thinking and logic, and was fearless when it came to living the life of his imagination. As a poor boy born during the depression, he grew up in the depressed area of the South Bronx in New York City, and yet, his dreams were not restricted and limited by its confined concrete boundaries. Contrary to the asphalt and cement of his physical world, he dreamed of wide open spaces in nature, and visualized one day owning oceanfront property. Fearlessly holding that vision, he became a lawyer and began helping others to invest in real estate. It was through these connections that he synchronistically met a gentleman who suggested that since ocean front property was prohibitively expensive in America that he should investigate land in Australia. This lead him to buying his ocean front farm back in the 60’s and realizing his dream of living by the ocean.

       When I view the arc from my Dad’s humble beginnings, to the fulfillment of his dreams, I can clearly see that what made them eventually manifest was his focus in believing in his hearts longings, and passionately and enthusiastically fueling those energies and keeping them alive. He expressed the importance of fueling our dreams in a poem that he wrote:

Don’t let your heart fall apart at the seams
Don’t ever let the world ever dampen your dreams
Don’t ever believe that evil succeeds
Don’t ever succumb to nefarious deeds
Don’t let the media plunder your hopes
Or conventional wisdom tie your ideals in ropes
Don’t sell your conscience for brass or a bone
Don’t ever think that you are truly alone
Bolster your Spirit-follow your star
And God will be with you wherever you are.
By Leonard Milgraum

       Along the path to fulfilling his dreams, nothing was more important to my father than his investiture in other people. The legacy he left was truly astounding as whoever came across his path, was left much richer as they were mystically touched by his magical energies. He was truly happy to be of service by lifting people’s spirits, encouraging them to follow their dreams, and bolstering their faith in themselves. He transformed people’s lives with his kindness, his generosity and his deep love and concern for their welfare. When praised, my Dad’s humble nature never took credit for his actions; always giving deference to that higher Source as he shared that he was merely the servant of God, doing His bidding, not his own.

       My Dad invested in the knowledge that we are all instruments of God and that we can choose to be Masters of creating a Heaven on Earth by emphasizing the positive. We can choose to focus on the stars when we are in the dark, and to bless the rain when there is no sun; for it’s the life force of water that quenches our thirst and brings sustenance to all living things.

       In this excerpt from another of his poems, he shares that we all can choose what attitudes and perceptions we will invest in and bring to our journey in life. The last line is even more prophetic than ever, now that he has crossed over, as it states that we are all here for such a short amount of time.

Courageously face disappointment
Laugh every trouble away
Using your smile as an ointment
With your will, you can brighten each day

Some fear night’s darkness and shiver
Some look for stars of all kind
Depend on yourself to deliver
And the positive frame of your mind

Remember it’s all in your power
Don’t let others’ actions be king
Search for the sweet and sidestep the sour
Make your spirit control everything

We all know how quickly it’s over
Let’s brighten this moment somehow
See not the weed, but the clover
Infused with the beauty of now.
By Leonard Milgraum

       Each of us can leave behind a remarkable inheritance that goes way beyond any measure of monetary wealth. We do this by sharing and investing in our Divine spark within, putting all our focus and attention on love and standing in our most authentic radiant light. By doing so, our light becomes so intense and immense that it shines on others and it encourages them to do the same.

Thank you Dad for bringing out the radiant light in all those you touched.

Love and Angel Blessings.

Claire Candy Hough
Author of “I Am an Angelic Walk-In"
“One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness” and
Angels of Faith’
 Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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