Friday, December 30, 2016

Dare Yourself in 2017!

     The Posse of Angels is curious if we have made a list of goals for the New Year, and they are reminding us that all manifestation is a co-creative effort. From a higher point of view, we can clearly see that the how and the when of life working out is under the providence of God and the angels, and it was never meant to be in our control. Our contribution to manifest, as powerful creators blessed with free will, is to establish our intentions and to passionately fuel those desires. Therefore, for the angels to do their part to fulfill our wishes, all manifestation must start with intention and passion.
     And within those passionate intentions for 2017, The Posse of Angels is asking, “Is there anywhere within that list that you have dared yourself?

     The dictionary definition of dare is to have the courage required to do something, to be challenged, to execute an act that takes nothing less than being bold and brave. To dare could also mean to defy established ways of doing things. With their overview of humanity, The Posse of Angels can see that those who dare have the nerve to try something different. And with all the clearing, cleansing that we have done to put our Spiritual knowledge into practical use in our lives, The Posse of Angels is asking us if we have the audacity to experience a magical, extraordinary life that may even scare us. Now, they don’t want you to be afraid, but to grow, we must step into the unknown and this could certainly bring up a little anxiety and trepidation.

     What they are leading to is that they wish us to dare to imagine a new life, a different life to what we ever thought we could have. Now don’t get them wrong, this is not to say that there is anything wrong with the life that your living. But they want us to release all restrictions and expectations and have the faith and trust in God and the angels to create the most unbelievable life to be of best service for ourselves, for others and for the Planet. The frustrating thing with most people is not that their dreams don’t come true, but the life that they settle on is not representative of what their heart truly desires. Many people do not allow themselves to let go of what is a compromise, in order for them to realize a miraculous life.

     And while a miraculous life is very different for each of us, the life they speak about goes beyond prescribed boundaries, of what is normal, what is accepted; a life which is not restricted to a certain age, to gender, to one’s cultural background, one’s financial circumstances, one’s achievements or certifications.
This life that the Posse of Angels speaks about is one that surprises us in ways that we never thought possible.

     Their suggestion for 2017 is to allow yourself to march fearlessly into the unknown, the unfamiliar, with just your faith in God and yourself. The faith and profound belief that not only will everything be okay, but it will yield experiences beyond your wildest dreams. This kind of daring of oneself is not for the fainthearted, for it has us releasing and letting go of all that is comfortable. One of the major reasons that we feel uncomfortable with experiencing something new, is that we have not given ourselves permission to leave our known world. And in order to give ourselves permission to welcome in the unbelievable, we must choose to suspend our belief in what is possible.

     In 2017, I give myself permission to feel uncomfortable so that I can experience the unforgettable, the memorable, the remarkable and the exceptional.

     By daring oneself in 2017 to go beyond anything that we have known before, we must surrender our expectations as to what life should or has to look like. We must desire to taste, sense, feel and experience life to the fullest; and that scares a lot of people. For if we truly wish for this, we must let go of the attachment to all that we created and to all we now get our identity from as to who we are.  For if my identity is cemented to my accomplishments, my certifications, my titles and achievements, how can I possibly grow more, expand more, learn and experience so much more of my infinite, multi-dimensional self who is boundless and is merely unlimited potential.
Once we do this, we open space for God to breath miracles into our lives.

     Dare yourself in 2017 to follow your heart. Dare yourself to have more fun. to giggle and wiggle and play more. Dare yourself to create for creations sake because you are a Powerful, Divine Creator. One of the greatest secrets of life is that the playful energy of unbridled fun and joy speaks the same sparkly, bright, high frequency language of the Universe, which sparks manifestation into physical form. Dare yourself to live in the present moment and trust that God and the angels will always send you carefully chosen and created signs to direct your life to be of best service for your soul. Not a life that your ego wants, not a life that follows the rules, and not a life that you have to obsess over and try to figure out. Remember, life was never meant to be figured out, it was meant to be experienced.

     Dare yourself to live a life of Grace. To live in grace is to experience wonderment and a reverence for all life. It is to live in perpetual gratitude and unconditional love being in harmony with yourself, with others and God. Grace is the spiritual freedom that occurs when one realizes that life is a gift and that everything comes from God Source. In this way, you align your life with Heaven. The Posse of Angels is reminding us that if our will, is aligned with the will of Heaven, and we have the diligence, the fortitude and the belief to allow our will to manifest on the Earth plane, then anything can be accomplished.
     The trick is to forget measuring our will power or success on any expectation of what our over-conceived ideas think can be achieved. The Posse of Angels is reminding us to be open to fully receive the profound knowing that the events, opportunities and connections that manifest for us, will clearly show what life wants from us. Once we let go of attachment to what we expect, we open ourselves to receive greater rewards.

     Personally, when the Posse of Angels delivered God’s message and asked me to create my weekly Angel Healing House Radio program in January 2012, to channel their messages and to take free calls for readings, I did not say, “Hold on God, I need to go to Broadcasting School first.” I simply dared to step up when I heard the calling in my heart and availed myself to be of best service.
     And five years later, 8 weeks ago, when I received an email from Dr. Pat, the owner and creator of Transformation Talk Radio, inviting me to host my weekly radio program on this wonderful, new home, I received shivers of confirmation and felt the same calling in my heart and I dared to step up once again.

     Starting on January 3, 2017, Angel Healing House Radio will be heard on almost 100 affiliate radio platforms and it will be going out to 120 countries.  The only way that this manifested was because I dared myself to live in faith, following the voice of God in my heart and this Heaven-sent alignment has become the only barometer that I need to steer my journey in life.

     2017 is a time to dare ourselves to step out of that comfort zone, spread our wings and fly further, wider and higher than we ever thought possible.

     Ask yourself, “Where do I dare to allow myself to fly to in 2017?”

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of 
“I Am an Angelic Walk-In"
“One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness” and
Angels of Faith’
 Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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