Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do you choose to be 'right' or choose to be happy?

When it comes to anger, there are some who would say that it is healthier for us to remain calm, so that we can keep our energies high and positive. Yet, others often challenge this view with the idea that unexpressed anger “builds up,” somehow leading to resentment, high blood pressure, strokes or heart attacks.
Well, anger is not a measurable substance. There is no organ, gland, or other repository in our bodies for anger. The idea that anger accumulates is just a myth that can sometimes lead to the sort of “satisfaction of revenge”, actioned by many.
Making anger ‘quantifiable’ gives people justification to physically hurt others. By perpetuating anger, sadness, blame, resentment, bitterness, regret, and resentment, people only create an emotionally debilitating prison of their own making, that keeps them captive in a self-fulfilling prophecy of negative destructive energies. (If these negative emotions are held on to long enough in the emotional body, the physical body will start to break done as a warning to bring back joy, lightness, peace and balance in order to feel whole once again. Believe it or not, this feeling of balance and bliss is our natural state.

With this in mind…
God Bless Michael Jackson. When I tuned in to view his crossing over and at this time in the planets evolution, I immediately saw it from a higher perspective and my angels and guides completely confirmed this.
This wonderful soul who not only changed the music industry with his songs, innovations in videos, dance and fashion, but he used his extraordinary talents to try and help the world wake up to the fact that we are all one, no matter if we are black or white and to quote the song “We are the World.” His plea was so great to look for change within, in order to affect change without. Hence the song 'The Man in the Mirror”.
In addition to his massive musical talents, he demonstrated to the world the importance of play in our lives. (It’s probably hard to keep a straight face with Bobo the chimp and llamas as your friends.)
Yet, with all of this creativity, playing and talent there was an emotionally troubled side to this musical genius. Michael’s anger, sadness and resentment was from years of abuse from his father. As a result, he chose to perpetuate his anger and sadness and remain in a downward spiral of self-loathing, by butchering his appearance through constant plastic surgery-trying to change himself by changing the outside, In addtion, he chose to escape his emotional and physical pain, by medicating himself with prescription drugs.
The dichotomy here is overwhelming. On one hand he was the prophet trying to bring the world together in peace, harmony and -most of all- in love. And yet, each day he chose to look at his reflection in the mirror with angry, sad, unforgiving eyes.
From a higher perspective, there is an important reason as to why he choose to leave the planet now.
This is a huge wakeup call to the planet that the New Earth can no longer hold or tolerate sadness, anger, rage, resentment and bitterness or negativity of any sort. These emotions cannot stay on the Earth where we are ascending to fifth dimensional energies: as we all crystalline back to our original divine blueprint of unity and oneness.

With the knowledge that we are all one and each and every emotion that we have, say and feel, affects everyone else and everything else, even if one does not act out in rage toward another, we are still hurting the Planet and negatively affecting the whole, by just by harboring negative thoughts and feelings.
If we are human, we have all face challenges and hardships of one kind or another. Ultimately, it is our perception and the way we act, rather than constantly reacting, to these challenges, that make all the difference in a life of harmony, joy and peace and one of disharmony, sadness and anger.
The choice is always ours as to whether we choose to be right or happy.

Love and Blessings,

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Wendy said...

Candy, I really do like your comments regarding Michael Jackson and you very closely echo my feelings on the matter. Being raised as on of Jehovah's Witness's myself I understand intimatley his thinking and struggle. There is a reason he left his children to his mother (and now we are hearing Reebie was included in that). They are very loveing people, honest and kind. Greed is looked down at and he knew in his heart that his children would be nurtured in this enviroment. But again, I like your comments and just wanted to say that. Hugs darlin, Wendy