Friday, July 17, 2009

The Energies of July-Reviewing the Past

The energies of July will continue to bring the past back to life. This process of introspection, will see many dealing with unresolved issues and relationships. It is truly a time of looking back. The month of July will see us experience 2 eclipses. The first was a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 7th and the next is a New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 21st. These eclipses add power to the energies of the New and full Moons and are signaling the closure of a 19 year cycle and the birthing of a new 19 year cycle. These eclipses may bring people, situations, themes and circumstances we were dealing with in 1990 up for closure or revision.
Don't be surprised if your high school sweetheart, a college roommate, or an old work colleague magically appears on Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, or just out of the blue-this is the month for it.
Have you experienced any blasts from the past??
Love and Blessings,

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