Thursday, December 8, 2011

Change Your Work to Your Passion

As of 2012, what if you never have to work another day in your life? Every night before going to bed, you would be so excited about getting up the next day and doing what you love? In fact you would never, ever again use the word work, to describe what you do. You might be thinking that this is just too good to be true. Well, that describes me to a tee; ever since I connected with the wealth within myself, and established my business Angel Healing House. You see, I adore what I do and I have never referred to it as work. I do not have days off from my business, as I don’t long for or need to have a break from what I do. I get energized and so darned excited by sharing my talents through my healing sessions, my intuitive counseling, by being an inspirational speaker and my gifts as a clairvoyant and angel practitioner. This is because after 47 years of searching, I discovered that who I am, in fact, is inextricably linked with what I love doing. As a result ever since 2003, I have felt whole, complete and wealthy. I was recently a presenter at the CrazySexyMoney Financial Seminar and wanted to demonstrate this different way of viewing wealth in our lives. To start off my talk, I asked the audience to close their eyes and think back to their youth and visualize themselves as a little child. I said, “See yourself as a little girl or boy, getting excited about sharing the things that you are good at, your achievements and your creativity.” As they were visualizing themselves, I asked them to feel what it felt like, to do what they loved doing. (Perhaps you would like to participate in this exercise and take a few moments to do the same thing before reading any further.) I then asked them to quickly open their eyes and complete the following sentence, ‘When I grow up I want to be a_________________.’ I then went around the room and had the participants say their answers out loud. Their answers reflected quite a diverse group. We covered most of the alphabet, as we had astronauts and actresses, to fireman to zookeepers and many other professions. After I thanked them all for participating, I brought it to their attention that no one in the room had said, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a rich person.” Now how is that possible??? Especially when one considers that most of the concerns of modern day women and men seem to be directed at scheming, planning, and machinating on how to get more money or network and connect with people who can help them get more money. There is a simple reason for no one saying that they wanted to be a rich person. The reason is that as a child, you knew that you were already divinely and inherently rich, wealthy and abundant because that was, and still is, your Source given nature. As a child, you knew who you were and what you adored doing. When I was a child, I used to get lost for hours and hours as I excitedly wrote and created the most wildly creative stories and tales. My parents say that I lived in another world. I loved telling and reading my stories to people. I then would take my stories and put on plays with my friends and younger brothers. (Ok, I must admit that my younger brothers were not always as enthusiastic in participating as I was; but then again, an older sister can be quite persuasive.) As I got older, instead of pursing what I creatively loved doing, I listened to the very practical advice of others, that I should do something sensible with my life like becoming a primary school teacher, a nurse or a secretary. I went on to become a wonderful primary school teacher. I was also a wonderful anorexic and wonderfully depressed, as I was living someone else’s representation of what my life should look like. As I had given up control of who I was, I sought to gain control over some portion of my life through food issues. I basically silenced the fullness, wealth and riches of my excitement within, and was literally and figuratively starving without it. Once I started living my own life and making my own empowered choices, amazing gifts and abilities started to be experienced. For nearly 10 years through my beloved business, I have excitedly written 6 books and created presentations and seminars, workshops, meditations, inspirational blogs and newsletters. As a Reiki Master/Teacher and Intuitive Counselor, I have helped clients break down programming, beliefs and fears in order to regain that childhood zeal, enthusiasm, and passion for life once again. Within those 10 years of seeing clients, it became quite clear that the overwhelming majority of my clients who were emotionally and physically un-well, ere also no longer excited by some or all aspects of their lives. And the majority of those clients were also miserable about their financial situations. When my clients expressed their financial concerns, these four sentences were used most often: 1. I am not rich. 2. I don’t have money. 3. I hate not having money 4. I am miserable without money. And although I have helped many people with this same exact concern, there was one client’s case that demonstrated the most clear correlation between wellbeing, wealth and excitement, and I shall call her Lauren. *Lauren was a beautiful, creative and highly intelligent young lady. She was also exhausted, depressed and had lost all motivation for her life. As such, she had to quit studying after her first year at college. During our session together, when I asked her what she loved doing, her face lit up like a Christmas bulb; as she told me of her love for fashion design. Her earliest memories were those of sewing patterns for clothes for her dolls and even the big family cat. This childhood passion followed her throughout her teens, as she sketched original designs and sewed clothes for her friends. Although it was blatantly clear how much joy she received from sewing and designing, her father had other ideas as to Lauren’s future career. Her father was a lawyer and had told Lauren that as soon as she received her law degree, that she would work at his law practice. Although she was not interested in the law, she did not want to disappoint her Dad, and she applied to law schools. She told me that as soon as she began to get accepted, she started to feel ill. In fact, once she went to college, she was in and out of the infirmary more times than she could count remember. Completely exhausted towards the end of her first year, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. To help improve her immune system with Reiki treatments, she came to my healing practice. I asked her to close her eyes and said, ‘Imagine that you have all the certification, all the money and all the connections in the world. What would you be doing?’ Without a moment of hesitation she said, “I would be designing clothes.” She went on to tell me that she had a recurring dream that she was behind the scenes at a fashion show and that the people in her dream were speaking Italian. I told her that with each passing day that she was not fulfilling her hearts desires, she was denying who she was and her body was reacting with illness and exhaustion because of the sadness of her unfulfilled heart. I explained to her that if she started to make movement toward researching fashion design schools, that the Universe would pick up her excited energies and send her opportunities, people and connections to help fulfill her excited intentions. By the end of the session, Lauren’s whole demeanor had changed. She was sitting upright and was animated and excited about stepping forth on the path to making her love of fashion designing a reality; even if this meant disappointing her father’s dream for her. It was several years later that I received a letter and photo of Lauren at a fashion show in Milan, Italy. She told me that once she decided to quit law and to enroll in a fashion design school, her symptoms of illness magically began to disappear. The simple reason for this was because Lauren was happy, fulfilled and joyous as she was living her own dream; not someone else’s. When Lauren thought about designing fashion, she felt whole, and complete. And, as a result of that she felt wealthy and prosperous. Now we all may not all have chronic fatigue syndrome, but we know when we are not happy with our relationships, careers and health, What makes us stay in areas of our life that have ceased to become fulfilling and joyful, is the programming, belief or fear that somehow we are not allowed to be and to do exactly what we want to do. My clients are able to turn their lives around because they take their focus off of external abundance (money) and put their focus on their inner abundance (inherent wealth), by emphasizing the words, excitement, fun and creativity. My clients realize that: They are not rich, because they are not creative. They don’t have money, because they don’t have any fun. They hate not having money, because they hate not having excitement. They are miserable without money, because they are miserable without creativity. Each and Every one of us knows what truly makes us happy, gives us fun and ignites our spark of creativity within; and you do not have to be clairvoyant or psychic like myself to get in touch with this excitement. As of today, you have 24 days left in 2011 to proactively turn your life around, in order to start 2012 off as the year you stopped working and started to do what you adore. I help awaken clients to reconnect themselves with their passion, fun and creativity of life again. I can help you visualize a fulfilling life outside of the current box you find yourself in. (The sad part is that most of the times, it is a box of our making and we are the ones who continue to keep ourselves captured inside.) Call today on 831 277 3716 to start to peek out of the limiting and unfulfilling box that you may be finding yourself in, that stops you from being in complete bliss, joy and adoring what you do. Here’s hoping that you live your bliss by changing your work to your passion like I did. Love and Blessings, Claire Candy Hough 831 277 3716

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