Monday, November 28, 2011

I Wish You Well...No Matter What As of last Thursday, Nov. 24th, we here in the Northern Hemisphere have un-officially entered into the season of well wishes. On Thanksgiving, Pete and I were blessed to receive well wishes from both family and friends near and far. Similar to years past, this official day of giving thanks seems to open a door for people to be more cordial and kind and express good tidings to one another. Usually, these well wishes are not dependent on finding out if someone follows a similar belief system or whether one chooses to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwansaa, Rohatsu, Ramadan or anything else. In most cases, the well wishes are given out freely and generously with no strings attached. I began to think about what it actually means to ‘wish someone well’. The wishing someone well could be translated to mean that you hope all their holiday plans run smoothly. With the increased traffic during this time of year, one could wish someone to be well in order to be safe on the roads. With the arrival of cold winter temperatures in most of the country, it might mean that the well wishes could be a literal prayer for someone to remain well and in good health. It could mean all the above, or simply expressed as a general wish for wellness. I surmise that I, like most people, do not set out to dissect what it is that we are actually wishing them well for. But I do know that I give these well wishes out freely to people, both family and friends, who are important to me, who I love, cherish and hold dear in my life. It was then that I began to wonder, if the fundamental core of wishing someone well had to be dependent at all on whether one loved, agreed with or even liked another person or their actions. While I held this quizzical thought in my heart, I manifested a perfect example of this, which allowed me to put my theory to the test. While browsing on FaceBook last week, I was drawn to a photo and a comment that a close relative had posted on his page. With him ‘friending’ me, it had appeared on my page, as well. Underneath the photo, one of his friends posted a random comment, “Not on the topic, but congratulations on_________’s engagement”. (Contained in the blank was his sister’s name.) Staring in disbelief, I could not fathom that his sister-who shall remain nameless-had become engaged 4 days previously and chosen not to call me and tell me. I had seen her grow up and been so much a part of her life as a child and as a young adult. Searching on the internet, I discovered that she was engaged to a celebrity TV host and not only had all the newspapers carried the breaking news, but, the happy couple had announced their engagement on a nationally televised Awards show. Stunned, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Australia finding out about her engagement 4 days before I ‘indirectly’ found out. As I sat with this fog of disbelief surrounding me, I heard an angel’s voice faintly break through the dense fog of my shock and whisper in my ear, “Wish her well.” Smiling, I allowed the angel’s words to settle in my heart; as it was exactly what I have expressed through my business Angel Healing House for nearly 10 years. I have always held to the belief that each and every one of us is Divine. As we are all inextricably linked to God, the Source of All that is, divinity is our eternal nature. And although we are Divine at the very core of who we are, we are very much human as well and make choices that are based on our free will. Although many of the choices that a person makes is often made through unresolved anger, sadness, bitterness, regret and resentment, it does not negate the fact that underneath their choices, they still remain Divine. I have also held a long standing belief that what a person does and how they react to you truly has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their perspective and perception. In this way, for example, nobody can make us sad or angry, it is we who choose to perpetuate an emotional state or not. After all, two people can have the same experience and one can choose to see it as a blessing and another can choose to see it as a tragedy. Adhering to this belief, I immediately started to see her engagement as a blessing, regardless of how the news came to me. Having just celebrated my own 8th year wedding anniversary, I remembered my own engagement to my cherished husband Pete and how I was floating on cloud 9 when he asked to marry me. With this energy of love in my heart, tears filled my eyes as I recalled watching this beautiful gifted young woman grow up, and how I wished her health, and that she should come to know joy, peace and love and be blessed with the fulfillment of her dreams. With the realization that my prayers, my hopes, and my longings for her had come true, my heart was bursting with happiness for her. It was then that I composed a letter to her and wrote: I was overjoyed to read about your engagement and see the joy and excitement in your beaming face. Pete and I want to congratulate both of you and wish you a life of togetherness and wonderful times ahead. My hope for you is: May God bless you with infinite joy and blessings on your engagement. May you always remain under God’s umbrella of pure love, warmth and care as you travel along life’s journey together in all kinds of weather. May your union be blessed with peace, laughter, understanding, and compassion And above all, may you always be caring, loyal and kind friends to one another. Prayers and blessings of joy, health, and peace for your beautiful union together. And in that letter I realized, that I had wished her well……no matter what! May this story be a reminder that although we choose to see and perceive the world through very different eyes, underneath our choices we are all Divine, from the same Divine Source. My holiday wish is the same that I wish on all other days of the year. May we take our focus off our often controlling and limited visual sight and finally ascend to where we can begin to see each other through our connected hearts and solely through the eyes of love. Only in this way, will peace and unconditional love finally reign on beloved Planet Earth and we will live in acceptance, harmony, and unity. God Bless you, your family and friends and I wish you well…. No Matter What. Love and Blessings, Claire Candy Hough 831 277 3716

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