Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Follow Your Excited Energetic Barometer for a Wealthy Life

Follow Your Excited Energetic Barometer to Create a Wealthy Life Over the last 10 years through my business Angel Healing House, I have had many clients who are miserable because of their financial situations and their terrible relationship with money. When I have asked these clients to tell me about their financial situations, it was as if they were speaking with the same voice; as their comments were similar: 1. I am not rich. 2. I don’t have money. 3. I hate not having money 4. I am miserable without money. And while these clients felt absolutely miserable, each one actively chose to perpetuate their focus on what made them sad, what was missing in their lives and what they lacked. In other words, they chose to see themselves as poor. These clients were poor in spirit, as they chose to hang on to anger, sadness, bitterness, resentment and regret. And they were poor in hope and belief as they constantly replayed worry, doubt and lack and lived in some imagined future. Their lives were transformed when they finally realized that the only way to obtain true wealth was by following their happiness and by living in the only moment that they have available to live, which is the nano-second of the now. The reason for this is that the present moment is the only place that miracles, synchronicities, opportunities and connections can occur. And one need not look far to see a clear example of just such wealth and abundance. All around is an extraordinary wealthy Universe that is constantly presenting us with an ever changing vista of excitement, abundance, growth and trust in the process of life. In fact, our Planet is literally bursting with examples of excited movement. We have babbling brooks, running rivers and many oceans that are continually ebbing and flowing. After a time of hibernation at just the precise appointed time, something stirs deep within the plants, and trees; propelling them to move forward and bring forth new leaves and buds, in the springtime. With absolutely no hesitation, the Earth’s flowers show their faith in the divine plan and burst into beautiful hues and tones that paint the planet with vibrant colors. Nature does not need an i phone, it does not have to consult a calendar, google it, or phone a friend. It gets it cues when to burst forth and make movement because it listens and acts upon the subtle vibrations and energies of Mother Earth’s rhythms; telling it that it is time to move forward. In addition, Mother Nature never questions this excitable energy inside, never postpones it, or stops it from occurring because she tries to logically ‘figure it out’. This beautiful cycle of excitement, growth, movement and trust is nature’s built in energetic barometer that speaks loud and clear. And the most wondrous thing of all is that absolutely everything that has life force within it has this miraculous excitable energetic barometer inside of it; telling it when to get excited, move and trust the Universe. One of these wondrous things that contains this excitable energetic barometer is YOU! We are literally made up of the same vibrational components as the plants, flowers, and trees. As such, we are all made up of energy. And while we are not itching to grow buds and sprout new leaves when the warmth of the spring hits our bodies, we are very receptive to picking up energies around us. Our lives are constantly being directed and created by the energies we are choosing in every thought, every word and every feeling in our heart. As humans, each of us is blessed with this excitable energetic barometer because we are part of an abundant Universe. In fact, the Universe is constantly working to guide us, protect us and provide for us abundantly, just as long as we allow ourselves to work in harmony with it. It is as if we have a sneaky secret weapon inside that excites us as to when and to what to make movement towards. So knowing this....why the heck would anyone stop themselves from making movement forward toward that which excites them??? A perfect example of this came in the way of my client *Lauren, who was a beautiful, creative and highly intelligent young lady. She was exhausted, depressed and had lost all motivation in her life. As such, she had to quit studying after only her first year at college. During our session together, when I asked her what she loved doing, her face lit up like a Christmas bulb; as she told me of her love for fashion design. Her earliest memories were those of sewing patterns for clothes for her dolls and even the family’s pet cat. This childhood passion followed her throughout her teens, as she sketched original designs and sewed clothes for herself and friends. Although it was blatantly clear how much joy she received from sewing and designing fashion, her father had other ideas as to Lauren’s future career. Her Dad was a lawyer and had told Lauren that as soon as she received her law degree, that she would work at his law practice. As graduation from high school drew near, Lauren knew how much it would mean to her father for her to practice the Law, and she did not want to disappoint him. Her applications to college were met favorably. She told me that soon after she began to get accepted, she started to feel ill and chronically exhausted. She thought that perhaps it was the stress and strain of the application process. And although her father was thrilled when she got accepted by her second choice, her symptoms continued. In fact, once she went to college, she was in and out of the infirmary more times than she could count. Completely exhausted towards the end of her first year, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. To help improve her immune system with Reiki treatments, she came to my healing practice. I asked her to close her eyes and said, ‘Imagine that you had all the certification, all the money and all the connections in the world. What would you be doing?’ Without a moment of hesitation she said, “I would be designing clothes.” She went on to tell me that she had a recurring dream for many years that she was behind the scenes at a fashion show and the people in her dream were speaking Italian. I told her that with each passing day that she was not fulfilling her hearts desires, she was denying who she was and her body was reacting with sadness, exhaustion and illness. I explained to her that if she started to make movement toward researching fashion design schools, that the Universe would pick up her excited energies and send her opportunities, people and connections to help fulfill her intentions. By the end of the session, Lauren’s whole demeanor had changed. She was sitting upright and was animated and excited about stepping forth on the path to making her love of fashion designing a reality; even if this meant disappointing her father’s dream for her. It was several years later that I received an email and photo of Lauren at a fashion show in Milan, Italy. She told me that once she decided to quit law and to enroll in a fashion design school, her symptoms of illness magically began to disappear. The simple reason for this was because Lauren was happy, fulfilled and joyous as she was living her own life and her own dream; not someone else’s. My other clients, like Lauren, were able to turn their lives around because they took their focus off money and prestige,and put their emphasis on the words happiness, fun and creativity. They then realized why they were sick, sad, unmotivated and miserable in the first place. 1. I am not rich, became I am not creative. 2. I don’t have any money became I don't have any fun. 3. I hate not having money became I hate not having happiness. 4. I am miserable without money became I am miserable without creativity. Each and every one of us knows what truly makes us happy, gives us fun and ignites our spark of creativity within. I help awaken clients and students to reconnect themselves with their passion, fun and creativity again, to creatively think outside of the box of lack that they have kept themselves imprisoned in. No matter what our financial situation is we all have the unlimited capacity to reinvent who we are and to joyously create a new impassioned script for ourselves. And remember, how much money we have now has nothing to do with the wealth of who we are and our extraordinary, limitless capacity to be a magnet to amass more in our life. Have fun creating! Love and Blessings, Claire Candy Hough 831 277 3716

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