Monday, December 12, 2011

The Tale of Two Rose Bushes

By now, many people have heard about the Laws of Attraction and that by focusing our attention on what we desire, we will be the energetic conduit to help it manifest in our lives. This past year, I drew to myself an amazing example of how our energies can affect another living thing. When my husband and I moved into our lovely home in Los Angeles a year ago, two very dear friends decided to get together and buy me a house warming present. One of my friends is bright, open and receptive to the abundance of life. Her happy go lucky nature and optimism is infectious. Because of the Laws of Attraction that states, “like-attracts like”, the Universe matches her openness and brings to her a myriad of opportunities for prosperity to flow into her life. The other friend lives in constant fear and lack when it comes to not having enough. By controlling and telling the Universe how and when it should give to her-instead of ‘letting go’ and allowing the Universe to give to her-it has kept her staying in dishonoring jobs just for the paycheck, has kept her living in dishonoring conditions because she was so afraid to move and has kept her paralyzed to allowing an honoring love to enter her life. Each of these friends presented me with a beautiful rose bush in small pots. As one of the rose bushes was dark pink and other was a lighter pink, they were very easy to tell apart. The next day I went out and bought very large pots to transplant the roses in order to give them room to grow. Every week I would tend them, give them especially formulated rose food, talk to them and I even played classical music for them. Nourished, loved and looked after, they both had the same advantages in order to grow. Yet after a while, I began to notice a marked difference between the rose bushes. The optimistic and open friend’s rosebush produced many buds that burst forth in large blooms. As soon as one would open, another would burst forth; as if the buds were having a race. The bush was full of color, which created a wonderful canvas of dark pinks. The friend who is constantly talking about not having enough and cutting herself off from the flow of life, has a very different rose bush. In the year that I was given the rose bush, it has NEVER flowered!!! The plant looks healthy and produces so many buds. But instead of opening fully, the buds open only a fraction and then refuse to open anymore, and just wither and die. I have sought out expert advice for the rose bush and given it special supplements and attention, but to no avail. My friend’s limited view of life and her attention to lack, has squeezed the life out of so many areas of her life. I guess it really is no surprise that her rose bush is simply emulating the same limited and controlling energies that she demonstrates to life. This rose bush is the perfect teacher to show us the importance of • How our energies affect everything else and • The importance of opening ourselves to the limitless ways that the Universe can give to us. The month of August is all about clearing out any areas of our lives in which we are being inauthentic. By hanging on to something that is no longer honoring to us i.e. marriages, relationships, jobs, living conditions, health issues etc these dishonoring energies will seep in and affect all other areas of our lives. And like the rose bush, other areas of your life will fail to bring forth color and bloom. Because we are creatures of habit, it is sometimes difficult to step forward in faith; knowing that the Universe always will be there to assist, protect and guide you to your highest good. Through my healing practice, Angel Healing House, I have helped people connect and live their most authentic life for almost 10 years. My clients have often reported to me that with the shift in their perception and by making more beneficial choices, their whole reality started to change for the better. When it comes to the Laws of Attraction, the Universe will match the exact energies that you focus on. In addition, the Universe does not care how much we rationalize and justify our negative or pessimistic energies. It will only send you more of whatever energy you choose to keep perpetuating. By putting your energies on what you do desire, instead of excuses and reasons why you could never manifest them, you set the wheels in motion for the Universe to manifest the circumstances to allow your dreams to become reality. Every time you default back to an old programming of lack, remember the remarkable story of the rose bushes and consciously choose that which you do desire; not that which you don't. May the rose bush of your life not merely be alive, but may it thrive! Love and Blessings, Claire Candy Hough 831 277 3716

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