Thursday, December 15, 2011

Magic in Our Lives Happens 'Off List'

Two weeks into the December holiday season, and the frenzy of people’s activities seem to be escalating with each passing day. With all the ‘to do’s’ such as decorating, planning social functions, cooking and baking, gift and re-gift giving, the proverbial list can get very long at this time of year. With all of these activities and many more, are you making your lists and checking them twice? I used to do that. I would diligently make lists and feel so much better as things got crossed off. Years ago, my life was so structured that I had a Day Runner organizer for my Filofax. I was constantly buying inserts, with tabs and plastic sections to prioritize organize and arrange my days. My life was so obsessively well ordered, that I had lists for my lists; as I desperately clung to controlling life. (From a higher perspective, I now know that because I allowed others to take control of my life, I tried to cling desperately to this one area that I ‘seemingly’ had control over.) Don’t get me wrong. While there is great joy in seeing one’s efforts and actions manifest in the accomplishment of tasks, it is really important to remember that the most amazing, miraculous things that occur in life happen off list. It reminds me of the amazing way I met my Twin-Flame, Pete. (A Twin Flame is the only other person in any space, time or dimension who is the divine completion of who you are. They are very different to soul mate relationships that come in with drama, irritation, agitation and push our buttons. Having drawn my own Twin-Flame to myself, I created the ‘Twin-Flame Relationship Workshop’ (which I will be presenting on Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 10:30 am in Culver City call 831 277 3716 for details) that explains the difference between soul mate relationships and Twin-Flame relationships and includes the very practical, grounded tools that I used in my life to manifest my own Twin-Flame.) In January of 2003, after I had found the inner strength and courage to honor and respect myself enough to leave a destructive and deceitful abusive relationship, I decided to write a decree to God. Before writing this very powerful sacred pact with Divine Source, I voiced aloud that I would never ever compromise myself and give my power away when it came to love. When I went on to create this decree and write down exactly who would manifest in my life, it was as if the pen, the voice of the Divine, and myself were writing it together. Upon completion of the decree, I saw it as a very important letter and slept with it under my pillow and read it out morning and night. Just as important was the fact that I showed God, that my actions, the words I chose to use and the feelings in my heart continually reflected a higher Source. In so doing, I lifted my vibrational energies physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As I faithfully and consistently followed this daily and nightly routine, my clairvoyant vision began to pick up that I was going to meet my Twin-Flame by water. At that time, I lived across from the Broadwater on the magnificent stretch of beach called Surfers Paradise, along the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. So what did I do?? I bought the sexiest exercise outfit and walked for miles along the waterside esplanade every single day, thinking that I would meet him there for sure. Well I never did meet him along the esplanade, as my limited linear mind had told me it was going to happen. Through a set of unbelievable, synchronistic happenings, our paths divinely came together in a series of events that no detailed list could ever have scripted. (I go into details and recount these miraculous events at The Twin-Flame Relationship Workshop.) But suffice it to say that we met on a Saturday and Pete wanted to ask to marry me after 3 days, but waited until 5 days later to pop the question. Ten days after, I moved to his lovely beach home and two months to the day that we met, we were married on the beautiful stretch of coast. Over my years as a clairvoyant and psychic, my angels and guides have told me that the most amazing things happen off list because they want us to be surprised and astonished at the wonder and enchantment of our wishes and dreams manifesting for us. (After all, if we knew exactly how and when things were going to happen, we would miss out on the magic and excitement of life’s journey.). All we need to do is to place our intentions for what we desire for ourselves, set them firmly in our hearts, and have the complete faith and trust in God/Universe/Source that all our prayers will be answered in Divine ways and in Divine timing.. Yet, what if your faith and trust in yourself has been sorely tested and diminished because of a broken heart, hurt, sadness, anger, bitterness, resentment, and regrets? Through my practice, Angel Healing House, I have helped so many people with relationship issues; as they have found themselves constantly replaying compromise in order to be loved, giving their power away and/or finding themselves being used or controlled by someone dear to them. In the majority of cases, this has lead them to close down their hearts to receive love in their lives. With the combined healing Reiki sessions and Intuitive Counseling, my clients clearly understand why they have sabotaged love from coming into their lives and how to practically restore faith and trust in themselves in order to manifest and experience authentic, honest and honoring love. This holiday season as you are checking things off your list, remember to open yourself to the limitless possibilities of the magic of life that only occurs off list. Wishing you boundless opportunities to experience synchronicities wonder and miracles during this Holiday season and throughout the year!!! Love and Blessings, Claire Candy Hough 831 277 3716

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