Monday, August 29, 2016

Consciously Create Your Reality

    The Posse of Angels wishes to remind us that when we are in our non-physical state, we can immediately manifest whatever we wish just by our thoughts. With no dense, physical energies to weigh us down, our frequencies are so high and light that we become a direct match for the energies of the Universe and we can easily see the fulfillment of our wishes. When many of us think about being able to create our realities, we may imagine ourselves to have Aladdin’s lamp and rub it to produce a wish-giving genie. Instantly we would have the only winning ticket in the multiple jackpotted Powerball game and our dream home fully paid in the perfect location, because our wishes are the lamp’s command. We would instantly lose those extra lbs., all our wrinkles would be erased, and of course, our garage would house our shiny new dream car.
     The manifestation of all of these things are worthy desires to be sure, but this mythical way that many of us would like for our dreams to manifest immediately, is not how life works. If our physical life was mainly concerned with the acquisition of material things, then this fantasy would make total sense. But The Posse of Angels, sadly for some, is setting the record straight that we are not here solely to acquire things. In actual fact, our main reason for incarnating back into human form, lifetime after lifetime, is for us to grow and expand our consciousness.

      With our blessing of free will, we were Divinely given the gift to set our intentions and desires. But, we were never, Ever, EVER given control of the how and the when of our wishes coming into manifestation, as this was always the providence of God and the Angels; and they are adding for a very good reason. The reason is that with our human nature, and our often programmed narrow view of life, we cannot see the greater gift in either waiting for something to manifest, or manifesting in a totally different way than our limited linear mind can conceive. Most times, our desires are delayed to teach us patience or faith or, for them to work out not just for the greatest good of ourselves, but for the greatest good of all concerned; sort of like an energetic win-win for the Universe.
     And many times, we have prayed for God to send us something and have been given very strong clear signs to step forward to take inspired action to 'something else'.This 'something else' seemingly has nothing to do with what we asked for, but it is indirectly the answer to our prayers.

     Looking back over my past 13 years as a Healing Practitioner, I can see many examples of how this very same scenario played out for me. And come to think, every time that I have asked to receive something, mostly more abundance through clients, when I created and gave of myself, the Universe then gave to me more abundance in different ways.

      In 2004, I married Pete and moved from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, an hour an ½ north to the Sunshine Coast; a far enough distant away to start my Healing Practice all over again. So, I asked and prayed for God to send me clients. It was over this time that one of my Reiki students asked me if I knew of any meditation groups that I could recommend. Being new to the Sunshine Coast, I said that I didn’t but I took it on as a bit of a quest to investigate. After attending several such nights, I found that they basically fell into two categories. The first category was those mediation nights in which they charged you $20 or more to be smudged at the door and then someone read a meditation out of a book. In the second category, these nights were presented by self-professed gurus who were surrounded by fawning devotees, as they spoke of their way of meditation as being the only way to really experience true enlightenment, and of course in order to achieve these lofty energetic heights, participants needed to buy their books, their CDs, and attend theirworkshops.
     Having been sadly disappointed by all the meditation nights that I attended, I began to think what I would love to experience in my ideal meditation night. I would have loved to find a gathering in which participants were given channeled information on how to experience more direction, joy, clarity, love and peace, followed by a channeled guided meditation that created an atmosphere of beautiful soothing relaxing loving energies, and afterwards, time to socialize over home-baked goods, tea and coffee. It then dawned on me to create these evenings myself.
      These nights started out once a month with my 6 Reiki students. Several of them then told their friends and family and the next month I had 12 people attend. Each month the numbers increased, and after about 6 months I had 35+ people attending these beautiful, angelically driven nights. For the price of $5 to cover the refreshments, participants would receive Angel messages on ascension insights, a new channeled guided angel meditation and afterwards, refreshments including my home baked cupcakes. The energies were so Divine that many people did not wish to leave and would stay past 11pm socializing and chatting. These nights became so popular that I was asked to hold them twice a month, which I did.                  
     While people were chatting they would pick up one of my brochures, and be lead to book sessions or study Reiki with me. As a result of creating these glorious nights, and giving from my heart, the numbers of my clientele exploded, and my wish of having more clients was realized. Because I gave of my time, effort, creativity, passion and love, I got so much back in return, financially, emotionally and spiritually and created an enormous community of light.

     This wish of asking for more clients was repeated in 2011 when we moved to Los Angeles and I had to once again re-establish my business. When I asked for more clients, The Posse of Angels kept cryptically telling me to do “Radio, but not radio”. Finally, in January 2012, it was revealed to me that “Radio, but not radio” meant for me to do Blog Talk Radio and I established my Angel Healing House Radio Program to share channeled information to help others and to give away free Angel readings. I did not realize it, but overtime, I began to receive clients who booked sessions nationally and internationally. Once again, by creating my Angel Healing House Radio program and giving away so many free Angel Readings, I created a path for people to find me and received calls for my services from a growing global clientele. 
     Both of these times, when I asked for clients, I created something and passionately gave of myself, and was handsomely remunerated by the Universe, both financially and emotionally as I connected with so many beautiful people. 
     If you wish to have more clients in your life, you will meet a lot of dead ends by sending out emails as to inform people of your services and why they should be your clients. Instead, The Posse of Angels is reminding us to excitedly create something that we passionately believe in with all our heart, and then make it available to others by giving of ourselves. For it is the energies of joy in the creative process that gladdens our hearts, and creates abundance within us that alchemically works with the magic and miracles of The Universe to bring more abundance to ourselves in all forms.
    In 2010, I was trying to find books on Walk-Ins at a New Age shop, and the salesgirl apologized as she could not find any from the booksellers. She then said, “Well, not finding the book just means that you need to write your own book on the subject and to share your experience.” It would be 6 years later that I wrote my autobiography “I Am an Angelic Walk-In” and this book has magically opened up so many Radio and TV shows to showcase my book, my business and my services to an international audience.
      The Posse of Angels is reminding us that if you can’t find that book you want, then write the book yourself. If you are not experiencing your life in harmony, than find more opportunities to passionately create bliss, joy, love, inspiration, and peace. If your life is not the wonderland that you would like to experience, then take inspired action to build it.
     Because the law of cause and effect, there is no other way.

The Posse of Angels wishes to remind us that we are not victims. We are powerful, great creators. Honoring your innate ability to enthusiastically create ultimately changes your reality; 
for life is about creating yourself.

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of 
“I Am an Angelic Walk-In"
“One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness” and
Angels of Faith’
 Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
PH: 831.277.3716
SKYPE: candy.hough

“Let go of the steering wheel of life, so that God and the angels can drive you around to all the miracles” Claire Candy Hough 

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