Thursday, September 29, 2016

You Are A Goddess

       Over my past 14 years as a Spiritual Teacher, I have held many workshops, meditation nights and support groups to bring those of like-mind together to help them reconnect to their Divine eternal wisdom inside. One of these groups, the Like-Minded Ladies Group has provided an opportunity to feel supported by others in a loving and kind atmosphere. At these get-togethers, I often present an exercise for the participants to delve a little bit deeper into who they are. One of these exercises that I present is to finish the sentence: “I Am a Goddess because..” It is always such a wonderful surprise to hear how others respond to this statement, and here are some of the more memorable comments.

  • I Am a Goddess because I stopped eating whole bags of M&Ms and have lost 10 lbs.
  •  I Am a Goddess because I finally received my Master’s Degree in Law.
  •  I Am a Goddess because I have not fought with my boss, my ex, my mother or my mother-in-law in over a month.
  • I Am a Goddess because I managed to cook several home-cooked meals for my husband and my kids in the past weeks.
  • I am a Goddess because I stopped shaving my arm-pits and legs.

      In each instance, every one of these participants equated being a Goddess with something that they have done, achieved and/or attained rather than who they Divinely are. It is difficult to see ourselves through the eyes of God for just being rather than through the things that we have achieved; especially when we have been programmed to find our identity in what we accomplished.

       A Goddess is someone who lives from deep within herself and therefore does not conform to the whim and dictates of her external world. She lives from an intangible, imperceptible inner Divine vibration that she allows to direct her to synchronicities, miracles and magic. Following this inspired direction within, she knows that this will help her to serve the Divine inside of herself and then be able to serve others best.
       But, she did not arrive at this peaceful, empowered place without much work and without many trials and challenges. If she needs to experience deep contrast in her life in order to be to grow, then things like financially hard times and ill-health will really make her spiritually aware to appreciate money and nudge her to honoring her health. These are all powerful lessons; although they may go counter to what we would think a Goddess would experience.
       A Goddess has honestly explored her darkness, her shadows and has learned how to celebrate her individual, unique light within. In this way, she is able to fall in love with the infinite possibilities within herself and then surrender to co-creating her reality with God Source. A Goddess knows that by nurturing and nourishing her sacred self then these fulfilled energetic frequencies will manifest a sacred life.

        To help each of us to align with our Goddess energy within-both men and women- there are certain things that we can all do that will help us to live a sacred life. For it is in the practice of seeing ourselves as Divine that all else in our lives becomes Divine.
       Firstly, a Goddess cares not what others think about her and she does not temper her words in any way to be accepted or lauded by others. She knows that others reactions to her have absolutely nothing to do with her and everything to do with them. She is most concerned with speaking her Truth and being absolutely authentic as this will create an authentic life.Because she is not swayed by the fashion of the day or what others are doing, she invents her own life as to what vision she holds for it. A Goddess chooses to be passionate and it is this excited passion that effects all those around her. Her energetic frequency raises the vibration of others and she inspires them to be passionate in their lives as well.
       Secondly, a Goddess will be generous of spirit; generous with her time, effort, and money but not to the detriment of her health. A Goddess gently but firmly communicates her boundaries and respects others boundaries as well.  Because she has learned how to value herself, she makes sure to refill her cup so that she will be well nourished and when called upon, will have the strength, energy and peace within to give to others.
       A Goddess has learned balance and patience. She is in tune with the rhythms of nature and allows herself to go with the flow of life instead of going against it. In this way, she has learned faith and trust in the Divine. She knows that as a child of God, Divine Source has her back and exists to desire what she desires. It is in this deep knowing that finds her comfortable with whatever circumstance she brings to herself; for she knows that it is for the greatest good of herself and the greatest good of all concerned.

    Thirdly, a Goddess lives in the world but is not of it. She allows her greatest gift of intuition to steer the helm of her ship and guide her to the fulfillment of her dreams and wishes. She also knows to live beyond her physical five senses as she deeply understands that she is a multi-dimensional being that is not held back be merely the physical. She knows that if she can believe it, then she will see it.
       A Goddess is never haughty, self-centered, arrogant and would never wear a superior air. Knowing and being confident with oneself is very different from acting conceited. As such she has a confident, self-assured air about her, and respects others as to their opinions and thoughts. With this self-confidence, a Goddess would be the first to admit that she does not know everything and in this way she is continually open to evolving, learning, growing, and expanding her horizons.

       And a Goddess will know that this physical human incarnation is not the end, but only a short stop on the grand spectrum of her growth and expansion. In this way she is not afraid of, but is comfortable with, the concept of death and knows that all things must pass after they have fulfilled their time. She embraces life with an open heart.
       She deeply knows that it is only by making herself completely vulnerable that she can receive without restriction. In this way, the Universe then can give to her in limitless and boundless ways not restricted by space, time and dimension. Because she knows her individual unique worth, she would never be envious, jealous or see herself in competition with another person, as she deeply knows that each of us holds an integral puzzle piece of the Planet to help the world ascend into love, peace and unity.

If I was to complete that phrase, “I am a Goddess because..”, I would write:

I am a Goddess because I am made by the benevolent hand of God, in His reflection. This reflection has me mirroring no less than:

  • the same brilliance as the stars which He did create,
  • the same powerful energy and light as the sun
  • the same ancient wisdom of Mother Nature’s knowledge about birth, death and rebirth
  • the same flowing nature as the ocean tides
  • the same individualized, unique signature as every snowflake that has ever fallen
  • the same majesty as a dazzling sunset and sunrise
  • the same playfulness as puppies rolling down a hill
  • and the same deep knowing that God has imbued within me the great capacity to receive and give love more infinitely than all the grains of sands on all the beaches, more than the stars which number in all the galaxies plus all the droplets of water that make up all the bodies of water.

I am a Goddess because I am infinite. I have always been and I always will be. I am Divine and eternal.

Each and every one of us is a Goddess by our inherent nature, and the more that we live by these attributes, the more our lives will mirror back to us this Divine representation.

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of "I Am An Angelic Walk-In", "One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness" & "Angels of Faith"
Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: 831.277.3716
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