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Love, Our Ultimate Gift

       In 2008, I received a call from Colleen (not her real name), a 76-year-old lady who had been diagnosed with cancer, and she wished to have Reiki to boost her immune system. When I asked her to tell me about herself, she replied, “That’s very difficult because I have forgotten who I really am.”
       Growing up in Dublin, Ireland, she told me that in the year that she turned 8, her mother died and her alcoholic father started to molest her and her 10-year-old sister. They would dread nightfall because their father would return from work and begin to drink. Clinging to each other in their bed, the utter dreading of the sexual abuse was sometimes worse than the very act itself. After suffering for two years, they waited for their father to leave for work, grabbed food and clothing and ran away from home. Cutting their long hair and changing their names, they lived on the rat infested streets of Dublin and survived by prostituting themselves.
       When Colleen was 18 years of age, an American man took pity on her and asked her to marry him. Traveling across the ocean to live in the United States answered her prayers for God to send someone to rescue her. But she soon learned that it was not the dream come true that she thought it would be, for as soon as they were wed, the abuse began. Being brought up by his own alcoholic father, her husband had a sharp tongue and a controlling fist that kept her fearfully submissive and quiet for all her married life. And while it was a loveless marriage, she explained that she was very proud that she had been an obedient wife until he passed away a few years ago.

     Sobbing uncontrollably, she told me that her shame for prostituting herself was so great that God would never allow her into the Kingdom of Heaven. Channeling messages of unconditional love, The Posse of Angels told her that they felt nothing but praise for her and her sister for having the enormous courage to escape from their abusive father, and they assured her that there was no shame in doing whatever was necessary to keep one’s self alive. After feeling the effects of the loving, angelically driven Reiki energy session, she felt the angels opening her heart up to love again and that she had been completely forgiven by God.

     After Colleen had 3 months of sessions, her daughter came for a visit and delivered the sad news that her mother had passed away. When I began to cry, she said that in all her life she had never seen her mother as joyous and as peaceful as she had become since our sessions together. Handing me a card, I read this testimonial from Colleen:  “I went to Candy because I was recovering from cancer, and needed help to release emotional blockages. My sessions with her have been a most loving and caring experience and I continue to receive benefits from ongoing sessions. I can honestly say, that as a result of meeting Candy, at 76 years of age, it was the first time in my whole life that I was truly able to feel and experience love from another human being. I highly recommend my friends to her and feel very confident that they will have a beautiful experience and get the help they need. Candy truly is a gift." 

       My time with Colleen taught me that love is the greatest healer of all and that healing does not mean that one’s client will not cross over. I learned that whatever the emotional and physical illness that is in the body is simply a symptom, an indication of how far the person is away from love for themselves. When clients are too angry and sad to love, I love them. When they are too scared to love, I love them. When they are too weary and have lost their hope, trust and faith, I love them. I never dictate to God and the Angels what is the outcome for the giving of my love or whether or not they will heal because that is a contract between them and God. 

My job is simply to love them.

       Love is the strongest force in the Universe. No matter what we believe in, we all have this amazing ability to open our hearts to others and love them regardless of things like race, color, and religion. The Posse of Angels is saying that while there are many reasons why people choose to not love, ultimately, the reasons do not matter.
       It is important to remember that it matters not if someone did us wrong, speaks badly about us, or judges us; for it is we who have co-created and orchestrated the situation in the first place to see if we would still choose to love regardless of anything.  In order to experience the most extraordinary feelings of love, we need to make ourselves vulnerable, open ourselves wide to receive and allow the Divine eternal love inside of us to flow forth freely and unconditionally without reasons of restriction.
       When we choose to be clear enough to see the love in ourselves, we then become clear enough to see the love in others and in our world.
The truth is that finding love from the outside world has never worked because love cannot be found outside of ourselves; it is an inside job!
Not matter what the question is, the answer is always love. If you are weary and exhausted, love. If you feel slighted by someone, love. If you are totally spent, depressed and your life seems to be without purpose, love. In fact, whatever we are faced with, love, and then love even more; especially yourself. 

       I remember when I lived on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia when I was treating a kindhearted gentleman who had cancer and had basically been given a death sentence from his medical Doctors who told him to go home and get his affairs in order. After four months of healing sessions with me which entailed cleansing his diet to change his current acid base in his body to an alkaline base, helping him release deep emotional pain and restoring his physical vitality through Reiki, he went back to his Doctors who took x-rays and were absolutely shocked that all his cancer was gone. Coming to my home to tell me his wonderful news,  I said that all his attention to his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness brought him back to a place of health. He agreed, but added that there was one thing that made all the difference. He told me, “Throughout the whole four months, I could feel how much you loved me and how it REALLY mattered to you whether I got better. It was your deep concern and love for me that made me matter to myself and restored my will to live. I can never thank you enough.” 

       Those of us who compassionately tend and nurture our clients, choose to demonstrate that they are important enough to be loved. In a world where we have become so fractured and desensitized with faster paced technology which finds us more divorced and separated from our humanness, it is in the seemingly simple things of life that we discover that the act of loving another with all our heart is anything but simple.

       In celebrating my 13th year as a Healing Practitioner through Angel Healing House, I’ve realized that I help my clients restore hope in what they do not see. This powerful combination of helping them to reconnect with their Divine eternal nature of love and showing them that they are worthy of being loved, creates an alchemical reaction within them to experience peace, wholeness, and joy that completely goes against logic, and many times, the rational mind. But, loving everyone unconditionally does not make sense, that’s why it creates miracles.

Love and Angel Blessings.

Claire Candy Hough
Author of
“I Am an Angelic Walk-In"
“One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness” and
Angels of Faith’
 Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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