Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Blessing Of Living In A Supportive Universe

Do you feel supported by the Universe?
Having approached the past 11 years with a deep knowing that the
Universe always has my back and truly desires that which I desire, I rest comfortably
knowing that I am abundant, guided, protected and loved more than I can possibly imagine. Yet, this was not always the case.
Before January 2003, I lived in a restrictive prison of fear and
contrast that I had built for myself to uncomfortably reside in.

By consciously freeing myself from this restrictive illusion and only
choosing positive energies, I noticed something rather magical started to
happen. The bright, confident frequency that was held within my heart
radiated out and opened me up to optimistically receive, which then
created a reality that positively and enthusiastically gave to me. By
holding only the highest of energies, I connect with my Divine
eternal nature and experience my original crystalline essence.

The Posse of Angels is reminding us that a crystalline being is fully
aware of their alchemical, magician's ability to bend their reality to suit
their intentions, creating the life that they desire most.The deliberate
creation of life begins to reflect a regular flow of amazing synchronisities
and highly unlikely occurrences.

For instance, the day before our recent move, Pete and I realised that
the moving van we booked for 9am had to park on our side of the street
and there is no parking there on Wednesdays between 8-12 because of
street sweeping. In addition, the Culver City police are among the best and most
 vigilant when it comes to writing parking tickets. Knowing that things always
work out for us, we released expectations and waited for the moving van
to turn up.

At 9:30, a half and hour late, we caught sight of the moving van
coming down our street. As it went to the end of the block to turn
around, inthat moment, miraculously the street sweeper appeared
right in front of the moving van, swept in front of our house and
continued on, as the moving van followed and parked in front of
our house. I say it was miraculous because for the past 4 years the street
sweeper always comes down our street closer to noon and on this
particular day, he chose to sweep our street early. In addition, for the
whole time that the moving van was there, no police appeared!

Having established an energetic practice of being grateful that thing
always work out for me in wonderful ways, they do. This got me pondering
if I am in the minority in being supported by the Universe? If perchance you
answered my opening question with a "NO!" as you feel like the Universe
does not support you, think again.

The Posse of Angels is reminding us that whether we are conscious
of it or not, the Universe has always been supportive to everyone and it
does not differentiate and play favourites. No matter who we are, the
Universe has always wanted exactly that which we desired and the
funny thing is, it did everything to support us in the manifestation and
attainment of those desires.

But most of humanity has not seen the physical manifestation of their
wishes because of the perpetuation of energies such as doubt; worry, lack
and limitation that were in direct contrast to our Divine abundant natures.
With the perpetuation of this discordance within us, as we clung to all the
reasons as to why our dreams could not be filled, the Universe then supported
us in our energetic endeavours and sent us more reasons as to why our
desires did not manifest.

And just like the Universe supports me with my sunny bright
outlook, it also supports others, who perhaps are not so positive
and optimistic.

Last week. I was driving on the infamous 405 freeway with a car
load of boxes to take to our new home. The word 'freeway' which is
used to describe this stretch of road is at times a misnomer; as on
many occasions, there is no freedom as one experiences only gridlock.
Having snail-crawled past an abandoned car causing all kinds of snarls,
I looked off in the distance and caught sight of a man walking on the shoulder.
As I inched closer, I could see a rather unhappy fellow with a deep scowl,
carrying a gasoline can and I knew that it was he who had abandoned his
car in order to get fuel. With his speed of walking faster than I was driving,
I had the opportunity to read his T-Shirt.

On the front was a big circle, which had two crosses for eyes and a
very sad frown. Above the face in big bold letters read the word "NIRVANA"
and at the bottom of the face was the word "NOT!" And underneath
were the words, "Sh*t Happens!"

Knowing that this week's topic was going to be about the blessing
of a supportive Universe, I thought that this was a perfect example of
the Universe co-creating and matching this fellow's energy.

And The Posse of Angels can hear some of your thoughts, perhaps
thinking, "But that is not fair, as it is just a T-Shirt and he does not have
a clue about consciously choosing his energies." And The Posse of Angels
is replying, "You're absolutely correct.The Universe is not fair, nor is it unfair.

The Universe is always supportive as it is constantly bringing us more
of the energy we choose to focus on and perpetuate, regardless of whether
it is positive or negative. I guess the biggest turn around that I had in my
life 11 years ago was that I chose not to make excuses anymore as to why
I should not be supported and began to support myself. I chose to live by
the principle, "The best always happens to me; as I expect the best without
having expectations."

And magically, when I started to positively support myself in
following the path of the fulfilment of my dreams; it did not take
long for the Universe to then get on board and positively support me.
Here's hoping that your gas tank is alway full!

Love and Angel Blessings,

Candy XXX
Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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