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5th Dimension Manifestation with Inspired Action

       Did you know that as of March 1, 2015, many of us have ‘officially’ crossed the threshold of dimensions and are now living in 5th dimensional reality? Like some of you, I found out after the fact and missed the party. (The Posse of Angels said that they actually slept through it.) Thinking back to the first Sunday of March, I did not recall feeling any different and, for the most part, many of you reading this newsletter probably didn’t either. For the crossover from dense 3rd dimensional energy to the lighter energies of higher dimensional living, has been a way of life for many of us who made the conscious choice to shift years ago.
     The Posse of Angels wish us to know that this grand shift by Humanity saw many in the Collective Consciousness indeed make very different decisions. Before the official handover, many of us who were experiencing a higher dimensional way of living before decided to release all negativity, shift our emphasis off of scarcity and lack and put our attention on gratitude for our blessings. Along with this conscious perpetuation of positive, high vibrational frequency, we made the decision to see ourselves as part of one world, one grand collective.

      And The Posse of Angels is excited to remind us that what has happened as a result of living directly from our hearts is that we reconnected with the Magician within us all and began to experience the ability to manifest our heartfelt desires. Our heart is where the alchemical co-creation of magic and synchronicities has always resided. But those desires could not be accessed in the limiting, disconnected energies of 3rd dimensional reality. This new and very different landscape of living in 5th dimension energies has seen many of us experiencing instant manifestation- and absolutely loving it!
     But, The Posse of Angels do wish to remind us that the manifestation of our wishes is still very much a co- creative effort with the Universe. This co-creative effort entails our 100% trust in our Divine eternal abundant nature by getting out of our own logical way and releasing all attachments and expectations to the outcome. In this way, we will be completely open and energetically unencumbered to receive the fulfillment of our desires. It is these open and trusting energies, coupled with those of our taking ‘Inspired Action’ that will make absolutely uncanny miracles become a daily occurrence in our lives

     A perfect example of the difference between 3rd and 5th dimensional living came as a result of a wish of my husband and mine to live in Santa Monica. We have both felt a pull to live in this beautiful seaside area of LA for the past year. Yet when both of us tuned in before 2015, we knew that it was still too early for the move. With this New Year, we both felt an even stronger urge to move and were waiting for a sign to show us how to move forward. I kept tuning into the Posse of Angels asking them for signs, and all I got was silence. They might as well have shown me a gone fishing sign because they were uncharacteristically silent. As days ticked by without a sign, I felt inspired to phone a friend to see if she knew someone who could help us find a place. My friend put me into contact with a real estate agent and when I phoned her on the evening of Thursday March 4th, I explained that we desired to move to Santa Monica. She then proceeded to share the following information:
       She said that because of its popularity, most of the properties that were for rent in Santa Monica never make it to the rental sites, as the market is driven mostly by word of mouth. She went on to say that for this reason, there was very little on the market, and that those places that do get multi-listed are hotly contested for by a very competitive market. With the area being so sought after, she said to expect that the homes would be much smaller compared to other areas and to expect our weekends to be taken up with running from open house to open house, as private showings were very rare. Her advice was that even before we found a place, we should fill out an application form (of course not putting in an address) print out our credit report, references and a letter of introduction.
     Then when we did find a place that we were interested in, we should immediately put in an application already to go. She added that properties in Santa Monica usually get many applications for each rental and that it could be up to two weeks before we would hear whether our application was accepted. She even suggested that we put in several applications on multiple places to better our chances to be chosen over the competition.

      While she was speaking, I heard the Posse of Angels say to me loud and clear, “This is her reality, not yours.”
     After she finished, I thanked her for her time. Hanging up the phone, I remembered that there is no competition, as the Universe is constantly conspiring to bring us the fulfillment of our wishes. And if Pete and I were excited about moving to Santa Monica, that’s all that mattered. Getting shivers of confirmation, I then felt inspired to go on Craigslist and see what was available.
       Looking through the listings, my eye was drawn to a photo of some very cute, curtained French doors belonging to a townhouse in Santa Monica. The rooms looked very spacious, and it was actually nearly double the size of our current home. Although all the other listings had only contact email addresses, strangely, this one had a phone number with a name, Nicole. Early the following Friday morning I rang Nicole and she cheerfully answered. When I expressed interest about the rental she replied, “ I would love to show you the townhouse at 6:30pm this evening.  Pete and I met Nicole at the property and found out that she was the owner. The home was light, bright, spacious and it even had a balcony off the master bedroom. (I am not surprised as I have been visualizing a balcony off the master bedroom of my new home in Santa Monica for the past year.) The next day, Saturday, March 7th, we arranged to drop off our application to Nicole at 1:30pm and 2 hours later she phoned and said that the townhouse was ours. We signed the lease on Sunday, March 8th and we move in April.

       And The Posse of Angels wishes to remind us that one of the major things that makes 5thdimensional living so vastly different from 3D reality, is that there are no rules, no logic, no rational, and no tried and true proven ways to follow.
     The greatest advice to the art of living in the 5th dimension is never to compromise what we desire. Remember that the Universe desires that which each one of us desires and that it does not place obligations, conditions or restrictions on the how and when of it happening. By being willing to receive in all possible ways and following-up the excitability and joy in our hearts with inspired action, we open the doors of magic for the fulfillment of our dreams.

     So two years ago, when I began to visualize my new home in Santa Monica, I did not restrict myself by worrying that only few rentals do get multi-listed, nor did I worry about dealing with the pressures of a competitive market. But what I did do was I felt excited as I imagined myself smiling, wearing a big beach hat, reading a book and sipping an iced tea on my sundrenched balcony. And while I visualized this peaceful scene, I felt the warmth of the sun on my face, smelled the freshness of the ocean breeze, and allowed my heart to feel joy, contentment and gratitude for all my countless blessings.
     Have a magical April everyone!  See you later…I’ve got to go pack now!!

Love and Angel Blessings,
Candy XXX
Claire Candy Hough
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