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To Speak Up Or Not To Speak Up

"To Speak Up Or Not To Speak Up"
by  Claire Candy Hough   

     WHOA, hold the phone!!! Have the Posse of Angels lost their marbles and taken leave of their heavenly senses? How is it possible that they can even entertain the idea of not speaking up?? For the past 10+ years we have systematically released anything that is not honoring and respectful. We have found our voice after lifetimes of being manipulated, used, abused and pushed into settling for anything less then we so richly deserve.  And now feeling empowered with all the strides we have made, how could they even entertain the idea of whether to speak up or not?

     Well, as always they are enjoying our reaction to this title and laughing with us; as they never laugh at us. They are assuring us that they have indeed not taken leave of their senses, but this is very important to consider as to whether or not to speak up about what you know and believe in your heart to be true.
     The reason it is important is that with the raising of the consciousness on the Planet and with humans shifting to discern what is Truth, many things will be revealed and brought to light about the deception, corruption and crimes against humanity that have been perpetuated on Planet Earth.
     With many of these disclosures coming to light, you may be presented with loved ones, family and friends who hear the same news and revelations, yet they may have very different perceptions and opinions to ours. With the unveiling of hidden truths that destroy long held beliefs, there will be many who will not be ready to comprehend the information. And while many of us have been waiting years for crimes against humanity and lies to be disclosed, there are others who will not see these disclosures as a tangible sign of the evolution of the Planet and they will be anything but excited and enthusiastic.

     The Posse of Angels is reminding us that with the raising of the consciousness, there is an energetic divide that has occurred. There are those who still choose to remain in 3rd dimensional frequencies of fear and allowing others to control their lives, and then there are those who have risen above the Matrix and are now experiencing the ease, grace and flow of 4th and 5th dimensional living.
     And The Posse of Angels is reminding us that those who have awakened to the enslavement of the Planet will be faced with a choice.  The quandary they will face is whether to tell others of the hi-jacking of almost every area of our lives by those of evil intent. With these areas including our health, our food supply, our money, our rights to privacy, our right to clean air and water and our personal liberties, the decision as to whether or not to share this information with others will be a decision that many of us will reflect upon.

For example, a recent trip to Australia found us at a reunion of my husband’s childhood mates in a friend’s backyard. Several of the discussions centered around reminiscing about their shared experiences and also pondering the fate of the world; as they have seen so many changes in the past 50 years. When the topic was raised about the problems of the Planet, some even voicing that the world was destined to be destroyed, I gently spoke up and disagreed.
     I stated that the world was evolving as the consciousness of the Planet was rising and there were many examples of people focusing their intention on a world of love, acceptance, unity, and peace. One of the more outspoken gentlemen than stated that this concept of a world of love was all well and good for those who chose not to face reality and hide their heads in the sand, but that he did not believe that the world would ever evolve into a Utopian society; as if a Utopian state was a concept that was unattainable.
    I replied that with this one belief and the energy held around it, there would be 100% certainty that an ideal society that benefited all would never, ever happen in ‘his’ reality. But I was quick to add that with my firm belief that just such a society is reachable, I opened up the doors of possibilities for it to manifest in my lifetime.

     Seeing a natural Segway, I began to introduce the work I do as a Reiki Master/Teacher working in the field of Energy Medicine and how Quantum Physics states that our thoughts create our lives and that there are different realities for everyone depending on their energetic frequency that they choose to perpetuate.

      Speaking over the top of me, as if he was swatting away a small insignificant fruit fly, he emphatically stated that in order to solve the ills of the world what was needed was to put into power a ‘benevolent dictator’ that would lead the people and establish directives on how to live their lives. I did a double take as to his choice of words, ‘benevolent dictator’? I calmly said, “Do you realize that the phrase benevolent dictator is an oxymoron? How can you even voice that you would welcome someone who wields absolute authority over you in a dictatorship. Just think about Adolph Hitler, Idi Aman Dada, Saddam Hussein!" I then quickly added, “Come to think of it, when one considers areas such as the taking away of our civil liberties, the manipulation of elections, the buying off of politicians, governments, and our corrupt financial institutions aren’t these all a direct reflection of the world we are currently living in because we have blindly given over our freedoms in almost every area of our lives?"

     Once again, my words fell on deaf ears as he said, “What we really need to do is to elect the politicians that have guts to hit people where it hurts them the most, in their pockets. People will only take notice if you make them pay for the privileges that they receive.” I suddenly was about to mount my high horse and ask him to define his use of the word privileges; as my belief is that we have an inherent right as occupants on Planet Earth to clean fresh air and water, foods that have not been genetically modified and chemically poisoned with pesticides, rights to choose alternative and holistic health therapies, rights not to be vaccinated, rights to privacy- just to name a few areas-and not have to pay dearly for them.

     Yet, as I was just about to stir up a cloud of indignant dust and defend my case, I heard The Posse of Angels say, ‘choose wisely as we are not here to defend our choices’.  Their words ‘choose wisely’ meant choose the energies that you most want your energies to align with, instead of changing anyone’s view points. With their wise, sage words, I realized that the energetic divide between us was so vast that he was not consciously at the stage to be able to perceive, let along entertain the possible thought,  that he has the ability to create whatever reality he chooses to experience, including a Utopian society.

     The Posse of Angels is reminding us that we are not here to change any ones’ beliefs and persuade them to think as we do. We are here only to voice our own Truths, and just as long as we do this authentically, honestly, openly and transparently, then we will be radiating the most loving, joyful, passionate, and accepting of energies.

     And they are stressing that it is the energies that we hold within that are even more important to our planet than our beliefs.

     So if we are magnanimous and considerate, allowing that everyone has the right of free will to believe what he or she chooses to believe-even my husbands’ friend who believed that we needed a benevolent dictator to tell us how to live our lives-then we must bless everyone where they choose to be, because that is perfection for their journey.

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: 831.277.3716
SKYPE: candy.hough

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