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'Trust In Yourself' by Claire Candy Hough

Trust In Yourself

     The Posse of Angels is saying that the most important word for the collective consciousness in 2015 will be Trust; trust in ourselves. They wish for us to remember that our journey toward enlightenment has allowed us to experience a greater clarity as to how to honor, respect and trust who we are. This has seen many throwing off the shackles of being controlled and manipulated. Whether we chose to awaken to see the inconsistencies in the carefully manipulated, manufactured news that is fed to us by the media, or whether our eyes have been opened to see that many things that we were told were safe were anything but safe, we gained greater clarity in knowing what truth is for each of us.

     Regaining our trust in ourselves is tantamount for our evolution; as others abused so much of our trust. For example, Aspartame was passed by the food and drug administration, even though documentation has revealed that before being passed research showed that it caused cancer in lab rats. Much like Aspartame, GMO’s were also passed to be safe although they showed to have genetically harmful effects and research on fluoride in our water supply has shown empirical evidence that it causes cognitive disorder and brain damage.
     In regard to our health, there have been many instances of suppressions of natural cancer therapies that build up the immune system through diet, emotional wellbeing and organic natural living. These natural remedies were suppressed because they focus on prevention; rather than the perpetual collecting of monies for an elusive search of finding a cure and pushing chemotherapy, which poisons the body. Dr. Peter Glidden is one of many conventional doctors who have publically stated that research has shown that chemotherapy is a waste of money and does not work in 97% of cases. He emphatically states that the only reason it is administered is the tremendous kickbacks that the Doctors receive from using it.

     While our health has been hijacked, our right to free energy has been kidnapped as well. There have been many sources of free energy available in the past 100 years, but in order to keep us dependent on oil, many of these inventions were bought and hidden away from us for power, money and greed. In addition, much has been hidden about our Planet Earth being a part of a Galactic Federation. Our interstellar family has been working tirelessly to help us break the stranglehold of those in powerful positions whose only agenda is to perpetuate darkness and crimes against humanity.

     As our Planet experiences increased light nothing can remain hidden that is not of the Truth. Many of these disclosures will cause utter outrage, as it will come to light that many who we elected into authoritative positions have lied to us. These disclosures may be revealed in other areas such as corrupt financial and banking systems, the exposure of carefully planned wars and invasions of other countries to gain control over natural resources, and the systematic poisoning of our air and water through chemtrails to depopulate the Planet.

      And The Posse of Angels is not denying your right to feel horror and incredulity with the disclosure of many dark practices. I recently read that Pope Francis has stated publically that one out of every fifty priests rapes children and admits that there are over 8000 active pedophiles in the clergy. It is no wonder that we feel revulsion when we hear that the diocese knows all this and has had a long sordid history of protecting their pedophiles by paying off their legal fees, and moving the accused priests to different parishes (where they most likely continue their abuse with different children.)
      Yet, The Posse of Angels is cautioning us that we are not here to judge and we are not here to point fingers, plan attacks and retaliate. For if we did that, we would be no better than the perpetrators of such lies and we would be giving our power away. We are solely here to bear witness and hold the space for all that is not of love to be brought back into alignment with the light of God. The more we can trust that in order for our beloved Planet to ascend beyond corruption, dishonesty and fraud, all deceptions must be revealed in order to be fully dealt with and the perpetrators held accountable for their actions.

     The reason much is going to be revealed in 2015, resulting in many longstanding institutions crashing down, is that the collective consciousness has shifted to such a high energetic frequency of clarity that many of us intuitively know when someone or something is not of the Truth.
     With our restored clarity, some may say, “How could I have been so blind and not seen what is so clear now?” or, “How could I have allowed myself to be influenced and manipulated?” And The Posse of Angels is saying not to be so hard on ourselves as we virtually handed over the decision making in almost every area of our lives. Being asleep as to our greatness, we remained sedated in a deeply unconscious state as we unknowingly kept ourselves in a somnambulant state.  But as we have awakened, we have learned to take back the trust that we freely gave to others. This trust within us will grow stronger and stronger as the year 2015 unfolds.
     Instead of being distressed that you may have allowed yourself to be dictated by others in the past, The Posse of Angels is asking us to release ourselves from any negativity over the past and to put our energies on trusting our intuition in the present moment. By trusting yourself and not someone else, you become the creator of your reality. In this way, you have the power as a multi-dimensional being to trust your own judgment, and choices that concern your life, your health, and your liberties.

     Our safest bet in 2015 is to trust our hearts, as our hearts will never steer us wrong. If something does not seem right, if something causes us the slightest bit of doubt, it means that our feelings are clearly advising us that something is out of alignment with our hearts. Please dear ones, trust this inner barometer because it will steer you away from anything harmful and point you in the direction of the people and experiences that resonate of the highest frequencies of love and light.

    This expansion of our Trust will not only grow to keep us in Truth but it will also help us to step into the life of our dreams. It will help us to trust in our greatness and to shine our gifts and abilities out to the world with passion, enthusiasm and joy. The Posse of Angels is saying that our ability to now discern Truth, has removed the constrictive shackles that put a stranglehold on our dreams. With greater Trust in ourselves, we have now created the energetic space for the signs to be freely presented for us to experience the fulfillment of our dreams. Once those signs manifest to show us which way to go in the direction of our dreams, all we need to do is to trust and step forward, and the miraculous will occur.

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: 831.277.3716
SKYPE: candy.hough

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