Monday, April 28, 2014

Give Yourself Credit

The Posse of Angels has asked me several times, ‘Why are people so hard on themselves? And, why do they choose to focus their attention on what they haven’t done or how they could have done something better?’ As the majority of angels that make up my angelic family have not lived a human life, they have never had to experience duality. Seeing themselves only as Divine Source energy, they not only feel whole and complete, but they also feel joy as to what they accomplish. With their deep, profound connection to God, they know without a shadow of a doubt that whatever they achieve, or have not achieved is not only Divine, but it is perfection. Many of us were brought up to not to draw attention to our accomplishments and to underplay who we are. Whole generations were programmed to not draw attention to their gifts and abilities and to give themselves credit. Giving ourselves credit is something that is natural for all of us and we can see it in very young children. Their unbridled enthusiasm and openness is infectious. This willingness to share sees many of them quite candidly shouting out answers and excitedly waving their hands to be called upon. Unfortunately, this natural urge of wishing to share ourselves with others is often met with discouragement and we are taught to be quiet and to not make a fuss. This programming saw many us falling silent and resigned as we stifled our pride in ourselves. Yet, even though this Divine natural instinct of ours to give ourselves credit has remained dormant, it is something that can be encouraged to reawaken as I found out in 2008. With our move to the Monterey Bay area 6 years ago, I was synchronistically lead to join an organization called The Professional Women’s Networking group. Before each meeting, every member of the group was given 30 seconds on a stop-watch to state who they were and what they did. It was called an elevator speech. The significance of the name was that, if you met someone in an elevator and just had a fraction of time between floors to introduce yourself, what would you say? I found it interesting how the speeches fell into three distinct categories. 1) Those of us who were new to the elevator speech, started by stating our names and then began inserting ‘ums’ and some ‘errs’ and then basically crashed and burned as the buzzer went off. 2) There were those that knew their elevator speech. But as they were not very confident at publically acknowledging and giving themselves credit, they spoke in inaudible voices and haltingly. Even though this group of women recited the words perfectly, there was very little belief in themelves and their delivery did not carry much conviction. 3) And then there were the masters of the elevator speech. These verbal warriors stood like implacable, steadfast vigils delivering and enunciating who they were and what they did as if it was a creed written by the hand of God almighty himself. The confidence and assurance that they exuded, made the audience excited to find out more about them. And I marveled as not only did they manage to get all this information across in a nonchalant, confident, non-arrogant manner, but some of the gifted few even had time to wrap it all up by ending with their business’s signature quote. Desiring to be one of these elevator speech masters, I went home and practiced and by next month’s meeting I stood up, smiled and said with great confidence, "Hello my name is Claire Candy Hough and through my wonderful Healing Practice Angel Healing House I am a Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher, an Angel Practitioner, an International radio host a write and an author. I help clients improve their emotional and physical well-being, live lives of joy, peace and love so that they can go forth and fashion a beautiful life for themselves"! And all of this was said in under 30 seconds! The funny thing that I came to realize after saying this speech meeting after meeting, was that I really did not care if anyone got who I was, but how good I felt in acknowledging me. The Posse of Angels is laughing as they are reminding us that giving ourselves credit doesn’t involve inflated egos, puffing out our chest and strutting around like roosters, crowing about what we’ve done in order to get recognition. It is merely the open acknowledgement of our individual capabilities, and the deep knowing that our efforts and accomplishments do make a difference as they hold special meaning for the betterment of the Universe. As so many of us have been programmed to be human doings and not human beings, we have received a lot of our recognition and attention from doing things. Because of this, the very minute that we accomplish a task, we instantly set our attention on the next task to be done. By taking time to pat ourselves on the back and really enjoy our achievements, we allow it to become part of who we are. The energy and resonance of achievement sends messages to our brain and body and actually fortifies the frequency of self-confidence and belief in ourselves. If we choose not to honor our accomplishments, we will always be on a hamster wheel of perpetually adding things to endless lists, ticking them off and never really getting to the end. With this constant worry that there is always more to do, we do not give ourselves the much needed sense of…… I AM ENOUGH. The Posse of Angels is reminding us that before we incarnated in human form, our accomplishments were just things we chose to do; as there was nothing more attached to them. No grading scale, no comparisons, their certainly was no competition, no extra prizes or even extra money in our pay packets that were attached to anything that we did. By giving ourselves credit for what we have done, we are encouraged to try more things, be adventurous and experience more of life. And when we give ourselves permission to acknowledge our achievements, the Universe has a magical way of revealing more connections that provide us with even greater opportunities to be proud of ourselves. Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Writer Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Practitioner International Radio Host Author of "Angels of Faith" CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough

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