Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let Go of Fear and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about this much spoken about month of April. For those of us who have honored and respected our lives, we will experience a magical month indeed. The Posse of Angels is reminding us that unexpected opportunities and connections will manifest in physical form in order for us to begin to fulfill our intentions of stepping forward into our dreams. And there is a big difference between those that take advantage of these connections, and those that let these chances go by. The difference is that those who will take advantage of the opportunities will allow their commitment to their dreams to be of greater consequence, than any fear that they may choose to have. The dictionary definition of fear is that it’s an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause us harm or pain, or is a threat. And if fear is a belief that we have had programmed and educated into us, then with our free will, we can choose to go beyond our fears and educate them out of our lives by simply not choosing to believe in them. And this is precisely what The Posse of Angels wishes to address today, letting go of fear in order to live our dreams. Choosing to be so committed to our heartfelt desires so that no fear whatsoever will stop us. Yet fear of stepping forward and sabotaging our dreams may not be obvious, as I helped a client of mine discover. A lovely client and Reiki student of mine is one of the most gifted and talented spiritual Teachers that I know. Several years ago, she experienced gang violence when she was shot and a Dr. told her that she would never walk again. Not liking her Doctors prognosis, she got a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion and each Doctor told her the same thing that she would not walk again. While speaking with her physical therapist , he told her that there was hope and a chance for her to walk again. Choosing to align herself with this hope, she went through grueling physical therapy. By not taking no for an answer and with her iron will and determination, she eventually walked again. And if walking again was not enough of a success, she is an inspiration as she has gone on to become a physical fitness trainer. She is a remarkable teacher because she has taken the hardships and adversities in her life, learned from them and gone on to affect her world; not with hatred, anger and revenge, but with great love, compassion and forgiveness. And even with overcoming this enormous physical challenge, because of her fear and long held issues around worthiness, she sabotages herself in a very sneaky way that stops her from stepping forth and being of service as a Teacher. She is constantly studying and taking course after course for ever more certifications to make herself ‘good enough’ to be a Teacher. Now, The Posse of Angels is reminding us that there is nothing wrong with bettering our minds, and learning things. But there does come a time when we must face our fears and know that we are well taught and have all we need to offer our gifts and abilities to others. What I find amazing is that she physically defied the medical Doctors and walked again and yet her fear of being worthy and measuring up stops her cold in her tracks when it comes to sharing her gifts with others as a Teacher. And I can understand exactly what my student is feeling because there was a time when I was also in fear of teaching. You see, in 2003, I had been well taught as a Reiki Master/Teacher and had established my Healing Practice for over a year, when I received a random call. The caller asked when I would be holding my next class to learn Reiki. As I gave Reiki healing and Intuitive Counseling sessions but had never taught Reiki before, I literally laughed into the phone and said, “Oh you don’t want me, you want my Master Teacher who lives about 2 hours away.” I then gave them her number and hung up. A few minutes later, I received another random call from another person who wanted to study Reiki with me. Again, I giggled and I thought how synchronistic and directed them to my Master Teacher. Well, when God and the Angels want us to do something, they are tenacious and will not give up and keep sending us signs. Over the next few days, I received more calls from people enquiring about studying Reiki with me. The penny finally dropped that a) the Universe was encouraging me to teach even though I had never taught Reiki before and b) that I would have the wherewithal to be a great Teacher. After attuning many hundreds of Reiki Master Teachers and Reiki Practitioners over the last 11 years, teaching Reiki is such a delight and absolute joy for me. But like with anything new, I had to start with my first student and get over my fear and just do it. And The Posse of Angels is nodding their heads and saying that having one’s dreams and stepping forward to living them are two very different things. Many people sabotage themselves from actually living their dreams because everything in their life is not quite right yet or in perfect order. One client of mine who was offered to be host on a TV program said, “I can’t possibly step forward yet, as I have so much more weight to lose.” And if we do play this game of waiting for everything to be perfect in order to live our dreams, it probably will never be the right time. The truth is that God doesn’t listen to what our ideas of how life needs to be before we can step forward into our dreams. He knows that the perfection already exists in the fact that the offering of those opportunities and connections were Divinely given to us. The Posse of Angels is assuring us that when opportunity comes knocking at your door, please know in that instance that you have all the expertise, courage, strength and wherewithal to step forward through that door and share your gifts with others, because God’s grace has allowed it to manifest and appear on your doorstep. And if God believes in me, and presents me with opportunity knocking, that is all the reassurance that I need to walk through the door and live the life of my dreams! Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Angel Healing House 831-277 3716

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