Saturday, March 1, 2014

Allow Yourself To Be The Voice

With one of my favorite shows starting its’ 6th season, it reminded me of the wonderful opportunity that I was given to see it grow from its' very first show in the US, to becoming an award winning program. With my husband Pete having worked on the first 5 seasons of ‘The Voice’, he was able to get me tickets to many of the tapings. If you have not seen this wonderful show, it is quite different from other singing competitions; as the coaches, not judges, have their chairs faced away from the singers. In these Blind Auditions, things like age, dress, gender, and culture do not play a part in their selection as the coaches are solely choosing the contestants on their voice. Having been at the tapings season after season, I realized several consistent themes with this show. Firstly, I’ve watched these talented singers pursue what they passionately believe in. Each season there are several contestants who say that they used to have jobs other than singing, but by not pursuing what they love to do they felt as if a piece of them was missing. This feeling of not being whole had led many of them to quit jobs and pursue their music. When they were asked what their fall back choice was, they simply said that there is no fall back; for this is what made them feel alive. Having the courage and the conviction to be who we are is not always an easy path to follow. Many of these contestants sing for meager wages, and their families have had to sacrifice much. They endure whatever it takes for their talent and none of these hardships are enough to dissuade them from turning away from singing; turning away from whom they divinely are. This theme of enduring is not only relegated to sacrificing for the pursuit of their talent; as many of the contestants have also had to endure heartache and loss. Some have spoken about losing a parent to illness; many speak of having a life threatening disease or being bullied as a child. In each case, their suffering pushed them and made them even stronger. And for those who experienced a loved one who crossed over, they have seen just how precious life is and it made them even more determined not to compromise the pursuit of their dreams. And even though each contestant has their unique path that brought them to ‘The Voice’, once they get picked by a coach in the Blind Auditions, they begin anew on a level playing field. The thing that surprises me most about whether the singers continue to advance toward the finals has so much more to do with allowing themselves to be who they are, rather than having an incredible voice. This is so because everyone who gets through the elimination process to make it to the Blind Auditions already has a great voice. What I have been able to observe is that the difference in the contestants and the level of their performance is directly affected by how much they believe in themselves. This determines how much they will connect with the song and sprinkle their performance with magic. This intangible magical element that one may not be able to explain is something truly Divine when it happens. This magical moment tugs on our heart strings, as it stirs something deep inside of the listener. When the contestants practice their songs, coaches most often comment on whether or not the singer has connected with the song. And when the contestant has pressed their coach for more explanation, they simply say, “You just have to believe in yourself more.” In fact, when I have seen the really magical performances, the singer was not singing to be better than anyone else or even to sell more itunes. They were merely bringing forth their God given talent and being themselves. Just recently, when season’s 5 winner of The Voice, Tesanne Chin, was asked what it feels like when she sings, she simply stated, ‘I really don’t know, as something within me takes over and I almost feel like I am not there.” The Posse of Angels and I surmise that what she allows to take over is the grace of God coming through her as she uses her natural abilities. Allowing yourself to be who you are comes from a peaceful, deep knowing within, that you are a child of God and allowed to shine your own special brand of uniqueness. This illumination from within lights us up like Christmas bulbs and it gets the world’s attention. But the funny thing about allowing ourselves to be who we are is that we are not doing it to get attention. In fact, we are not doing it for the money, nor the recognition or the fame. For like Tesanne, we are allowing ourselves to be who we are divinely meant to be. The Posse of Angels is saying that there is nothing that you cannot accomplish, if you have the courage to allow yourself to voice who you are. If you have faith in your abilities, and remain determined and focused on what you love doing, then you allow the beauty of what you love, to be the beauty of what you do.” By allowing yourself to be The Voice you have an infinite number of ways that you can use this powerful instrument. You could be the Voice to bring light to injustice. You may use your Voice to help soothe, heal and bring more love to a world that has been ravaged by hatred and war. Or you may use your Voice, like I do, to empower others to reconnect with who they are in order to step forward and realize the fulfillment of their dreams. And unlike the show ‘The Voice’, life is not a competition that we have to out sing anyone in order to win. All we need to do is to honestly speak up and share our passion with others. And The Posse of Angels is reminding us that whether the contestants on ‘The Voice’ make it all the way to the final show and win the competition is not the overriding goal. Just by the mere fact that they are pursuing who they are, they are successful. For success is not to be measured so much by the position that one has reached in life; as by the challenges and obstacles which one has endured and overcome. Because the contestants have dared to believe in themselves and their talent, each one of their lives has been irrevocably changed. And as a result, their lives have grown so much grander and fuller then they ever could imagine and their world expanded in direct proportion to their courage to be 'The Voice' and pursue who they are. Until next month, go out and share your voice with the world! Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Writer Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Practitioner International Radio Host Author of "Angels of Faith" CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough

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