Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Follow Your Amazing Inner Barometer of Intuition

The Posse of Angels wishes to remind everyone, and they do mean everybody, that we all have intuitive abilities. This is not just relegated to those who call themselves clairvoyants, and one does not have to utilize it through a professional business in order to benefit from acting upon their intuition. If we follow this God given inner barometer, our lives go from a constant effort of struggle and control, to one of allowance and ease. So, if listening to our intuition and acting upon it will help our lives flow and bring outcomes more incredible than our rationalizing minds could ever conjure up, why do many people tend to discount their intuition? The Posse of Angels is saying that most of the world was programmed to think with their heads and not their hearts. I am sure that many, like me, have experienced situations where our intuition told us to do something and then we chose to not follow it. And in the end, we may have experienced an outcome that was not wholly satisfying; as it seemed more like a compromise, and less than what we truly desired. In many instances, people do not follow their intuition because to do so would make them appear very different from others who follow the rules and go about their lives in very logical ways. It isn’t always easy to go against the expected ways of living. But I can tell you personally, that having lived this way for the past 11 years, my husband and I have listened and stepped forward solely when we heard the voice of God speaking in our hearts: as He showed us the signs as to where to live and what actions to take. As a result, we have experienced magical synchronicities that have lead us to live in amazing places, and meet incredible connections that have presented opportunities to further the fulfillment of our dreams. And while I have experienced countless miraculous stories as a result of following my intuition, one of my favorite examples came about four months before I met my beloved husband Pete. You see in the four years leading up to January 2003, I was going through the darkest times of my life. Anorexic and devoid of all hope, I prayed for God to end the pain and darkness. His answer to my prayer came in the form of my Walk-In experience and spiritual awakening; as I remembered my Divine eternal nature once again. By reconnecting to the Divine within myself, I acknowledged, honored and respected who I was. In doing so, I was able to clearly discern the voice of God speaking through my heart as to how to be of best service to myself and others. Wishing to have a beloved cherished partner to walk this path of service, I felt compelled to write a Decree to God thanking Him for my Twin-Flame Relationship. I not only wrote his characteristics but that we were the best of friends, nothing was more important than our relationship, we traveled the world together, we worked together and he treated me like his princess. After I finished writing this Decree, I saw it as a sacred pact with God and I slept with it under my pillow and read it out morning and night. And as I read it out loud, I didn’t ask God for my Twin-Flame, but I thanked Him for my beloved because I knew that he was already mine; even though he had not manifested in the physical as yet. After about 6 weeks of doing this every day, I could energetically feel him with me and I felt like the time was drawing near that we would meet. In that week that I began to feel his presence, I had just started to look for a financial advisor and I synchronistically bumped into a dear friend who I had not seen for a very long time. When I mentioned my search, she got very excited and highly recommended her financial advisor; who I then contacted and set up a meeting with. A few hours before the appointment, the advisor called, and asked me if I minded driving out closer to his office as he had a very tight schedule that day. As his office was almost an hour away, I was going to reschedule for another time, but immediately, my intuition told me to drive out to meet him. We agreed that we would meet at a cafĂ© next to a new shopping center not far from his office. After my appointment was over, I had a strong urge to check out this new, unexplored center. As I entered the mall, I looked at the directory and saw that most of the stores were on the higher levels. Walking into the elevator, I felt that something was pressing me to go down to the basement. As the elevator door opened onto the basement, I saw that this level contained services like the Post Office, Health Services, a Bank, and a Pharmacy. It was then that I saw a small sign that had arrows pointing around a corner and it read, ‘Your Divine Destiny’. Upon reading the sign, I received shivers up and down my spine as confirmation of my intuition telling me to follow the arrows. At the end of the corridor, I saw Tibetan flags surrounding the entrance to a New Age shop. When I entered the store, the girl behind the counter said, “Hi, Mirabelle will be ready in just a minute for your reading.” Upon hearing the word reading, massive shivers shot through my body. All of a sudden, a large woman appeared, smiled and gestured for me to come over. Feeling as if some energetic force was drawing me over to her table, I sat down. She told me to pick 11 cards from her Tarot deck. As I was choosing the cards, she said, “You have undergone a great shift within” and her light green eyes seemed to be on fire. She then continued without even glancing at her cards, “You have come from another realm, the angelic realm and your mission is very grand.” Taking the cards that I had drawn, she looked at them, and smiled. “My dear sweet child, did you know that you are supposed to be meeting your Twin-Flame?” I smiled and said that I knew that he was coming. All of a sudden, a dark cloud seemed to appear on Mirabelle’s face, and it completely changed her expression. With great seriousness she said, “In your present condition, he will not be able to see you and your meeting will never take place. You hardly have any body fat on you, as you choose to not eat and live primarily in the etheric world. Your beloved is an Earth sign and you are of the Earth now and you must eat my dear child. Go home, fatten up, gain weight and then, and only then, will he be able to you see you and be attracted to your physical form.” Looking down at the cards again, she stressed in a very stern voice, “Heed their warning.” When I enquired as to whether there were any other messages they wished to give me, Mirabelle said, “You two have a very sacred mission of God indeed. Once you meet your Twin-Flame, all else will fall into place.” When I took out my wallet to pay her, she smiled and said, “There will be no charge.” From that moment on, I could not stop stuffing food into my mouth and slowly my skeletal form started to fill out. It was 6 weeks later that I was invited to attend a, “Come as your favorite rock star” party. I went as Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac and when the only Elvis at the party walked in, he grabbed a chair and put it at my table. We spoke for the next 5 hours and 5 days later he asked to marry me. Pete was everything that I had written in my Decree to God. The Posse of Angels is reminding us that they are constantly arranging and rearranging connections for us and then sending us signs as to how and when to step forward. By listening and acting upon our intuitions, we allow ourselves to take advantage of God and the angels’ heaven sent clues that will lead us to experience magic manifesting in our lives. P.S. I never did end up employing that financial advisor professionally, for his role was simply to draw me to that shopping center and for me to receive that fortuitous, heaven sent reading with Mirabelle. Love and Angel Blessings, Candy XXX Claire Candy Hough Author of ‘Angels of Faith’ Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough

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