Friday, August 30, 2013

Speak Your Truth

The Posse of Angels and I are so excited!!! As of August 20, 2013 Lightworkers may not have realized it, but we have crossed over a monumental demarcation line. This energetic line that has been crossed over is having so much grander an effect on our lives than last year’s much anticipated date of 12-12-12. With all that has been written about this New Age, the collective consciousness has now risen to such an extent that we have crossed over from the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius. And just like the lyrics of the song “The Age of Aquarius” proclaims, “…..and love will rule the stars.” The Piscean Age was dominated by reason, logic and rational thinking that were built on a foundation of cold hard facts. This so-called ‘Age of Reason’ saw the majority of the Planet put their faith and trust in science and if something could not be proven through clinical trials and research studies, many chose to not accept and believe in it. And the Piscean age served the Planet well from an energetic point of resonance; as much of the world was not energetically in alignment with even considering anything metaphysical or spiritual. By only being able to perceive the world through our limited linear minds, many people’s hearts were closed and as a result they chose to perpetuate denial, fear and being controlled, By shifting our consciousness, many of us have now opened the doors to perceive the world, not by thinking and reason, but by experiencing life through our hearts by feeling, imagination, wonderment and intuition. By trusting in the Universe that we are abundant and that all our needs will be met, we open doors of infinite and limitless possibilities to abound in our lives. As we crossed that demarcation line, we have now gone from saying, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’, to ‘I’ll see it when I believe it'. The reason that this event is so exciting, now that the Planet has shifted to a higher vibrational frequency, is that many of us will be able to be heard, seen and perceived by many more people. As a result of this, The Posse of Angels is saying that we will be drawing situations to ourselves to communicate our Truth to others. Our Truth is so unique that when we are not in physical form, we can energetically be recognized by our Truth that we emit. There are souls that may have a similar Truth; but there never has been, never is, or never will be any one with your exact Truth and energetic resonance. This Truth is not within us by happenchance, and it is there for a much higher Divine purpose. Each of us carries an integral puzzle piece of the Planet that is contained in our Truth and is made up of those things that we hold true in our hearts. Many Lightworkers have communicated their Truth to other Like-minded souls who also shared their beliefs. In these like-minded circles of love, light, and acceptance, each person had a safe platform to speak their Truth in supportive surroundings. But The Posse of Angels is saying that in order to create a world where honesty is the norm, Lightworkers are creating situations and chances to communicate just how important their Truth is to them, and not just in the comfort and security of like-minded groups. When we are imparting and sharing our Truth to others, it’s important to remember that we are not doing it to try to change anyone’s opinions. In fact, when sharing our Truth it is tantamount to remember that we are not doing to be evangelical, there is no hidden agenda behind what we are saying and we are not speaking our Truth to try to get anyone to believe us nor even necessarily to agree with us. We are merely speaking our Truth in order to be authentic. The Posse of Angels is not only hearing your thoughts, but they are picking up a great deal of fear. Some of you are thinking, “Yeah, but if I start to tell people outside of my New Age community that I see and hear angels, faeries, UFO’s and I get messages from dead people, won’t they think I am crazy and disassociate with me? There are some who will and some who won’t. But what people do with our Truth is not within our control and has nothing to do with us. In fact, by firmly stating your Truth, the Universe knows exactly where you stand and will send you people, opportunities and connections to support your Truth. The Posse of Angels is strongly reminding you that this support could come in the form of naysayers and those who challenge you. Remember that our conviction in ourselves is bolstered many times by not defending our right to our Truth, but by fearlessly standing in our Truth and holding fast to what we believe, no matter what anyone thinks. In fact, by holding no attachment to whether anyone gets you or believes in you, you allow others to walk their own journey and hold to their own Truth; as they are also a unique and integral puzzle piece to create the New World. Is following our Truth easy? And the answer is like many things in life, yes and no. Life becomes easier when we stand in our Truth, as we will be clear inside as to what path to follow. And yet, following our Truth may reveal others who are threatened by what we believe in. For example, those of us who speak openly about angelic connection, see faeries, and receive messages across the veil from those who have crossed over, will be very different to others. Other people may not be at the stage energetically where they can perceive, hear, and communicate with other beings. In addition, many people are so deeply conditioned that even if they do see and hear things, their programming on what is possible will override what they are experiencing. I was recently on a radio program and with the topic being about my angelic Walk-in experience, the interviewer said, ‘But there is no scientific proof to substantiate your beliefs.’ Science is of the mind and for the majority of the Piscean Age, we were programmed to experience life through our logical mind. With the New Aquarian age, we are shifting to a higher vibrational frequency of consciousness to perceive life not so much through thinking, but through feeling with our hearts. Feeling through our hearts opens us up to experience multi-dimensional realms and outcomes that we couldn’t possibly rationalize justify and explain with our limited linear minds. By experiencing, feeling and knowing the Truth through our hearts, we open up doors of wonderment, faith, belief, imagination and trust to co-create with the limitless and infinite power of God and the Angels. You know it is interesting when others are challenged when I speak my Truth about my angelic connection and they tell me that there is no scientific proof, I remind them that the majority of the world finds comfort, peace, empowerment, guidance, healing, and courage because of their connection to something that has never, ever been scientifically proven. Much of the world believes in God and will staunchly and vehemently defend their Truth in this higher invisible Source. And like God, much of the world believes in something that lifts our hearts, gives us joy, makes us feel more connected, and opens our hearts to live in peace, harmony, and unity. This thing that has never, ever been scientifically proven to exist is Love. And like the ‘unproven’ scientific proof of God and Love, the perceptions that many Lightworkers have experienced and know to be their Truth- whether they are connecting to ET’s, angels, faeries, unicorns or mermaids-we do not need to prove ourselves, defend ourselves, substantiate, corroborate, validate or show scientific proof for anything. The greatest thing we can do is to just be ourselves, to live our Truth, to tell our story, honestly, openly and transparently. By being the peaceful loving Spiritual warriors, standing in our Truth, we become the example of living a life of higher consciousness, as we shine our Truth to create a Truthful World. Love and Angel Blessings, Angelic Walk-In Claire Candy Hough Author of ‘Angels of Faith’ Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough “ Let go of the steering wheel of life, so that God and the angels can drive you around to all the miracles” Claire Candy Hough

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