Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dance with the Grace of God

Are you a person that is highly organized? Do you diligently make lists and feel so much better as things get crossed off? I used to be like that. Years ago, I was so organized that I had a Day Runner for my Filofax. I was constantly buying inserts, with tabs and plastic sections to organize and arrange my days. My life was so obsessively well ordered that I had lists for my lists; as I tried to control life. (From a higher perspective, I now know that because I allowed others to take control, I tried to cling desperately to this one area that I ‘seemingly’ had control over.) I would diligently follow my lists with military precision. In so doing, I probably missed out on the most wonderful miracles and synchronicities that the Universe had on offer for me. The reason for this is because with my eyes trained myopically on my list, I failed to look beyond the horizon of logical possibilities and closed myself off from receiving the magic of life. For most of the time, it is in the minutiae of our planning and over planning that we miss the forest for the trees. And if planning and organizing and pushing for the Universe to answer our intentions were the way to realize a life of fulfillment, many of us would be experts on how life works. But, The Posse of Angels, my angelic family, are chiming in here and reminding us all of how life works. We, as children of God are pure intention and can have whatever we desire. But the majority of the time we choose to think small and not allow for the miraculous intervention and grace of God and the angels entering our lives. In order for this to happen we need to release ‘that which we think we want’, in order to open to receive the most amazing things which are being divinely arranged for us. By co-creating with God and the angels, we allow ourselves to dance with the Grace of Heaven and open to receive limitless possibilities. When one lives like this, the most amazing, connections and opportunities occur that the limited human mind could not script nor possibly conceive of ever happening. Ever since my Walk-In experience in 2003, I have said to God, “Allow me the infinite blessing of being an instrument for your voice.” And over the last 10 years the platforms for this to occur started out small with meditation nights and workshops, one on one healing sessions and teaching Reiki. In the last 2 years, these platforms have grown ever larger with guest interview spots on many radio shows and hosting my own international Angel Healing House radio show. But the Posse of Angels is telling me that the platform for being an instrument for God’s voice is about to get a whole heck of lot bigger. In 2010, three months after moving to Los Angeles, I decided to pamper myself at a wellness center and during my treatment, the practitioner found out that I am a Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher. As I spoke about my Practice, she received goose-bumps and after our session, she said, “Our Reiki Practitioner has just moved on, and I would love for you to come and be part of our staff.” Upon hearing her words, I started to wiggle. Sorry, let me explain. We all have an inner voice, our intuition that speaks to us. Our intuition tells us to either step forward in excitement or, if we are not getting a good feeling about it, this means to back away. I am so clear now, that when something is for my highest good and would be of great benefit to me, I wiggle. I get an overwhelming childlike, excited flutter in my body and I know to proceed; no questions asked. I assumed that my wiggle was telling me that this invitation was the answer to my prayers about increasing my clientele. As the first month passed, I was surprised that I was not getting any Reiki clients. I tuned in and asked The Posse of Angels what was best for me to do and they said, ‘Wait”. After another 3 weeks of no clients, I received a note saying that all staff were expected to attend the staff meeting that coming week. After the staff meeting, the Reflexologist said to me, “You know, I have a friend who is a Healing Practitioner who also moved here from overseas, is also a Reiki Master and does Theta Healing as well. I really feel that you two have to meet each other.” My wiggle told me to get excited and a meeting was arranged for the following week. When I met his friend Kristie, it was as if we had always known each other. She told me that she was just starting to create and write a project on the Indigo children. While she spoke, I received full body shivers and something told me to tell her about my experiences, not only having a son and daughter who are both Indigo children, but that the majority of my clients that I have drawn to myself have been Indigos. In the days immediately following my meeting with Kristie, I noticed something strange starting to happen. One by one, the Practitioners at this Wellness Center slowly began to resign and leave. Having been on staff for almost 2 months with only one client, I decided to sever ties with this center, and just concentrate on my private practice. Quite perplexed by the whole exercise of being lead to align myself with this center to ‘seemingly’ no avail, I questioned The Posse of Angels once more and said, “Is there any insight that you want to give me on ‘why’ I needed to join this center?” And they said, “God does not deliver the fulfillment of our intentions in straight lines. The greatest benefit of our life happens as a result of the Universe not moving from point A to point B. All will be revealed.” 1 month ago, 2 years and 8 months after we met, I get a very excited call from Kristie saying that her project has taken off and will be turned into a Documentary TV Series called “The Children of the Rainbow”, about Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children. She said that she would be honored if I would be one of the Alternative Practitioners who would be interviewed with my experience and understanding of working with the Indigos (To find out more information on the documentary TV series, the IMBD link is http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3010282/ ) Now this is a great example of how the limitless Universe is always working and conspiring for our highest good to answer our prayers; although with our limited vision we are not always able to see it. Just because I was intuitively led to join the staff of this Wellness Center, I assumed it was because I would be there to service clients with Reiki. But with my narrow focus trained on just one way for God to utilize me to be the instrument for His voice, it obviously did not mean that the Universe had to give me business in this way. The Posse of Angels later told me that the main reason I was there was to meet Kristie. The more we allow ourselves to dance with the Grace of God, the more we can clearly follow God’s signs that act like a compass that keeps pointing us in the direction of magical synchronicities. In this way we become less focused on destinations and are able to enjoy the marvelous journey of life. In living this way, I no longer chase after clients and tell God how He must send me more business. I set my intentions, keep my eyes open, stay fully present and step forward when I get that 'wiggly' feeling. In doing so, I clearly allow myself the great blessing of dancing with the Grace of God; as the angels orchestrate and choreograph the most astounding dance of life for me. All I need to do is stay in my childlike wonder, let go of controlling, and when God and the Angels invite me to dance, I wiggle. If you would like some lessons on how to wiggle, give me a call: 831-277 3716 Love and Angel Blessings, Candy XXX Writer Author of ‘Angels of Faith’ Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough candy@angelhealinghouse.com www.angelhealinghouse.com http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angel-healing-house www.linkedin.com www.facebook.com/angelhealinghouse https://twitter.com/angelhealing

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