Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Write A New Story For Your Life

Many of us have come to a significant juncture in our life’s journey and it has all to do with several things that have occurred as a collective consciousness. The first part of this grand journey was for all of us to remember our Divine eternal natures. To help us with this, many of us spent our time, focus and money at New Age Shops. Whether we spent our time devouring spiritual books, videos like ‘The Secret’, or attended spiritual workshops, all of these things were helping us to remember the spiritual wisdom that we were already born with. Once this remembering of our spiritual wisdom was done, many of us felt compelled to share our newly awakened awareness with others. We then embarked on an immense time of service, devotion, and helping others through our work as Life Coaches, Reiki Master/Teachers and Angel Practitioners like myself, and Motivational Speakers, just to name a few. Then, the energy from that immense phase of helping others began to very noticeably recede. And The Posse of Angels tells me that it began to recede around September 2011, as the Universe asked us to turn the mirror back on ourselves and re-ignite OUR dreams and desires by bringing forth our creative talents. This saw a veritable flood of Lightworkers begin to publish their books, create YouTube videos, attack the social network markets with podcasts, and webinars, write newsletters and blogs, and some even created their own radio programs…just like me. In order for us to have arrived at this most important threshold of new beginnings, The Posse of Angels is saying that this never would have occurred unless we decided to write a new story for our lives. Reviewing our past literary efforts, many of us can clearly see that the chapters that we had previously penned were written with a much darker ink. This stands to reason as much of the content that we focused on was heavy and written with a disheartened, disappointed and an unfulfilled pen. Looking back over the story of my life before I awakened, I can clearly see that what I wrote for my story was filled with fear, low self-worth and self-denial. Re-reading those past chapters, I saw that they had to be released as its dark content no longer resonated with the level of light that I now embrace. So when it came to re-writing chapters of my story, I went about releasing my abusive marriage, and released the predictable programmed way that I was allowing myself to live other people’s visions for my life. Once the pages were released, I stared at a new blank page, and that scared the heck out of me. It had been so easy to allow others to tell me what to write and determine the content of my book of life. But now the power was all in my hands and I decided to write what I wanted to read about in the future. Along with choosing the content for my own story, I decided to write with a very different pen. I chose to write with a fearless pen, a pen that was authentic and empowered. As a result of this, my new chapters took on a very different feel. Suddenly my life went from being a predictable tale of blame, having written myself as the victim, to turning my story into an adventure/thriller. My story became one in which the heroine, me, lives life on her own terms and faces the thrills, spills, challenges and triumphs of living a life without compromise. Reading over the new chapters of my book of life, some of the chapters were quite sad, while others were happy, joy filled and exciting. Like any good novel, my story now contained moments of struggles, perilous uncertainty, and renewed faith in myself and God. These then lead to restored hope and overwhelming achievements, successes, and victories. Now, was writing a new story of my life easy? No and Yes. The hardest part was deciding whether I was going to stop writing my life with fear and limitation as my main characters. Once I chose to change my main characters to faith, courage and strength of my convictions, an intriguing tale turned into a whole different novel. Having now written new chapters for the story of my life for over 10 years ago, I see that in each moment of every day, I have the ability to edit and alter my story. Realizing that the power lies in the wielding of my own pen, I know that life does not’ just’ randomly happen to us, as we are always choosing what to write. Some people love to write about drama, tragedy and conflict and they seem to derive such joy from being stuck in a loop of being a victim and speaking about chaos, heresy and gossip. The chapters of these people’s stories almost always contain lots of judgment, with very little resolution and a whole lot of blame and fault finding. Then there are other writers who choose to look on the bright side of life, and write content that is uplifting, inspiring and elevates the soul. These people do not necessarily have an easier life, but it is their choice to change their perspective and write about their experiences as blessings, which makes their stories inspirational reading. The Posse of Angels is asking, ‘So what kind of story have you written for your life so far?” Is it one that you love reading, or do you prefer to hide the story of your life in some dusty attic or forgotten area of the basement. If we have previously chosen to write a story that was written with a sad, fearful pen of limitation, it is vastly important to go back, wipe off that dusty book and re-read those chapters. For it is in the re-reading that we will acknowledge the struggles, the pain and the heartache that we endured and, so often, pushed us to get us to the stage of writing a whole new story. When I go back and re-read what I wrote for myself before I awakened, I am not embarrassed; but I am so proud of myself as to how far I have come. I have had many clients tell me that they have a book inside of themselves, but just have not written it yet. They look at my beautiful book 'Angles of Faith' and they ask how did I go about writing it and what preparation did I do.” Quite simply, I tell them that, “A writer writes.” An inspired writer does not think so much with their mind about what they are going to write, as allow themselves to feel the story in their heart and then co-create with the greatest author of all, God, in order to pen their story together. When I chose to stop writing myself in my story as the victim, always blaming and finding fault in others, and I started to write myself in my story as the triumphant, successful heroine, my life began anew. The characteristics that I write for myself as the heroine are joyful, childlike, adventuresome, curious, brave, authentic, truthful and fearless. My heroine chooses to script chapters that are positive, challenging, passionate, loving, non-judgmental, forgiving, and filled with my faith in myself, God and the angels. As a result of this, the novel of my life is an unbelievable best seller and the sequels to come are even more astounding. And if you have not started to write a new story for yourself, start today. For your new extraordinary life cannot begin if you keep writing the same less than desired content, with the same less than desired characters and pen. Happy writing! Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Author of ‘Angels of Faith’ Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough candy@angelhealinghouse.com www.angelhealinghouse.com http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angel-healing-house www.linkedin.com www.facebook.com/angelhealinghouse https://twitter.com/angelhealing “ Let go of the steering wheel of life, so that God and the angels can drive you around to all the miracles” Claire Candy Hough

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