Friday, May 31, 2013

The Lightworkers Next Important Step

Have you noticed that there has been a major shift that has gone on for the last 5-6 weeks? The powerful eclipses of April 25, May 10 and May 25th shined their intense light to help us transform into the highest ideal that we have for ourselves. In transforming ourselves, many have been guided to let go of relationships and choices that were no longer for our highest good. By freeing ourselves from those people and things that are not in direct alignment with our highest vision, we opened the doors for new relationships to manifest in our lives. And while the energies of these influential eclipses affected everyone, it was the role of the Lightworkers, and in particular the first way showers, that were most affected by it. Now, you may be asking, ‘How does one know if they are a first way shower?’ Well if you have been living a conscious life of awareness and been putting your emphasis on promoting peace, love and unity, then you most probably are part of this first wave. As people rapidly shift, they will be hungry for answers to their spiritual questions, and it is the first way showers that they will turn to for support and inspiration. With this in mind, has your journey as a Lightworker changed since you awakened and is it different to what you first expected?” My own journey began with my Walk-In experience in 2003, and beside the fact that I was ungrounded; I was na├»ve to think that helping the Planet to enlighten would be an easy thing to accomplish. My gentle, angelic nature thought, “When each individual is presented with love rather than fear, of course the world will embrace this change.” How innocent was I!!! I can hear the Posse of Angels, my angelic family, laughing; of course their laughing with me and not at me. They are saying that ignorance is bliss, and perhaps that is correct in this instance. For if many of the Lightworkers knew at the start, how much effort, money, energy and time they would be putting into holding the light for others, they probably would have given up a long time ago. The disparity of our expectations of what we thought we would have achieved by now, compared to what has manifested, has seen many Lightworkers who are disheartened and disappointed. And for many, the level of enthusiasm that we once had to help enlighten the Planet may have waned. In fact, I recently discussed this subject with my dear friend Catherine who said to me, “Candy you are still like an excitable child, having incarnated as a Walk-In only 10 years ago. You are still hungry to get out there and keep spreading the message of love, peace and unity. I have been doing this since the 1960’s, and I am just bone weary and exhausted.” Now, not everyone has clocked up the number of spiritual miles as my dear friend. But there have been many who have invested so much of themselves as Spiritual Teachers and established businesses as Healing Practitioners that are lamenting their lack of success, financial rewards or real tangible accomplishments up until now. And it is understandable why many Lightworkers have lost heart and have judged their lives harshly, because they have not seen the physical manifestation of their expectations appearing ‘yet’ in their lives. And the Posse of Angels is emphasizing this word ‘yet’ because what is presently occurring on an energetic level on the Planet, is about to be, what some may call, a game changer. As a result of the energetic frequencies of the three eclipses, our beloved Planet Earth will see the numbers of people awakening to consciousness, rapidly spread in the millions. And those numbers will keep on increasing even further as we go through June. With the consciousness on the Planet dramatically rising, many of us that have held a high frequency will now be able to be heard, seen and perceived by others. As more and more people shift, they will be in alignment with our higher dimensional frequency. Our writings, books, public speaking and creative projects which have seemed to be held back for no darn good reason, will be green lit as the people and opportunities will show up now with ease and grace to help us manifest the fulfillment of our desires. The Posse of Angels is saying that it is really simple to understand why we were seemingly held back; as the world was not energetically and consciously ready to receive us before. The Posse keeps telling me that June is show time; as we will be called to assist others along their newly shifted spiritual paths. But, The Posse of Angels is really emphasizing that compared to what we did before; we will be serving in a very different way for ourselves and the world around us. For much like my dear friend Catherine, many of us are weary of carrying energies for others in order to create a New World. And while for many years, we were happy to help, save and enable others as they shifted into higher consciousness, many of us will be thrilled to learn that this is no longer our primary role. Throughout past years, we moved as a collective consciousness to bring as many people as possible on board the train of enlightenment. But with these powerful eclipses, we are being asked to serve in a different capacity. The only responsibility we have to the Planet now is a very personal one; as we are being asked to stay in the energies of what feels best for us. Your decision and your choices will serve the Planet best if you stay in the energies of joy and love. And because we all have different fingerprints, how that physically manifests will look different for each and every one of us. Now you might think with so many people waking up on the Planet, how you can use your experience to save, and enable others. But just like it was vastly important for all first way showers to ultimately learn to discover our true, authentic selves and what makes us joyful and filled with love, it is paramount that we let the second wave of Lightworkers figure this out for themselves. Yes, be compassionate, be kind, be loving and be supportive but, ultimately,let them figure it out for themselves! And the Posse of Angels are saying that we, the first wave of Lightworkers, are so weary and exhausted having held the light for so many for so long, that we get to retire into a life of just focusing on joy and love. Now there are some out there who still have the energy and deep desire to teach and mentor the next wave of awakened Lightworkers. And if this really feels joyful to you, then by all means, go for it. But the Posse of Angels are stressing that we need to allow others to work through their deepest fears by themselves. The vision that the Posse is showing me is that of the phoenix bird rising from the ashes after being burned in the fire; as many of us went through immense challenges and dark nights of our own soul, to have arisen wiser, stronger, and more peaceful and loving as a result of enduring our struggles and trials. As the first wave of Lightworkers, we had to explore our own deep pain, fear, sadness, bitterness, regret, resentment and anger in order to transmute and transcend them. We have graduated and do not need to fall back into that process again by saving others as they go through it. Our role as the first wave ambassadors of Lightworkers is to tell our story and shine our example out to the world of what we have endured and the challenges we have overcome. And the more we do this with joy, unconditional love and passion the more we will be the example and inspiration for others to follow. And believe me; if you are a part of the first wave of Lightworkers, you have an incredible, special and unique story of how you transmuted your own fear, judgment and un-forgiveness into love and joy. And the more you share your story with others, in whatever ever way you choose; it will give others the strength to transmute their own fears into love. The Posse of Angels is saying that we first wave of Lightworkers have done what no other collective has ever done on the Planet before. We have elevated love and joy to such a heightened level, that it has made it possible for others to shift and enlighten into consciousness as well. God and the angels are so proud of your accomplishments and encourage you to embrace your story and share it with others in whatever way you are most passionate about. By living in pure joy and love in every moment, you will not only create your own individual Heaven on Earth, but you will be the shining example for others to go forth and create their own Heaven on Earth. Have fun sharing your unique and marvelous story with a now, listening and awaiting world! Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Author of ‘Angels of Faith’ Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough “ Let go of the steering wheel of life, so that God and the angels can drive you around to all the miracles” Claire Candy Hough

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