Sunday, March 31, 2013

Forgiveness Opens Doors of Magic

Here we are, one quarter of the way into 2013 and I can hardly contain myself, as we are about to experience this magical month of April. Now some of you may be asking, “Why is it so magical?” Well, it will be magical for those who have chosen to live authentically, and chosen to be happy over being right. Those of us who have been crystal clear about honoring our heartfelt dreams, have cleared negative emotions and dishonoring people from our lives, and have chosen to creatively bring forth our unique gifts with great passion, will begin to see very tangible results of our desires manifesting in our physical realities. I am wiggling with excitement how all of this is going to alchemically come together. Now some of you may be thinking, “But what if I haven't done all of the above? Do I miss out on the magic?” Well, I can tell you that life is not a race, but it is the journey that matters. And for that journey to be all that you could possibly desire, it is tantamount to focus on the above points to see where they are not being addressed in your life. This first quarter of 2013 was crucial for our forward movement. For during that time, many people finally felt drawn to forgive others and themselves. The Posse of Angels is applauding us for taking this all important step. In many cases, it doesn’t matter how spiritual we are, forgiving others can be a very difficult area to address. But the Posse of Angels really urges you to look at forgiveness from an angel’s perspective. When it comes to forgiveness, the most important thing to remember is not what a person says or does. The most important thing to remember is that if that person is in your life, you contracted for that soul to be there. In fact, the road to forgiveness starts with taking responsibility for the appearance of everyone who is in your life. And not only did you contract for that soul to be in your life, you chose their characteristics as well. Now The Posse of Angels knows that for many people this is really hard to believe; especially if that person has abused you and if they were controlling, judgmental, dishonoring and basically 'done you wrong'. But they are saying that you contracted this Divine soul and their contrasting, controlling natures, to push you to be authentic and speak up for yourself. By forgiving others, we don’t condone, tolerate or allow any disrespectful behavior. We are just choosing to stop the suffering of carrying the burden of un-forgiveness anymore. We forgive for our own benefit; as we truly cannot control anyone else’s actions or the choices that they make. There are many people who may see forgiveness as a sign of weakness when, in actual fact, to quote Mahatma Gandhi, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” The Posse of Angels is chiming in here saying that unless we forgive others, we cannot fully put to rest the memory of any less than desirable relationships or events which have happened. And by not finding closure with forgiveness, then we simply cannot move forward, freely with our lives. (The Posse of Angels is adding that un-forgiveness actually closes us down to fully being open to receive and realize our wishes and dreams coming true.) One of most extraordinary stories that I experienced came as a direct result of taking responsibility and forgiving another person. In 1998, after 22 years of experiencing abuse in my marriage, I had no-self-worth; as I had allowed myself to become anorexic, co-dependent, and controlled. When I finally built up the courage to end my abusive marriage, I was so frail and disempowered that I really did not have the emotional strength to fight my powerful, very clever ex who was a lawyer. I basically let him set the terms of the financial settlement. He structured the settlement in such a way that the first part of the agreement would happen after a year and then, he would determine when the second part of the settlement would occur. Now, you’re probably thinking, how could she have possibly allowed this? But I can tell you, I was not awakened and the same person that honors and respects herself today. Thinking that after a lifetime of devotion and servitude to my husband and raising our two children, the second part of the financial settlement would certainly come in a reasonable amount of time. I waited and saw the end of 1999, the end of the year 2000, 2001, and 2002 with absolutely no communication from my ex. He would not receive my phone calls or correspondence on the matter; as he had been given free rein to structure the open terms of the agreement. It was at the beginning of 2003 that I was at the lowest point in my life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They say that when we are at our lowest, there is nowhere else to go, but up. It was at this time that I decided to let go and allowed the grace of God to enter my life. I remember one evening, I had just finished meditating, and I felt this overwhelming compunction to compose a letter to my ex. In the letter, I stated that I felt that is was about time that I told him how grateful and appreciative I was for the life of wealth and beautiful opportunities that his hard work had afforded myself and our children. I thanked him for the beautiful homes we lived in, the children’s school tuitions that we could so easily afford, the wonderful international trips that we were able to take, and the many forms of entertainment that we were privileged to take advantage of. I thanked him for his dedication to his work, and the sacrifices that he made in order to provide for us. In the letter, I stressed how grateful I was for his efforts and did not write one word about his controlling, emotional and mental abuse. Before I sent the letter off, I quietly called in my higher self and I also called in my ex’s higher self. I acknowledged that I had written him in the contract of my life to help me learn my lessons. I thanked him for giving up part of his incarnation and playing a contrasting role, so that I would really honor myself. I blessed him for exactly where he chose to be on his path of life and then I released and forgave him. I remember surrounding him in green healing light and then I sent him waves of pink clouds of unconditional love. Posting the letter the next day, I continued to forgive him in my daily meditations and sent him green healing light and the pink light of unconditional love. It was one week later that I received a call, out of the blue, from my ex’s lawyers saying that $250,000 would be deposited in my bank account that afternoon. Was this merely a coincidence? The Posse of Angels are shaking their heads ‘no’ and saying that it simply comes down to the Universal Laws of cause and effect. Because I decided to come home to the spiritual wisdom inside of myself and lovingly forgave a fellow soul from my heart, I basically chose to live my Divine eternal nature. And by doing so, I allowed the full measure and magic of the Divine to enter my life. Wishing you all kinds of magical doors opening up in April! Love and Angel Blessings, Candy Writer Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Practitioner International Radio Host Author of "Angels of Faith" CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough

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