Tuesday, October 2, 2012

'Sing the Divine Song in Your Heart'

I recently had a conversation with a rather disheartened, despondent friend of mine who is 6 months away from his 40th birthday. He is a reluctant waiter, a sometimes actor and a very passionate musician. Since moving to LA two years ago, I have seen that he is in very good company with many others in this City of Angels. This lovely but forlorn chap is doing work that makes him sad, while waiting for his dreams to come true. In addition to being unhappy with so many aspects of his life, the fact that he would be turning the decrepit, old age of 40 exacerbated his disillusion; like he should have achieved something grand or noteworthy by this historical milestone. I was a good friend and listened and acknowledged that it was his freewill to feel disenchanted, dissatisfied and disappointed. I smiled, as my birthday is just around the corner on October 7th and I said to him, “I guess it is all a matter of perception and choice as to how we feel. For me, I will be turning the very young, enthusiastic, and energized age of 57 and I am so excited about my life and my creative projects coming to fruition. I then quoted Al Pacino in the movie ‘Scent of a Woman’ and gleefully announced, ‘I’m just getting started’!!! I went on to share with him that when I turned 40, I felt very much like he did, and that my crushing sense of defeat continued for me until I turned 48. So what changed for me, and how did I go from a life of despair, to living Heaven on Earth. Well, to put it in a nutshell, I stopped waiting for my life to happen and I began to create the grandest vision of who I was. I unabashedly, and without hesitation, began to sing the song in my heart. After silencing myself for a lifetime, I did this not to change the world, not even for others to hear me, but because it was my song. Yet, going from a life of disillusion where I allowed everyone else to dictate what song I should sing, to finding my voice and creating the life of my dreams took courage and strength. Yet, the courage and strength had nothing to do with standing up to others. It had to do with the courage and strength to be me, to stand up to myself, in order to bring forth the music within me. At 48, having personally bridged that seemingly impossible gap between my reality of despair, where my relationships, my job, my health and wellbeing were so foreign to any of my dreams, to living my grandest vision, I decided to put the very simple tools and steps that I did into a workshop to help others. I speak about our grandest vision for ourselves, in my deeply personal, “Twin-Flame Relationship Workshop”, which I will be presenting not only in Los Angeles, but it is the first of my workshops to go global; as it will be a webinar workshop and available on-line on Sunday October 21st. (see details below). In this workshop, I share the very practical tools and spiritual knowledge that I used that took me on my amazing, miraculous journey of going from a co-dependent, suicidal, anorexic victim involved with abusive men, to finally creating my dreams into reality. My life before age 48 was spent, searching for the perfect lover to rescue me, instead of creating the perfect love for myself. What completely turned my life around was when I began to do very simple practical steps that changed my energies within that helped me to shift my heart to deeply love and respect myself. I did not realize it, but these steps and tools I was using were opening up long forgotten doorways to my ancient wisdom. This wisdom within all of us helps us rediscover our divine nature in order to sing our greatest song. What makes my personal journey even more incredible is that Twin-Flame Relationships have been very, very rare on Planet Earth; as both Twins must have completely cleared and cleansed all Karma. Yet, 10 years ago, I accessed and implemented my Divine wisdom and knowledge, creating an energetic beacon of light which drew my Twin-Flame Pete to me. Ever since then, I have been helping others to access their own doorway of Twin-Flame essence in order for them to experience Heaven on Earth. The more I followed and lived these practical tools that connected me to my Twin-Flame essence within, I noticed that extraordinary things started to manifest in my reality. Miraculous synchronicities would magically occur in answer to the intentions and desires in my heart. In fact, the correlation between me embracing and living my Divine nature, and then experiencing a Divine reality of both ease and grace was astonishing. The “Twin-Flame Relationship Workshop” helps people with that most important relationship that we can have, and that is the relationship with ourselves. For it helps participants to shift and reconnect with their own Divine Nature within. Then and only then, can they draw a Divine love to themselves. Now let’s go back to my rather disillusioned friend, who is 6 months away from the crushing and devastating event-as he sees it- of turning 40. As far as I can see, the main reason he is so disillusioned has nothing to do with his age. It has to do with the fact that he has chosen to diminish his life by doing something that does not give him joy. By his own choice, he chooses to remain a waiter rather than stepping forward and living his passion for music. As a friend, I hinted to him that there are lots of ways to connect with his love of music. Perhaps he could study to be a sound engineer, he could work in a record store, teach children guitar lessons, become a roadie to a band, etc It almost does not matter what direction he chooses, just as long as it allows him to be around the creation of music. The more we are around that which we adore and resonate with, the more abundant and fulfilled we will be. Then, the Universe takes notice of these energized, abundant feelings and sends us similar connections and opportunities in that field to bring us more of what gives us joy. Unlike my rather sad waiter friend, I allow myself to honor and respect my glorious voice, find the music in my heart, and bravely sing it out to the world. We all have the music inside of us and the world is excitedly waiting to hear it. Come along either in person or attend online to the amazing “Twin-Flame Relationship Workshop’ and find out how you can passionately sing your song that is longing to be sung. And remember, the Universe can only start to move to the rhythm of your song, if you supply the music. Happy Singing! Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner Author of "Angels of Faith" Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 candy@angelhealinghouse.com www.angelhealinghouse.com

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