Sunday, August 26, 2012

You are Ascension, You are The Shift!!!

Here we are 4 and a half months to go until the much prophesized end of 2012. There have been so many books, articles, videos and debates on what will happen in this momentous year. It seems everyone has put their two cents worth in as to what they think will occur. Even Hollywood was never far behind with terrifying movies such as 2012, which painted very vivid pictures about their take on the completion of the Mayan calendar. Yet contrary to the movie, if you asked a Mayan Elder if the world was going to end in 2012, they would emphatically say no. Okay, if the world is not going to end, what is the big deal with 2012. Some people have said that this is the year that governments will finally disclose that we are not alone in the Universe and that they have known about our intergalactic brothers and sisters for a very long time. Some say that contrary to the scary movies and misinformation of an alien threat, our intergalactic family are peaceful and come to support and help us. Some say that this disclosure will finally reveal amazing technologies which will bring us things like free energy to stop our dependency on fossil fuels, unbelievable cures for diseases and advanced methods to clean up our Planet. Others have said that the great shift has all to do with our shift from a world of wars and man’s inhumanity to man to a loving, unified and accepting world of peace. Perhaps 2012 is all about a shift of perception, to consciously think with our hearts so that we can no longer bear to destroy and pollute our beautiful planet and its’ plants and animals. And some surmise that the greed and corruption on the Planet will be terminated as there will be an initiation of a new monetary system which will be put into place for the greatest benefit of all concerned and not just the 1%.. Now, whether 2012 is all or some of the above (with the exception of the world ending), we are all waiting in anticipation of a great shift to happen. Well, I would like to throw my 2 cents worth into the ring and tell you that the shift may or may not include any of these things. But, what is of greatest importance, is that none of these things of love, of light, of truth, of unity, of peace and of higher consciousness could ever have taken place, had we -as a collective consciousness on Planet Earth - not decided that we were going to ascend. ( Some of you may be saying, “Hey, I never got the memo about this".) For those of you who may not know, it was on the date of August 16, 1987 that many on Planet Earth basically decided to start to consciously shift their perception to create a world of love, peace and harmony. With the converging of many peoples’ energies of love, this event was called the Harmonic Convergence. And with our combined efforts of holding love and light over the last 25 years, we have been able to change the frequency level and vibration in the world. Those that chose to hold love and light in their hearts went by many names, such as Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Starseeds, Walk-ins and many others. The names did not matter. But what did matter is that each individual knew that he didn’t have to change the world. All we needed to do was to change from within and hold as much love and light as we possibly could for our beautiful mother, Mother Earth. We held light to help bring in love and peace and for her to be healthy again. Whether important things happen like being introduced to our star families, or we have easy access to free energy, or the abundance and wealth that is our Divine inheritance is to be returned to us, all of these things and more remain to be seen. But the real importance for all of us to recognize is that regardless of what is coming around the corner and bringing in a whole new paradigm for the world, would not have happened without you. That’s right-YOU made it happen. That’s because YOU ARE THE SHIFT-YOU ALWAYS WERE. The Posse of Angels want each and every one of you to know that you have accomplished that which has never been done before and our victory in changing our Planet is assured. How the change is going to come about is almost not as important as the realization that it would not have happened without each one of us holding light and love. For you see it was always Love and Peace that had the power to co-create a new paradigm for Earth. And in order for the New Earth to be born, a lot of lower vibrational things had to break down and be released. On my radio program last week I spoke about the time we are in now calling it the calm before the new dawn. For those of us who have released many ego based behaviors and emotions around lack, we feel like we are now caught between two worlds as we have fully released the old and are now waiting for the new to arrive. In this quiet time it is becoming very clear as to what we can no longer hang on to and to take note of how we have compromised our lives. This revision of our lives is tantamount as we become crystal clear as to what we truthfully want our lives to look like. For that is exactly what the New World is, a world of Truth. The Posse of Angels are saying that only truth can exist in an ascended Planet. We have already seen a number of instances of Truth coming to light with revelations like Lance Armstrong’s doping allegations and his being stripped of his titles, awards and money as well as being banned from cycling for life. More and more things will be revealed and major disclosures and events will begin to unfold in September as a result of so much love and light on the Planet. While things are being disclosed and the old is being revealed in order to be torn down, and cleared for our new ‘truthful’ Planet to be reborn, have faith that everything is in Divine order. And as to what actually will happen, it will help each of us to have an open mind and to remain open to be surprised. With the emergence of the New Earth, there will be so much information being shared that will be bandied around the media, TV, radio and internet. It is of utmost importance for all of us to use our discernment and listen to our hearts. If something does not feel good or resonate with you, if you are picking up that it is does not come from love and light, just detach from it, let it go and resist engaging in it. Only accept that which is of utmost Truth to you. And with so many of us having released so much in our lives in order to live more truthfully, authentically and honestly as to who we are, I received an email from a client that most probably could be the voice for many others. This client, I’ll call her G, wrote to me and said,” Thank you so much for your intuitive counseling and Reiki healing sessions. You finally gave me the courage to let go of so much that was dishonoring in my life; as I was holding on to things that were no longer for my greatest wellbeing. Since we had our sessions, I am now living truthfully and starting over with a clean slate. Yet, I now look back over my life and I am very sad to think that I really haven’t done anything of great consequence. What can I do to change these saddened feelings inside?” I wrote G and I shared with her that our lives are not about doing anything of great consequence; for this statement has more to do with ego and perception rather than the actual act itself. By living truthfully, our lives become a wonderful resonance of joy, as we present to the world who we authentically are. In this way even our everyday small acts, when done with the highest intent, can have miraculous consequences. We must remember to never underestimate the power of seemingly small acts of love, light, truth, courage and kindness. These acts send out energies that have miraculous effects on the Universe. By putting our emphasis on doing “Great things” we forget that it is the little things that truly matter in life. By centering only on the big things, we so often forget of the immense effect that each of us has on each other and the whole Planet. A smile, a gentle word of encouragement, a casual email telling someone how much your life has been blessed by having that person be a part of your life, all of these things have not only great, but enormous consequences. And even though you may not see the immediate results of something great, trust that what you are doing with joy and inspiration and love in your heart is serving the planet in miraculous ways that you could never imagine. Our greatest consequence to ourselves and to the Planet is when we live our lives in true fulfillment and when allow ourselves to be in true alignment with who we are. Because each and every one of us is a conduit for God’s grace to work through in every single second, every moment of our lives can be a defining moment; if you allow it to be. If we allow ourselves to be all consumed with only doing great things-again by who’s definition is it great-we will then let the world define us. When we allow the world to define us, we will lose our way and wonder who we are and why we are here. Yet, if we define our lives by our deepest heartfelt truth, values and intentions inside, we will find a deep meaning for life, we will find love, fulfillment and peace inside. We have everything when we have inner peace. 25 years ago a relatively small percentage of people on the Planet-when compared with the Earth’s population,-vowed to help the world to shift. Each one of you has been an integral part in creating the impetus for our remarkable New Planet of Love, Light and Truth that is being reborn and emerging now. The angels are singing your praises in the magnificent mission that you have helped accomplish in shifting yourself first, which has then shifted the world and brought her to the doorsteps of ascension. With more pride and love than you can possibly ever imagine, thank you! Candy and The Posse of Angels Angel Healing House 831 277 3716

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