Sunday, July 29, 2012

Live in Creative Joy

What a fascinating time it is to be on the Planet. In these days of enlightenment and disclosure, the world is waking up to realize that a lot of the prescribed ways of doing things simply do not work anymore. I experienced an example of this last week when a friend posted the following message for help on FaceBook. She wrote, “Does anyone have any good ideas how to promote workshops? I use FB / Linked in, Twitter, friends, emails, newsletters, networking groups, women’s groups but still not getting the numbers up as yet. Any ideas would be appreciated!” I smiled when I read her post as this was exactly what I would have done in the past. Just like this lovely friend, I regularly used all of the social networking sites, went to many networking groups and followed all the tried and true ways that people have been able to increase their client base in years gone by. But, it finally dawned on me that with all the positive conscious changes that I have made in my life, I really am not the same person that I was before. By making changes to become a very different person, I realized that the so called tried and true ways of yesteryear that worked for me in the past, may no longer be tried and true anymore for the new me. This friend was faithfully following the old paradigm of how we had been taught and programmed to promote and run a business. But what she failed to take into account was that each and every one of us is awakening to our own version of ‘Heaven on Earth’ or experiencing ‘The Golden Age of Enlightenment’. And in this New Age, we begin to understand that life is not about promoting ourselves; as the Universe already knows how spectacular and divine that each one of us is. Life in the New Age is about allowing ourselves to be in bliss as we create in joy for creations sake. This is a very different concept and, in many ways, it is more a case of living joyfully rather than doing business. By putting our emphasis on being happy and creating, we take our efforts off of trying to control how to promote ourselves. And in this way, the Universe is given 100% free reign on bringing us the answers to our prayers and fulfilling the intentions in our heart. The following quote speaks volumes to us all on how important it is to stop controlling and telling the Universe how it needs to give to us and fill our hearts desires. "The Buddha became enlightened only after he had done all that he could do and had given up." When we give up our expectations of the usual ways, that business 'should' or 'has to' come to us, then God and the Angels have complete freedom to send us people in the most limitless, and sometimes convoluted of ways. A perfect example of this is my radio program, Angel Healing House radio on Blog Talk Radio. For the past 8 months, every Tuesday morning at 11am, I have joyfully, passionately and lovingly given away more free readings than ever in the last 10 years. And what has come back to me as a result has been nothing short of miraculous. With my show being heard nationally and internationally, people from all over the globe have found me and have connected with me for my services. And all this from having fun!!! I believe my vibrations and energies were so bright and joyful that the Universe than equaled that brightness and joy and fulfilled my previously set intentions and prayers. By throwing myself into what I love doing, the Universe reads the abundant glee in my heart and has answered with abundance coming back to me. Remember, the Universe does not work in straight lines and it certainly does not work logically. The more we can allow the magic of life to happen, the more it will happen. The one thing that increased my business and others awareness of me more than anything else, was allowing myself to have the F word.......FUN!!! In this Golden Age of Enlightenment, we fill our desires and intentions with our creativity, fun and joy. Each and every one of us knows what truly makes us happy, gives us fun and ignites our spark of creativity within; and you do not have to be clairvoyant or psychic to get in touch with this excitement. I can clearly see how that by doing what I adore, my life has become immeasurably richer by living a creative and joy filled life. Do you allow yourself the infinite joy of having fun and being creative? If you need some help, I can help you visualize and take proactive steps to create a fulfilling life outside of the current box you find yourself in. (The sad part is that most of the times, the box that we are in, is a box of our making and we are the ones who continue to keep ourselves captured inside.) Once we allow ourselves to let go and experience an alternative to struggle and hard work, the way out of the box becomes very clear and we begin to live with passion, enthusiasm and excitement. I guess the best way to lead is by example.... No wonder I am always smiling! Love and Angel Blessings, Candy Hough Angel Healing House 831-277 3716

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