Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 Years of 'Making A Life' Instead of 'Making A Living'

I just posted on Face Book my 100th testimonial in the 100 days leading up to the 10thyear anniversary June 30th, of my extraordinary business Angel Healing House. And I do not exaggerate when I use that word, ‘extraordinary’ to explain the last 10 years. Come to think of it, if you are going to call your business, ‘Angel Healing House’, I guess one can expect miracles along the way. It is often at milestones in our lives, that we look back and review the path along the journey. And many times, with a business, one assesses its success or failure solely on the ‘bottom line’. Yet, looking back on the past 10 years, the richness and abundance I have received from my business, and the incredible life’s lessons that it has presented, has added so much more to the wealth of my life than just money. My business has given me opportunities to give of my time, my heart, my compassion and my unconditional love and what has come back to me has been miraculous and so much more valuable than gold. People tell you all kinds of advice when one starts a business. Keep accounts, act professional, be responsible and reliable, etc. etc. But the best business advice I ever received was from my father, who told me, “Whatever you do, if you decide to give, give purely, give openly and generously and with all your heart. And remember, the gift is in the giving. Giving is a gift that you give to yourself.” And some of the most miraculous results from my giving brought gifts that I could never have imagined. “My daughter started seeing Candy after a year of fighting cancer. In four short sessions, Candy’s beautiful words and comforting presence helped my daughter let go of all the anger and sadness inside of her. Candy helped my daughter cross over with peace and dignity and the knowledge that she would be returning to God and her angels. I can’t thank you enough for bringing my daughter finally back to peace once more.” Gwen, Culver City, Ca. “You have done more for me than you could ever possibly imagine. I now can love my children again.” Therese, Coolum, Australia They say that when the student is ready, the Master appears. Yet, I teach my Reiki students that everyone who you encounter in life is your Master/Teacher. So... you better pay attention! And the clients, my teachers, that I have drawn to myself have allowed me to open up opportunities for me to love like I never thought possible. “I went to Candy because I was recovering from cancer, and needed help to release emotional blockages. My sessions with her have been the most loving and caring experience in my life and I continue to receive benefit from ongoing sessions. I can honestly say, that as a result of meeting Candy, it was the first time in my whole life that I was truly able to feel and experience love. Candy truly is a gift. With love and Gratitude, Maggie, Pacific Grove, CA By giving with all my heart and truly believing in the divinity of all people, I have reignited a spark of hope in others for them to choose to heal themselves. That’s right, they chose to heal themselves. In fact, I vowed from day one of my business, that I would never use the word healer on anything associated with Angel Healing House, because I am not the Healer. It is the client’s reconnection to God, and recognition of fully loving themselves that opens up the door for true healing to begin. As a Healing Practitioner, sure I help them to heal, but ultimately the client gets to make the final choice. There is a saying, “We teach best what we need to learn most.” 10 years ago, as a result of my finally learning to love myself, connecting with the divine inside of me, and creating Heaven on Earth, I then went forth to help others love themselves and create their own Heavens. My business has been successful because I chose to “Make a Life” and not “Make a Living”. In choosing to ‘Make a Life”, I chose to do what made my heart sing and gave me great joy. When one “Makes a Life” instead of “Making a Living”, one does not compromise what breathes life into ones soul. One begins to understand that our joy and fruition and what we do is an integral puzzle piece of the Planet. In “Making a Life”, the natural offshoot of that is to be joyful and set your soul free to fly and create limitless possibilities. If one puts their emphasis on 'Making a Living", instead of “Making a Life”, the emphasis is off creativity and the Universe reads this as coming from lack, which will bring to us more lack. Angel Healing House has given me the opportunity to spread my wings fully and make my life and the lives of my clients brighter. “After my session with Candy, I feel brighter as if there is a positive light flowing in me. My heart feels lighter and more full of love. My heart is smiling.” Samantha, Mooloolaba, Australia And with 10 years of: healing sessions, intuitive counseling, angel tarot readings, teaching Reiki, presenting workshops, holding meditation nights, authoring books and hosting my own radio show, what does the next 10 years hold in store for Angel Healing House?? My angelic family tells me that everything that I have done up until now has prepared me for what is next in store for me. And while they won’t tell me specifics, they tell me that it will be more miraculous than my wildest dreams. So, just like I have done for every minute of the past 10 years, I start my next 10 years of Angel Healing House by giving and loving and by leaving the how and when of my life in the very capable hands of God and the Angels. “Candy, you are an amazing example of a faithful & trusting child of God.” Tracy, Sunshine Coast, Australia. Thank you to each and every one of you that has given me the opportunity and the infinite blessings to love and to give with all my heart. Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Angel Healing House 'Healing From The Heart' 831-277 3716

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