Monday, May 28, 2012

Dare To Dream/Twin-Flame Relationships

I was speaking to a client this week, who was experiencing a dishonoring, and compromised relationship. I shared with her that it was only when I fully embraced that I was worthy to have a cherished love of my own, that my wish could have been answered by God and the angels. Having met my husband Pete, she said to me, “He is so wonderful, you are just one of the lucky ones.” I told her that it had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the conviction and belief in my dreams. This made me think back to a Decree that I wrote to God in 2003 after extricating myself from a 22 year abusive marriage and then a four year deceitful, destructive relationship. For those who may not know, a Decree is a sacred pact that you make with God. It is much more binding than goal setting; as you vow with God, as your partner and witness, to hold tight to your statements. The first thing that I wrote was, “Thank you God for my Twin-Flame Relationship and marriage.” I knew that my two past abusive relationships had been soul mate relationships and along with love, they had brought great Karmic contrast, drama, and irritation. In this way they pushed my buttons and challenged me to grow. I also knew that once I transcended all the Karma, I would have the ability to attract my Twin-Flame Relationship; who is the divine completion of who I am. After writing this first statement, I paused for a moment, thinking about how extraordinary it would feel to be reunited with my Twin-Flame. Just then, the pen wrote, ‘I live in a comfortable home near the ocean.’ I do not know where this statement came from; as I certainly had never done automatic writing before and did not have the finances to own a beach home. The pen and I went on to write exactly what I dreamed for this beautiful relationship. I wrote, “ “My husband is loyal, kind, gentle, responsible and trustworthy. He makes me a priority. He has a great sense of humor and loves to make me laugh. He is affectionate in public. We work together, love traveling the world and we are supportive of one another.” Because this is a Twin-Flame Relationship, both parties would mirror and reflect these same attributes to one another. (To find out more about Twin-Flame Relationships which is your Divine complement in any space, time and dimension-book a seat at the Twin-Flame Relationship Workshop in Santa Barbara on July 14th; see details below.) When I had finished writing, the pen wrote on its own, ‘I have a wonderful healing practice and my clients and students love me and I love them.’ I looked at this last statement with great curiosity for I had never entertained the thought of studying alternative forms of healing. After I finished writing this Decree, I felt that this was a very significant document and that I would show it the importance that it deserved. I slept with it under my pillow, and read it out every morning and night. While I read it out, I visualized and felt in my heart what it would feel like to be with my Twin-Flame. I then honored and respected myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to raise my energies and prepare myself to be with my beloved cherished husband. The following week after writing this Decree, I reconnected with a friend of mine who was a nurse. Unbeknownst to me, she was also a clairvoyant and a Reiki Master/Teacher. When we ‘synchronistically’ bumped into each other again, she looked at me with a knowing glance and said, ‘You were not ready before, but now you are spiritually ready to study Reiki. I have been sent to be your teacher.’ I studied and completed my Master/Teacher Degree in two disciplines of Reiki and opened my business Angel Healing House 3 months after writing my Decree. 6 months after writing my Decree, on September 20th, I was randomly invited to a ‘come as your favorite rock star party’. I went as Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. At the stroke of 7 o’clock the only Elvis at the party, my future husband Pete, walked in and 5 hours later we were still talking. Two days after we met, he drove me to his beach home on the Sunshine Coast and 3 days later he asked to marry me. Actually, he wanted to ask to marry me after 3 days, but he thought he would wait until 5 days. (There are so many more magical synchronicities attached to our meeting and I will recount the miraculous story in full at the Twin-Flame Relationship workshop on July 14th.) When I look over the grand adventure that Pete and I have been on ever since we met, we have known deep in our hearts that we are under the countenance, protection and guidance of God. Knowing that we could have whatever we wanted, we realized that the only way that our dreams could manifest for us, was by having a greater vision for our lives. Your greater vision starts with dreaming. Do you secretly have a huge dream inside of you? Perhaps you dream of a wonderful career in which you are recognized and financially remunerated working with like minded people? Do you wish a cherished, love relationship for yourself? Do you treat your dream like a new seedling, which needs extra care and attention to grow healthy and strong? Or do you let your dreams wither and languish as they go unattended, both hungry and thirsty? When we left Australia to come live in the States in 2008, Pete dreamed about working in the film industry. Knowing no-one in the film industry and with no job to go to, he took the burning desire in his heart and proceeded to ask God for signs for him to follow to realize his dream. After four years of hard work, diligence, determination, networking and focus to his dream, his journey has taken him to now working on his 3rdseason of the hit show “The Voice” in the credited position of Transportation Coordinator. This is not luck. This is setting focused attention in one’s heart and faithfully following the signs that God presents him. It is only by having dreams and having faith in them, that dreams ever come true. Remember prayer does not make faith work, faith makes prayer work. I have seen it over and over again in my 10 years as a Healing Practitioner that the majority of people who have physical and emotional illnesses, either do not nourish their dreams or have totally forgotten them. In fact, I believe that dreams are the enchantment that creates magic in our lives. So knowing this, what kind of life do you want to create? If you want a big outrageous life, then dream big. Remember dreams are aching to come true and waiting for someone to dream them into reality. Over and over again in our amazing marriage of the last 8 years, both Pete and I have seen the direct results of feeding, nurturing, believing and having faith that our dreams would manifest. Our secret is that every time God and angels have presented us with the next sign to making more of our dreams a reality, we have faithfully stepped forward; and miracles have occurred. Dreams no longer seem like a feat of magic to us; as we know all that we have to do is have the conviction and the belief in our hearts, and let God and the angels worry about the details as to how and when they will manifest. Every day when we look into each other’s eyes, Pete and I know that dreams really do come true. If you have forgotten had to dream and need a refresher course, call me: 831 277 3716. Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Angel Healing House 831 277 3716

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