Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Am An Angelic Walk-In

The subject for this month’s blog has been brewing for awhile, but it never seemed the right time to write about it. I love how my angelic family orchestrates connections and opportunities to clearly show me the signs when to step forth. Well, that happened this month. Through a LinkedIn connection, I received a letter from a lady who found the strength to leave a dishonoring relationship, and she is now starting over again and opening up her own Healing Practice. She wrote that she was very impressed with my many accomplishments, testimonials, and the numerous and varied things that I do through my business Angel Healing House. As she is starting her life again, she asked if I had any tips or advice that I could give her, to help make her life easy. What got my attention was the word ‘easy’. As I replied to her, I thought to myself, how often do we look at successful people, and have a tendency to enviously look at the end result and all their successes, and never take the time to wonder what the person’s journey was like along their way to their success. Below is the letter I wrote to her. Dear ______, Thank you so much for your email. When I read that you wanted some tips on how to make your life easy, it made me think back over my own journey, to where I find myself today. And if there is one word that I would not use to describe my life, it would be easy. But just like the most accomplished sailors do not learn how to sail in calm waters, the hardships and challenges we draw to ourselves to overcome, often leads to our greatness. Along my journey, I drew to myself an emotionally and mentally abusive marriage for 22 years, in which I allowed myself to be co-dependent and became a controlled silent victim of bullying and abuse. In essence, I basically forgot who I was. Anorexic, deeply depressed, and barely able to keep my life force energy going, I continually asked God every day to help me to exit my life. And then, in January of 2003, at the age of 48, I had what is known as a ‘Walk-In’ experience; where the existing soul in the body ‘Walks-Out’ and goes up to God with honors, and a spiritually advanced soul ‘Walks In’, in order to be of humanitarian service to the Planet. This 100% agreement by both souls happens in adulthood, so that Walk-Ins do not have to start in infancy and lose valuable time growing up. In this way, we can immediately start holding massive amounts of light for the Planet. (This was particularly crucial in the last 10 years, in order to transform negativity and to help the world to shift.) The exchange between souls often takes place during a surgery, an accident or deep meditation, which was when my exchange occurred. Mine was an angelic soul exchange, as I come from the angelic realm. (To gain further information on Walk-Ins, I recommend reading, ‘Earth Angels’ by Doreen Virtue, ‘Welcome to Planet Earth’ by Hannah Beaconsfield, “Walk-Ins Soul Exchange by Karyn K Mitchell and ‘Strangers Among Us’ by Ruth Montgomery.) When I ‘walked-in’, I knew my mission, I knew why I had come back. Since then, I have been laser beam focused on creating and manifesting those dreams into physical reality. 9 months after I walked-in, I drew to myself my Twin-Flame husband Pete. We met on a Saturday and 5 days later he asked to marry me, and we have been on this wonderful physical adventure together ever since. You asked me if I have any advice or tips to impart, to make your life easy. People look at my husband Pete and myself and our life and often say, ‘how it is possible that the two of you were able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time.’ Our secret is very simple. Every time we heard the voice of God tell us to step forward along the path, even though we did not know precisely where we were going, we stepped forward in faith. And every time we stepped forward, we have been given the next piece of the puzzle towards realizing our dreams. We see ourselves as faithful children of God, co-creating with His will. Is this way of life easy? Far from it! But the rewards are miraculous, magical and more extraordinary than our limited physical minds can ever comprehend. In order to fully realize our dreams manifesting into reality meant that Pete and I had to sell our beloved beach house along the Sunshine Coast of Australia and go live in the States: A.) at the beginning of the recession. B.) without jobs to go to and C.) knowing no-one. Since we have been States, the challenges have been enormous. But knowing that we are God's children, and by following His word, He has provided for us every step of the way. Since 2008, four years later, my husband has realized his dream of working in the film industry. I have published the first of my 6 books, am an international radio host, an inspirational speaker, a licensed Reiki Master/Teacher practitioner through my beloved business Angel Healing House; which is about to celebrate its 10th year anniversary. Pete and I have also written the screen play for one of my books; which the angels tell me, will be made into an absolutely beautiful movie. This was one of the major reasons that spirit knew that we had to move to the States, in order for my husband to build up the connections and get established in the film industry. Without his expertise and connection in the industry, our screen play, and ultimately the beautiful movie that it will be, would never have seen the light of day had we remained in Australia. My greatest advice for you is not to ask for an easy life. Ask for God to give you the most beneficial of ways to strengthen your courage, test your faith and challenge you to fearlessly hold on to and follow your dreams. For once your dreams come true, it is precisely because of those challenges and hardships suffered along the way, that will make the realization of your dreams that much sweeter. Having lived this way since I re-emerged in physical form in 2003, I have counseled others to wait on the will of God and not to try to control life. (For you know, it never was ours to control in the first place.) In every moment I know that God is in the details. He hears all prayers and will bring all of us the greatest and most beneficial solution to all our His timing. By not focusing on forcing and controlling the how and when of life to happen, one practices the Art of Allowance in order to perceive the signs from the Divine right in front of us. Yet, to co-create magic in our lives, one has to go beyond just seeing the signs. Living in Faith and immediately acting upon those signs is often the difference between a fulfilled life and a life lived in compromise. Every time God and the Angels have led my husband and myself to the precipice of the mountain and asked us to jump off, we have jumped; and God and the angels have helped us to soar and fly so much higher than we could have ever possibly imagined. I would wish you good luck in staring over again, but life is not about luck. It is about firmly establishing your heart-felt intentions and then co-creating with God. By following His signs, both easy and hard, you will allow Him free reign to steer you to all the miracles and blessings that you can possibly wish for. Sending you Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher and Angel Practitioner Angel Healing House 831 277 3716

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