Monday, October 29, 2012

Paint The Most Amazing Portrait Of Your Life

What is it about this October that has many of us longing for change in our lives? Yes, we may be having the usual seasonal desire for pumpkin pancakes and spiced lattes, but as the month progresses there seems to be a growing anticipation of a new life on the horizon for many. And I’ve noticed that this feeling of change coming in transcends where we live on the Planet. And while my clients in the southern hemisphere are not bobbing for apples, they are feeling the warmer temperatures of spring weather and are experiencing a sense of renewal. Regardless of where we live, this excited energy has many of us discarding the old and embracing the new; as we anticipate changes in our lives that are getting us ready to feel reborn. This feeling of leaving the past and embracing the new, brought to mind a wonderful childhood memory. As a little girl, I remember growing up on a farm in Virginia and watching Mother Nature come alive in the spring after a long frozen winter. On one of my walks through the beautiful countryside, I heard a bird chirping and flying around a nest. As I looked up, I watched the bird excitedly dart back and forth, over the nest. Suddenly I saw a small bird peek over the side and quickly pull its head back out of sight. I sat down on a patch of grass and watched with curiosity as the small bird performed this same action several times. All of sudden, the small bird seemed to throw itself out of the nest and it began to plummet to the ground, When miraculously, half way down, this tiny bird instinctively spread his wings and glided to the earth. I sat transfixed at the wonder and marvel and the deep unconscious knowing that, that little creature had demonstrated. It knew that it had grown too big for the nest, but the thought of leaving the comfort and security of its home was terrifying. With the feeling that it was his time to leave, along with his parent’s shrill urging, he leapt forth. It was only after he had leapt from his familiar, but restricted nest that he could spread his wings fully and remember how to fly. This memory made me think about all the things that we have outgrown in our lives that are restricting us. The things or people that we have outgrown and are now energetically expired past their used by dates; as they do not serve us anymore for our highest good. It seems like I can’t turn down a street in our neighborhood without seeing someone having a garage sale, for sale signs on homes and moving trucks. With this thought in mind, October had us all re-evaluating our lives to see what was working for us and what was not. During the month of October, I gave away so many things to Goodwill, as I have an overwhelming urge to start anew and get rid of anything that does not serve me for my greatest good. This feeling of getting rid of the old was such an important component of October’s energy, that it would serve each and every one of us to really take some time to consider what we can finally let go of. In this way, we can be clear enough to truly start to paint the most inspired magnificent portrait of our lives that we can possibly imagine. Just imagine that you are standing before an easel and preparing to paint the most magnificent portrait of your life. You go downstairs into a dark, damp, cluttered basement and start to search through dusty, mildewed boxes for your old paints and brushes. After brushing away the cobwebs, and shooing away the mice and spiders you finally come across your art supplies and take them upstairs into the light of day. Opening your old box of paints, you see that the cakes of paint have worn down thin and are cracked and there are splotches of hardened paint caked on the palette. You then open up the rusted clasp of your case holding your brushes. Many of the brushes are thin, having lost many of their bristles and the majority of the brushes are bent and misshapen. Suddenly your enthusiasm, for creating what is new, fresh and alive, is somewhat dampened by using old, energetically tired and worn out art supplies. And while October had us rummaging around in the basements, closets and attics of our lives to really assess those things and people that were not serving us for our highest good anymore, November is all about buying ourselves that new set of paints to help us create a masterpiece. When you have decided to paint your wonderful new masterpiece of your life, it is important to not fall into the same old ways of painting that we chose when we painted our former lives . #1- Please make sure that you choose colors that are infused with love and light, brightness and radiance. For instance, in my former life of fear, low self-worth and sabotage, I chose a limited set of colors that were dark and I mainly used greys, browns and black to express what I was feeling. Choosing to paint a very different portrait of my life 10 years ago, I started with a new easel and new paints and brushes. My new color choices were bright and as such they excitedly laughed, giggled and skipped along the paper as they were illuminating and had an infectious vibrancy about them. Even though you may purchase a new easel for yourself, there is a caution to not paint with the same colors that you might have used to paint a previous life that was not honoring and respectful as to who you are now. #2-When I painted my former life, I was so careful to not color outside of the lines. My hands and arms were restricted by the programming, belief systems and the ‘ought to’s’ and ‘have to’s’ of other people telling me how I should paint. This restriction of my life force energy had me so afraid of making a mistake that it stopped the ease and grace of the creative force within me. When painting, allow yourself to be vulnerable to express yourself with unbridled abandonment without any constrictions. In this way you will allow yourself to open and experience joy. #3-As I allowed myself to choose colors of light and gave myself permission to have unbridled freedom to create from my heart, I noticed that my whole perspective in my painting, as well as all aspects of my life started to shift. With my new found ability to communicate through my art with ease and grace, I also noticed that I was allowing myself to communicate verbally and express myself fully, honestly, authentically, openly and without apology. By changing my perspective, my life became an adventure of my own beautiful creation, as there were no prescribed ways to live. As a result of my new creative freedom, I suddenly became totally open to receive; as though my arms were thrown wide open to embrace all possibilities. Now whether you choose to take pointers from Picasso and draw people that look like dogs or perhaps you choose to grace a cathedral with your talent like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is just a matter of preference. Regardless of who’s work you are drawn to and admire in the world of art, may I suggest that you stay true to the greatest artist of them! For each and every one of us has been endowed with the soul of an artist and it was actually written into our DNA and decreed by God that we are inherently abundant with creative skills. So remember when you are painting, allow yourself to be free, and remain youthful and connected to the child within. In this way your portrait will represent the wonder and the enchantment of life and never get staid and boring. By remaining connected to the child within, we never stop looking for the extraordinary and wonderful in life. And when we consciously look for the magic in life and we paint it in our portraits, it has a magical way of manifesting into our reality. This November, get your smocks out, your painter’s beret, your fresh paints, brushes and easels and have a marvelous time joyously creating the most miraculous portrait of your life. Love and Angel Blessings, Candy Angel Healing House 831-277-3716

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