Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Action Your Intuition

Many of us are now living a conscious life of awareness by continually choosing to surround ourselves with the beautiful energies of love, light, acceptance, and unity. By choosing to focus only on that which is positive, uplifting and light, our realities are then able to be filled with, and attract more, light. It is in these higher dimensional energies that synchronicities, magic and miracles occur. By consciously choosing to reside in these higher energies, many on the Planet are experiencing rapid-fire manifestation in their lives. We have a thought and WHAM, it is in front of us. I have been experiencing this for almost 10 years. For instance, with my love of and association to angels, I am always drawing angel references to myself - people who are named Angel; I continually see white feathers; and when I walk into stores, I will often hear a song with an angel reference like, “Calling All Angels’ or “Heaven Must be Missing an Angel.” With the knowledge that you are pure intention, once you absolutely let go of the 'how' and 'when' things happen in your life, you will allow yourself to be the Alchemist and turn your pure intentions into physical reality. (And there are some of us that are turning lead into absolutely golden opportunities!) Pure intention is a result of a longing that we feel within our hearts that resonates and vibrates at the deepest core of our soul. Because we are made up of energy, it is this frequency within us that we emit, and goes out to attract other similar energies. And although this sounds easy, we have all been heavily programmed to think with our heads and not with our hearts. It is in the joyful and blissful following of our heart’s desires that creates....MAGIC! I experienced a wonderful example of instant manifestation answering the call of pure intent in my heart all because of my love of soup. Upon leaving the house to run some errands one day, knowing deep down that I am co-creating my life in every single second, I intended to the Universe that I wanted to meet new clients. Immediately upon setting this intention, completely out of the blue, I got a craving for spicy Tom Yum soup. With Pete working late on a film shoot, I decided that after my errands, I would go to our local Thai restaurant and get a large order of soup for dinner. Arriving at the restaurant and placing my order, they told me that it would be a 20-minute wait. Immediately, I thought of my friend who owned a nearby clothing store, which was one block away and so I decided to pay him a visit. I gave him a hug and he introduced me to a lady in the store. He praised me for my work, she asked me what I did, I handed her a brochure and she replied, “I so need to come and see you.” And that is exactly how the Universe works. When the craving for soup hit me, I didn’t rationalize that I already had dinners in the fridge, but I satisfied the desire in my heart and took action to order soup. Acting upon the desires in our hearts, and many times going against logic, is the most important component in following the Laws of Attraction The human game that we are playing - as spiritual beings having a human experience - is very simple to follow. We know what makes us happy, but a lot of the time we stop ourselves from going in the direction of being happy because we are willing to compromise. (By accepting and taking the crumbs of life, don’t be surprised if you experience a crummy life.) By showing the Universe that you will eat whatever is in the fridge, rather than getting some delicious, noodle and vegetable filled spicy Tom Yum soup, or whatever else excites your senses, your stomach will indeed be filled, but your appetite will still be there; as you will always be hungry for more. If you need some help satisfying your own hunger, as you still allow your delicious life to be compromised, book your session today at 831-277-3716 to find out how you can not only set the table for your own banquet, but allow yourself to enjoy all the delicacies. Wishing that your life be overflowing with all kinds of tasty and yummy things! Love and Blessings, Candy Hough 831 277 3716

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