Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let Go of Logic and Watch Miracles Happen

The subject for this newsletter did not happen with grace and ease. As I mentally danced around trying to logically figure out what to write, it dawned on me to share with you an amazing, magical addition to my life. I cannot believe that this addition only happened a mere 3 weeks ago. And it happened as a result of going against logic. To begin with, I would just like to describe where we all are from a collective consciousness point of view. For the last several years, many of us have lost jobs or have become so disillusioned and dissatisfied with our current jobs, that it is actually causing us pain, and un-wellness to stay in a certain line of work. This is because we can longer live lives doing anything that does not resonate with our hearts. In all that we do and create, we must be authentic, honest, open and transparent in order to feel joyful, complete, whole and empowered. There are many of us, who have listened to the still small voice in our hearts and stepped forward into perusing what we are passionate about. The beginning of 2012 has seen many of us either getting used to new businesses, careers, or nurturing and encouraging our deeply felt passions within. (If you have not stepped forward into creating what you are passionate about yet, I would go so far as to say that there are many who have at least, given it some very careful consideration.) This ‘breaking away’ or leaving our former employment came after a great deal of soul searching and honoring the longing in our hearts to do that which we love. And as we have stepped forward into taking action by leaving the old and painful, and doing that which brings us joy, it seems that we now find ourselves getting used to something very new. In fact, the Universe is supporting us, as it has created a time of quiet and a lull or ‘down time’ for us to integrate this ‘newness’ into our lives. ful This getting used to something new is not only relegated to those who have left jobs to pursue their passion, but it also holds true for those of us, like myself, who absolutely love what we do. For those who love their work, I find that new strings are being added to our bow of life, in order to enrich, increase and enhance what we do already. This ‘newness’ for me came as a result of a message I received from my Posse on January 2nd. Now for those of you who might not know, I am part of an angelic family, 537 angels to be exact, who I lovingly refer to as my Posse; as they always have my back. The message that they gave me on January 2ndwas to get a psychic reading! After I caught my breath from laughing so hard, I told them, “No! What are you crazy! I do not need to get a reading from another psychic. End of Story!” Over the next few days, their message to get a reading from another psychic became louder and louder and louder. As I had recently, updated my information on LinkedIn and created my own group of Angel Intuitives and Angel Practitioners, I now had quite a number of clairvoyants following me. Knowing that my Posse would never steer me wrong, I softened my resistance to their suggestion and began to look at the profiles of psychics that I was now connected to. As I stared at their profile pictures, I did not receive any overwhelming confirmation as to step forward and connect with any of them. The day after my investigation, I received a random email from a fellow by the name of Psychic Jethro asking me if he could connect with me on my LinkedIn network. As soon as I saw his photo, I got a barrage of shivers all up and down my body, and I knew that he was the one. I immediately phoned him and inquired as to the duration and cost of his readings. Without any exaggeration, this was the following conversation: Jethro paused when he heard my voice, and said in a breathless tone, “Jeez!! Oh my gosh!! Look at all the angels around you, you are one of them! I have never seen that many angels around any one! (Pause) My angels and guides are telling me that I cannot charge you the full price for a reading, I need to heavily discount it for you. (Pause) They are saying that you are going to be on radio and that I am here to help you with that. (Pause) How would you like to co-host my radio show on Blog Talk Radio next Tuesday? My angles are saying that I need to promote you; so send me your bio, your photo and a flyer. To give you some practice, I would love for you to take calls for angel readings on my show next week, how does that sound?” Stunned I said, “Thank you, that would be lovely.” Three days later, on Jan. 24th, I co-hosted the live radio show with Psychic Jethro and it felt exhilarating to take phone calls and bring forth guidance and advice from my Posse. The day after, I signed up with Blog Talk Radio and scheduled two of my own radio shows every week-Tuesdays at 11 am (PST) and Thursdays at 10 am (PST) In less than 2 weeks, I am having the time of my life, doing what I always loved doing-healing and bringing forth angelic messages. But now, I have a much wider audience and scope to reach people, as I am doing it on a national and international level. If anyone had told me even 4 weeks ago, that I would be hosting my own radio program, I would have told them that they were crazy. This great opportunity for me would never have happened, had I not listened to the ‘ILLOGICAL” message from my Posse to “get a psychic reading’. And I guess the point in all of this is, that in this time of quiet that we are all experiencing, it is giving us an opportunity to hone in on and perfect those gifts and talents of ours that are going to help us enormously when those miraculous doors of synchronicity begin to open and start to fulfill our intentions in a HUGE way. As I said to one of my callers on my radio program this morning, “Hold tight to your dreams, your wishes and your intentions. Keep polishing and perfecting the diamond, which is the passion in your heart. Because, as the lyrics from the Eagles song tells us: ‘Everything can change, in a New York minute.’ Fortune not only favors the bold, but those who open themselves up to receive in the most convoluted, illogical and limitless ways that God and the angels want to deliver the answer to our prayers and fulfill our intentions. It just dawned on me, I must have the faith of at least a mustard seed to have said yes to receive a psychic reading and I have been paid back and will continue to be paid back, in ways that I can’t even possibly imagine. I’ll keep you posted. Until next time, open yourself up to receive and follow the magic in your life. Love and Blessings, Claire Candy Hough 831 277 3716 candy@angelhealinghouse.com www.angelheainghouse.com

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