Friday, August 14, 2009

Time of Introspection

I don't know about you, but I have been experiencing a very quiet time since the Aug. eclipse. To me, it felt like being pushed through a huge energetic portal of higher frequency. Besides adjusting to the usual physical manifestations of higher energies i.e backaches, little to no energy, neck and head aches, dizzyness, etc. I have felt like I am in the eye of the storm. The quiet, in fact, has been eerie with hardly any communication i.e phone calls, emails.
From a human point of view, many would start to go into panic mode and see this as a bad thing; as we have been programmed to be "human doings" and not "human beings". Many believe if they are not being productive, then they are wasting time.
But, by choosing to see quiet time or down time as a much needed time for introspection, rest, and regrouping, then we start to work in conjuction with the Universe. Life always goes in cycles-sometimes we are busy and when we are, we don't have time to enjoy life and wish for quiet times. Then when we are given quiet time, we fret that we are not busy.
It is during these quiet times that I have come to discover that the universe is arranging all the puzzle pieces (sychronistic signs, connections and situations) that will help me on the next part of my journey. From my connection to the angelic realm and my spirit guides, I know that it takes a heck of alot of maneuvering and planning on their part to arrange synchronicities. If there is quiet time in my life, I know that it is always there for my highest good and that things always get busy again. One thing is certain is that things change-they always do.
To help me in the quiet times I keep reminding myself that:
"When nothing is happening, God is up to something. "
In this way, I can let go and know that everything is being taken care of.
Love and Blessings,

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