Sunday, October 18, 2009

Synchronicity, Intuition and your Happy Heart

There has been a really good explanation why there has been such a long time between blogs-
· Publishing and marketing my first book “Angels of Faith”
· Recording my first in a series of 12 angel meditation CD’s and
· Redesigning my website.
If there was any time left over I slept and ate.
Yet now, as they say…SHE”S BACK!!!

In this blog, I’d like to revisit the absolutely amazing magical world of synchronicity and our intuitions that we all get to listen to and act upon in our lives or not.

The dictionary definition of synchronicity is ““the experience of two or more events that are causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. To count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance”.”.
As synchronicity can only be observed in the present moment, I help my clients release, anger, sadness, bitterness, regret and resentment, which keeps them firmly anchored and reacting to the past. As well as letting go of worry, tension and control which keeps them living in the future and draining their energies on the ‘possibility’ of things that haven’t eventuated.

Where our intuition comes in, when synchronicity happens, is whether or not we take a leap of faith and act upon what is right in front of our eyes. (The main reason people disregard synchronicities is because they can’t logically see where they are going to lead. And it is not for us to ‘logically’ figure life out, because quite frankly, the Universe does not work to ‘our’ logic.

Now that I have my book in hand, all my efforts and laser beam focus attention have been to find places to market this enchanting timeless story. (Just briefly “Angels of Faith” is based on my two near death experiences and the ultimate journey of crossing over we all get to make. For more info visit ) Because of its message of faith, hope and grace, it is such a wonderful healing tool and I have been sending the book to hospices, bereavement centers and hospitals. So I guess consciously and/or unconsciously I have been asking for my book to connect with the best people and places to help others to realize our divine inheritance and limitless natures. Now with this in mind…

Last Saturday, a friend who had been shopping at a great store in downtown Santa Barbara told me that the manager asked her if she wanted to work in the store over Christmas. Declining her offer, she said she knew someone who would be perfect. Out of the blue, my friend calls and tells me to meet her at the store at 11 o’clock the next morning as they are just starting to hire. Was I looking for a part-time Do I have enough on my plate..yes. But the more I thought about working at this particular store, I started to get so excited inside. The next morning saw me filling out an application and two days later, I was interviewed and enthusiastically hired part-time by the manager. During the interview, I showed the manager my brochure for my healing practice and Reiki and she said she knew Reiki practitioners from the Susan B. Komen Cancer Center. (This company does a lot of promotional tie-ins working with women who have breast cancer.)
Not mentioning this conversation to any one, two days later, during a workshop I held, one of the participants told me that she had been speaking to the director of the Susan B. Komen Cancer Center and will be possibly doing work for them as a spokesperson. Boy did my antennae start to vibrate. What does this mean and where is it heading?

Well it is not for me to know. The signs are showing me that I am on the right track for people and connections, to easily and -without much effort on my part –fall into place to get my books and CD’s widely publicized. I just have to keep making sure I follow that happy feeling in my heart.
Until next time, follow your happy feelings!
Love and Blessings, Candy

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Interesting post! I hope you'll stop by our blog on synchronicity.

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