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Beloved Artists Leaving The Planet In 2016

     Since the beginning of 2016 there have been many creative artists who have chosen to exit their human life and return back home to Heaven. You may or may not be familiar with all of them, but here is a list of notable artists who have exited just since the beginning of the year: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glen Frey from the Eagles, Renee Angeli – Celine Dion’s husband, Dan Haggerty who played Grizzly Adams, and the sitar player Ravi Shankar who played with the Beatles. To have this much talent exit the planet in only the first 3 weeks of the year is highly significant.
     Firstly, The Posse of Angels is reminding us that 2016 is a ‘9’ year and therefore a year of completion. The frequency of a ‘9’ year makes it energetically much easier for souls to cross over as they are finally done with their earthly incarnation. In several cases, including Bowie, Rickman, Haggerty and Angeli, they had all had been battling cancer for a long time. This completion allows souls to conclude the cycle that they chose to come back and experience.
     Secondly, The Posse of Angels is saying that all of these souls were enormous creators, as they brought forth great light to the Planet – doing what they loved doing. Their artistry whether it was their producing, acting, singing, or musical performances showed us the physical manifestation of their pure joy and passion. With their crossing over, many of us felt an emptiness, almost a feeling of disbelief that they could actually die, as they seemed larger than life. (I had this same feeling several years ago when Robin Williams exited the planet, as it was surreal and almost unbelievable for me to comprehend.)

     Their crossing over shows us that we only have a finite time to spend on this physical plane and, if legends larger than life can exit, then so can we.

     As their creativity leaves the planet, it gets us to look at our own creativity, to see where we can foster more passionate expression in our lives. When many of my clients have seen that I have written several books, they tell me that their intuition has repeatedly told them to write a book, and yet they keep procrastinating. Others have told me that they feel a great urge to draw, paint, take up a musical instrument, but they either sabotage their time or don’t attempt to create because they think they will not be good at it or they won’t make any money.
     With these giants of creativity leaving the Planet, it passes the mantle on to us to create beauty through the arts and expand our horizons by the energy of creating; which then goes on to manifest limitless possibilities for the Universe to support our creative endeavors.
     With the passing of so many notable personalities, we remember their songs, where we were at a particular time, how it affected our lives and we are blessed to revisit their melodies and their movies in the wonderful legacy that they left behind. And while each of us may not be a Bowie, a Glen Frey or an Alan Rickman, it does remind us of the importance of expressing who we are and may have us wondering what artistic endeavors might we also wish to leave behind as our legacy when we choose to cross over.

     The Posse of Angels is assuring us not to become to complacent as there will be more creative souls this year who choose to complete their Earth plane cycle and cross over. The higher spiritual meaning to so many creative souls leaving at the same time is to jolt us in to creating; for that is what our soul cries out for.

     Our Spirit came back in physical form to make manifest through our energies of creating and our soul is called upon to grow and experience through that creation. And The Posse of Angels wish to remind us that it is not in the completion of the book, the drawing, the photograph or the composition that we will experience our fullness; it is in the process of creating. Through the creation, we will be taken on a magical journey of opening ourselves up to the Divine inside all of us and feel a kinship and a closeness with God as we are one; bringing forth new life and new possibilities.

     Our lives and certainly our energies were never meant to be stagnant; as we are always evolving and feel best when we are allowing ourselves to experience and open up to new adventures. And since our lives are a co-creative dance, we don’t experience those new adventures by waiting for the Universe to give to us. We keep inventing and reinventing ourselves, allowing the curious child within to explore and discover different ways of expression that make us feel alive.
     It is this aliveness within us that speaks directly and resonates most with the Universe. With this energetic match of the joyous, abundant feelings of being creative, the Universe then presents us matching opportunities and connections to foster, support and promote our passionate efforts.

     The Posse of Angels wish for us to remember that our dreams of having an international best selling book tour and endorsements from those people in high places have much less of a chance of ever happening, if we do not follow our intuition and write the book in the first place.

     Once you reawaken and allow yourself to join in and let yourself be swept away by the creative rhythms within, watch how your reality begins to support and promote this alive feeling in you by sending you miraculous partners to aid in your own unique co-creative dance of life.

Must run now and write another book!!
Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of "One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness and ‘Angels of Faith’
Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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