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Choose a 'Happy' New Year

      The Posse of Angels wishes to speak about a great blessing that we all have been given; the blessing of free will and our ability to make choices throughout our journey of life. And even though we have free will,  this gift of making choices can often see us allowing for our decision making to be influenced by external forces. And it seems like the influences around our choices on what to do, how to act, what to eat, and what to buy is especially apparent around the time of the holidays.

      For instance, eggnog to me never tastes the same before Dec 1st and after Christmas Day. In this category of not consuming things before or after certain dates, I would add candy canes, plum pudding and fruitcake. And even though I know that they are still fresh and perfectly fine to consume, my brain tells me not to have them; as they are somehow past their used by date after Christmas. This is a choice and I admit that it is a rather strange one without any logic behind it. I guess it’s just that my taste buds have been programmed to no longer desire these seasonal treats after a certain date has come and gone.
     Come to think of it, although not rationally, there are some other seasonal things that many others like myself see as time sensitive. Traditionally, watching Christmas movies for me only happens between the above dates. I am not sure when this rigid mindset began, but I am starting to surmise that I may be limiting my enjoyment factor. For instance, I have a friend who suffers from depression and she tells me that nothing quite lifts her spirits like watching the Jimmy Stewart movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” all throughout the year.
      Although totally illogical, my seasonal choices have been dictated by my free will, habits and nothing more. It’s like having a default setting on your computer that was set so that you could forget it. Having been set a certain way at a certain time, it will only change once we make a conscious choice to go into the settings and purposely change it. And many of the traditions that we follow are nothing more than things that we have been culturally brought up with to expect and we do them without very little thought to why we are doing it and as to what it actually means.
      With the end of 2015 on the horizon, many of us will be staying up late, and at the stroke of midnight, we will be heralding in the New Year. And the first choice that many will be making to welcome in 2016 is by going to a default program and saying the word ‘Happy’ in front of New Year. This is a traditional response that many utter unconsciously. Without even realizing it, this will be their very first choice that they make in the first few seconds of a New Year. This wishing of a Happy New Year will be uttered over and over again, in different parts of the globe and in many different languages. With this rather automatic response, The Posse of Angels is sharing with us that out of the billions of people on the Planet, there are comparatively few people who make the choice of expressing, “Unhappy” New Year.
      With the utterance of Happy New Year, The Posse of Angels wishes to delve deeper and ask, “If this is in fact what one chooses to say, then what exactly are they wishing happiness for?” Perhaps a Happy New Year would be to wish someone happiness in their finances, with a continual abundant cash flow. Could be that the ‘Happy’ in the New Year is pertaining to the happiness in relationships that are filled with love, kindness and respect. The happiness in the New Year wishes could be directed at our health for everything in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to be in alignment to our optimum wellness.
      So why if we choose to wish ‘Happy’ New Year, do many of us choose to dwell on unhappy things the very next day and sometimes immediately after they have uttered those words. And if our words are focused in anyway on that which makes us unhappy, we will just draw more of the same to ourselves.

     Last year, I had a client whose husband left her to be with a younger woman, and she was dreading the upcoming New Year. Although she loved getting dressed up and enjoyed the holiday foods and music and the anticipation of bringing in the new, she would be alone for the first time in many years as she and her husband divorced 10 months previously. The Posse of Angels winked at her and said, “Just go with the intention of experiencing joy, nothing more.”
She then timidly said, "And what do the Posse of Angels suggest that I do at the stroke of midnight when there is no-one to kiss?” They told her to close her eyes, say a prayer of gratitude that she was no longer with someone who cheated on and deceived her. They then suggested that she make a wish and decree to the Universe that she was ready and open to receive a more honoring love to enter her life.

     Upon making the wish, The Posse of Angels advised her to send a HUGE kiss to the Universe and all the angels in advance for fulfilling her intention. Armed with a plan to usher in the New Year with her honoring intentions, my client was amazed how much lighter she felt and how her worry and her anxieties began to melt away. This is because she chose to put her focus on her own happiness, and by not allowing anything else to hijack her joy.
      I guess the whole point of their discussion is that we live in a very deliberate Universe and nothing is left to happenchance with the laws of cause and effect always working for us. The more that we choose, in every thought, every word and every feeling in our heart to have a Happy New Year in 2016, the more we will reap the benefits of happiness in the coming year, and years to come.

     If you are one for making New Year resolutions, The Posse of Angels is reminding us that our dreams are not outside of ourselves, but that we are the carriers and the creator of our dreams. By setting our own navigational course and then following our hearts, we will stay true to who we are and to our dreams.
      The Posse of Angels is reminding us that to encourage happiness in our New Year, it is vastly important to not overanalyze the year ahead and try to figure things out; for in this way we will miss the forest for the trees. They are saying that while it is good to set goals and perhaps make resolutions, it is paramount to allow yourself to be guided by the winds of Heaven. For when the Universe sends those unplanned synchronistic winds to change the direction of your sails, it is showing us a different course that will easily present magic and miracles for the fulfillment of your intentions; no matter how diligently you have planned and scheduled your journey.

      By allowing yourself to break free from expectations and attachments as to how and when happiness ‘must’ manifest, we release any restrictions and conditions allowing for us to embrace happiness as our closest and constant ally and aids us in creating pathways for more joy to find us in 2016.

      I for one am toasting a year of no expectations and always having an open heart to receive the fulfillment of my desires in the most miraculous of ways; consciously choosing to say “HAPPY” New Year to you all!

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of "One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness and ‘Angels of Faith’
Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: +1 831.277.3716
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