Friday, October 30, 2015

When Your Fantasy Becomes Your Reality

     The Posse of Angels is asking, “How long have you been visualizing and imagining living the life of your dreams?” If you are like most awakened beings, they would say that you have accumulated a huge backlog of ‘wishing hours’; as you made time to visualize the manifestation of your wishes and focused on what the fulfillment of those dreams would feel like.
     Now they wish for us to draw our attention to how much energetic space we as a conscious collective have freed-up by clearing and cleansing negativity and by letting go of triggers and reactive behaviors. 
     They are showing me a vision of vast stretches of space that go on infinitum, and they are assuring us that many now have all of this available space to fill up with whatever we choose.
    Once we combine visualizing our wishes, plus the feeling as if those dreams have already come true, then it opens the doors for absolutely unexplainable miracles to help our fantasies materialize.
     For instance, Pete and I booked a birthday week celebration on our favorite island of Maui for the first week in October With great excitement and anticipation, we looked at the upcoming weather forecast for our holiday, and we saw dark clouds and extended rain for the majority of the week.                                                
     I decided that someone else’s interpretation of what the weather was going to be like for me, was not part of my reality. So, I visualized bright sunny days, tanning in my new bathing suit and snorkeling in calm waters while having a remarkable beach holiday.  
     Right before we left, we enjoyed a dinner with a couple who also love Maui. When we told them that we were going to visit the volcano on Mount Haleakala to see the sunset, our friend said that when he reached the 10,000-foot summit, it was completely fogged in and he could not see anything. Again, I immediately chose to see this as his reality and not mine; as I visualized experiencing crystal clear skies as we marvelled at the sunset.
     And just for good measure, I visualized receiving first-class service on our travels with no lines, no hassles and no waiting.

      The Sunday that we flew in, the weather was clear, sunny and that evening we dined out in the open air, enjoying the beautiful weather and light, warm tropical breezes.
    The following day saw another bright sunny morning, as we drove to the wharf and boarded a boat with 17 others to visit the island of Molokini and go snorkeling. As we anchored and put on our snorkels and fins, someone commented on the lovely weather and our Captain said, “You are so lucky, as we only get a handful of days like this throughout the year that are so calm and perfect for snorkeling with great visibility.”
     The next morning, I woke up early to present my radio show, and saw that there were considerable clouds at 7am. With the time difference, I broadcasted my show from 8-9am Maui time.  When I finished, I looked outside and as if right on cue, I saw that the clouds had been whisked away, and the day was bathed in beautiful sunshine again.
      After lunch, we started the two-hour drive to the summit of the volcano. With each elevation marker we passed, we both noticed that the higher we climbed the weather seemed to get clearer. Arriving at the summit, we had a crystal clear, unobstructed view looking down at the towns and the sea and the spectacular sunset.
   Each day, we were presented with weather that was just as sunny, warm and as inviting, as the days that I had visualized and intended to experience.
    Now, how was this possible, when both Pete and I had seen almost a
full week of rain on the forecast?
     Well, the only thing that I can attribute it to, and The Posse of Angels are agreeing with me, is that we both willed it to be so. We did not allow our logical, rational minds to be dictated by what we would ultimately experience. Because all of life and what we experience is an illusion, I therefore choose to experience my fantasies and imaginings as my reality.
     What we experienced on this trip was very different in many ways from previous holidays. This is because we knew that we are both creating our reality with every word, every thought and every feeling. Every tiny magical, optimistic, positive vibration that we hold in our hearts is creating a glorious reality of our making.
    Knowing this, I have already started to visualize our next holiday, which will be even grander and filled with moments that take our breath away; someplace tropical with warm trade winds, clear skies and meeting magical people with astounding opportunities.
Oh and by the way, we were the first ones off the plane, our luggage came out first and there was no one in the taxi rink as we glided home to experiencing each and every day as if we are always on holiday. 

Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of "One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness and ‘Angels of Faith’
Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
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“Let go of the steering wheel of life, so that God and the angels can drive you around to all the miracles”
Claire Candy Hough

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