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Being Brave is Being Self-Realized

      The Posse of Angels wishes to remind everyone of how fortunate we are to have had so many enlightened souls who came before us. These brave spiritual warriors who stepped out into a very dark world paved the way, and made it easier for the first wave of Lightworkers to bravely take our message out to the awakening shifting masses.
     Their contribution to facilitating our journey as Spiritual Teachers becomes even more amazing, when one considers that many of them were bringing forth their messages previous to the establishment of supportive, like-minded communities on the Internet. This group of Spiritual Warriors contained prominent names that lead by example, and made an enormous contribution to inspiring me to be brave and to speak my truth.

    Jerry and Esther Hicks brought forth The Teachings of Abraham with books like “The Laws of Attraction” and “Ask and it is Given”. It is interesting to note that Esther received her encouragement and support from a psychic, medium Jane Roberts, who channeled an energy called 'Seth'. Her publication of the “Seth Materials”, established her as one of the pre-eminent figures in the world of paranormal phenomena.

      Some others who paved the way for many to step forward and be courageously authentic were Doreen Virtue, Neil Donald Walsh, Shirley MacLaine and Eckhart Tolle.
     Doreen spoke openly about seeing, hearing, and conversing with angels and faeries. Not only on Sundays in the confines of Church, but in every moment of the day. In addition to empowering many to honor their psychic and intuitive gifts, she validated and confirmed what others already knew to be true about their angelic connection.
      In much the same way, Neil Donald Walsh had the audacity to write a book that was called Conversations with God. He also took the concept of speaking to God through an intermediary like a Rabbi, a Priest or Minister, only on a certain day of the week, and showed that one could dialog with God on their own. This inner dialog could occur at any place and at any time, in order to receive messages and guidance to their questions and prayers.

     Think of how brave Shirley Maclaine was to openly speak about her contact with our intergalactic star brethren (I don’t use the words aliens) and her spiritual truths in books like, “Out on a Limb” and “Dancing in the Light”. Remember these books were published in 1983 and 1985 and were brought forth to a completely different energetic world of 30 years ago!
     Another enormous contributor to paving the way for others to focus their energies was Eckhart Tolle, who implored all of us in his book,” “The Power of Now”, to engage only with  the present moment. 
    For as I say, it is only in the nano-second of the now that miracles, magic and synchronicities can happen.

     One of these brave spiritual teachers who helped awaken Planet Earth to love, peace, acceptance and the power within all of us, was Wayne Dyer, who recently passed from the Earth plane. Some of his enormously successful books are “Your Erroneous Zones”, “The Power of Intention” and “Your Sacred Self.” 
     His experience of having spent much of his childhood in an orphanage after his father walked out, leaving his mother to raise three small boys, formed and shaped his life. And instead of hiding it away with shame and guilt, he truthfully recounted stories from his family life and repeatedly used his own experiences as an example.
     One of Wayne Dyers strongest messages was to pursue being self-actualized. When one is self-actualized or self-realized, one lives with their energies focused on realizing their full potential.
     By expressing one's creativity joyfully and openly, pursuing knowledge, and the desire to serve the Divine within and then to serve others, they receive a feeling of worth, value and riches that is unparalleled by any monetary or material wealth. And just like Jane Roberts influenced Esther Hicks, the teachings of Swami Muktananda, the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu and St Francis of Assisi were Wayne Dyer’s inspirational teachers who all had a great influence on his work and life.

     And whether the influence on awakening to our self-realization occurs from a Spiritual teacher like Jesus, Buddha, Francis of Assisi, Jane Roberts, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and/or many others, their message may have been different yet they share a wonderful commonality.

    They honestly and openly shared their message to the world, without reservation and embarrassment. Some would call it being brave, but The Posse of Angels and I prefer to see it as living from our Divine eternal nature. And in this way, our previous way-showers expressed their story with full voice, in the most authentic and truthful of ways.
     Each one of these Spiritual Teachers knew deep down, what I have been saying since I had my angelic Walk-In experience in 2003.

     We are not here to teach anyone anything as each one of us is born with all the spiritual wisdom and knowledge already inside of us.
     By imparting my personal story of challenges, struggles and triumphs in the most honest way, I lead by example and demonstrate to others that they can be empowered to confidently share their self-realized soul to the World as well.

     In fact, The Posse of Angels is sharing with us that this was the reason that we all came back in this lifetime; to shine the example of our self-realized light to the world. 
     Those brave souls among us who choose to be like those previous Spiritual Warriors and will choose to be self-realized, will be stepping up on a much larger platform, in front of a much wider audience to be seen and for our message to be heard. 

     For those of you who are afraid of sharing with others, for instance, that you see and speak to dead people, see angels and faeries, are afraid to publicly admit that you have contact with our Star brothers and sisters, or that you incarnated as a Walk-In, The Posse of Angels wishes you to know that...
it is far scarier to deny who you are than to let the world see your true light.

     They wish to remind us that once you are self-realized, you no longer care what others think and your only mission is to shine your incredible, God given,  Divine light out to the world.
     And just like Esther, Doreen, Neil, Shirley, Eckhart, Wayne, Claire Candy and so many others, you too have the free will and all that you need within to bravely take your unique story, and boldly step forth to shine your light on our beloved planet.

Happy Shining!!! 
Love and Angel Blessings,

Claire Candy Hough
Author of "One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness and ‘Angels of Faith’
Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher  // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: +61 831.277.3716
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“Let go of the steering wheel of life, so that God and the angels can drive you around to all the miracles”
Claire Candy Hough

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