Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Homecoming to Who You Are

Like many people, I love this time of year with its pumpkin scones and lattes, cheery jack-o-lanterns and cooler temperatures. The mere smell of nutmeg and allspice has me hankering to wear my pink flannel bunny pajamas and putting my scarves and sweaters from the back of my closet to the front. And while the month of October in the past has been a time of harvest, The Posse of Angels is sharing with us that October had many of us experiencing a very different kind of harvest this year. The harvest of October has traditionally been associated with gathering foods to can and store away, in order to sustain us physically through the winter months. Yet, what many of us have experienced this past month was so revealing, that in some ways, the spiritual nourishment that it provided will feed our souls now, during our winters and for all our days to come. After we experienced a somewhat sleepy summer with not much happening, September saw many of us draw connections that finally opened doors and created forward motion towards our heartfelt desires. And after this brief flurry of activity, October came in and seemed to have presented us with a time of stillness. The Posse of Angels is nodding their heads and saying that this time of void was invaluable to really take note of our lives. The quiet of October gave the collective consciousness a chance to reset, as to how we relate and connect on a more conscious level to ourselves, to others and to our environment. And as we spent so much of October resetting how we interact in the world, many returned to fully living from their Divine Eternal natures. And The Posse of Angels is saying that many have finally decided to return ‘Home’ to themselves. With many Lightworkers doing this, we chose to return to our biological families in October. Our relationships with our families are sometimes the hardest to deal with; as they are often laden with the heavy burden of blame. The Posse of Angels says that there are several reasons for so many of us reconnecting with family. By returning to our birth families, many saw just how far we have come and how much we have enlightened. With many Lightworkers having cleared and cleansed their issues, we have allowed ourselves to detach from family stories and dramas. Practicing detachment, we allowed our family members to live and experience their own journey. And by loving them for exactly where they choose to be, we have transcended the need for blame, finding fault in others and seeing ourselves as victims. With clear-eyed awareness, many of us have taken responsibility for our contribution to the perpetuation of negative emotions attached to family relationships. Having done all of the above, we have chosen to spiritually come home to who we are and then chose to literally go back home to our roots. My client Mary (not her real name) experienced her own ‘going home’ and what it felt like to return to her birth family in October. She had revealed to me that being the only girl in her family of boys had been very difficult for her whole life; as she was raised in a culture and religion that praised sons and virtually did not recognize daughters. It was actually voiced by her parents that education would be wasted on her, as she was very pretty and the expectation was that she would be married off to someone rich and have children. And while Mary was not against marriage or having children, she grew up deeply sad that her talents of writing were not praised like those of her brother’s. Putting all her effort into her looks, Mary made the decision to get the recognition of her parents by marrying a wealthy man. She went on to have children and endured many years of being subjected to his abuse. After she divorced, she decided that even though her family did not honor her talent of writing, she would respect her gifts and she began to write books. In the years that followed, only out of a sense of duty, she forced herself to visit her family. On the days before her departure, she would begin to sense a heavy feeling of being either judged or not being listened to. And every time she visited, her feelings were like a self-fulfilling prophesy that had her holding back tears of rage, at her parents blatant disregard for her efforts as they lauded her older brothers. Through Intuitive Counseling and Reiki Sessions with me, Mary was able to clearly see her life from a higher perspective. She understood why she had chosen certain souls to be her parents. She also saw that, because of her own actions in previous incarnations, she had chosen their contrasting characteristics to help challenge her to grow spiritually. Through our sessions, Mary became empowered to respect her talents as a writer. With renewed enthusiasm and passion, she finished her first novel. She then honored her writing and signed with a literary agent. It was sometime later that she joyously called, to tell me that a major publishing house was going to publish her first book. Now that she was a published writer, she decided to return home to prove to her family that she was deserving of being a recognized writer. Sitting with her family while they had tea, she excitedly told them what she had accomplished; as she had kept the publishing of her book a secret from them. The only thing that her mother said was, “You know, your older brother is such a brilliant writer, why doesn’t he get a literary agent?” It was in that very moment, that Mary realized that what her mother said or did not say, no longer had any effect on her. With the work that Mary had done in our sessions, she was no longer reactive. She knew that her mothers’ words and actions, had nothing to do with whether she was talented or not. Her mother’s words were reflective of her upbringing and programming to favor sons. In that instant when Mary realized that she no longer needed anyone else’s recognition of her talents, she smiled knowing that she was no longer needy and dependent on her family’s recognition. Mary thanked me for helping her remember that we all are Divine and each of us chooses to be where we are on the journey towards enlightenment. I had shared with Mary that we each carry the keys of spiritual awakening within us. Some of us choose to find the keys to enlightenment quickly, some choose to find the keys slowly and keep themselves in the dark. And then there are some others who choose never to find the keys and never experience enlightenment. Turning the mirror back on herself, Mary remembered that it took her to the age of 40 to find her spiritual keys and awaken to who she was. She then let go of judgment on how her parents should act and allowed them the same freedom of choice on whether or not to enlighten. By surrendering judgment, she stopped blaming others, and using them as an excuse for being a victim and not honoring her God-given talents. By letting go of self-imposed limitation, she opened herself to live from her divine eternal nature and her unlimited power inside. Mary said her trip back to her family was not so much about reuniting with them, but more so of reuniting with herself. For the reflection of her family helped strengthen her conviction to the path she wished to follow. No longer shackled to some self-imposed illusion of the past, she was now free to confidently step forward to her dream of being a writer. Happy Homecoming to One and All! Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Writer Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Practitioner International Radio Host Author of "Angels of Faith" CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough

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