Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The World Is Waiting For You To Live Your Passion

Firstly I would like to say a HUGE Happy Anniversary to myself and Angel Healing House Radio. For it was one year ago on January 31st 2012 that I began hosting my first radio program on Blog Talk Radio. Looking back over the past year, there are certainly some things which I intuited would happen as a result of starting this radio program. As a result of being on the airwaves, my show has enabled me to go global: allowing more clients to connect with me. (In fact, the statistics on the Blog talk radio site that records the number of people who have listened to my archived shows to this date, is numbering almost 30,000.) My radio program also gave me the opportunity to internationally share the beautiful and inspirational messages from The Posse of Angels, my angelic family. And although, I had been a guest speaker on many other people’s radio and television programs in the past, this was a very new experience for me. Was I fearful? Did I doubt myself? You bet! But the encouraging voices of God and the angels was much stronger than these two illusions. Armed only with a great excitement to host my own show, I stepped forward in faith. Every Tuesday morning at 11am, I sought to bring forth a heavenly show filled with humor, down to earth practical angel advice, and most of all love. The two expected outcomes from my radio program, going global and sharing the angels’ messages, were both a known quantity. But there was one area in particular, probably the most important area, that my radio program allowed me to develop. This was in the area of my writing. The Posse of Angels is laughing now and they are saying that most of the time the angels work in very sneaky ways. From the initial show, they told me not to feature any guests on my program, as my show would solely be a platform for bringing forth channeled angel messages on relevant topics. Not having any guests, and never being quite 100% sure whether I would have any callers, The Posse of Angels and I composed 4-5 pages on a different topic every week. And while I had written books and blogs in the past, this regular weekly radio show kept me on task and forced me to be diligent and focused on my writing. As a result of this, I allowed my natural talent of writing to be developed every single day. Now just a note here, it is amazing what one is capable of when one takes a leap of faith in oneself and ones talents. Week in and week out, by honoring my great love and gift for writing, I honed my craft and built a strong foundation of being able to create easily. And now, writing is even more of a joy and inspiration for me; as my creative efforts flow quickly and effortlessly. The Posse of Angels is nodding their heads and saying that all this practice to my passion of writing has been like a dress rehearsal. It has created an energetic vibration of joy on a stage of my own making. I may not have realized it at the time, but the accumulated energies of all this joyful preparation will burst open the new doors of writing opportunities and connections that are on the horizon for me in 2013 and beyond. In fact, having owned this talent of mine, I now state openly and emphatically that I am first and foremost a writer and an author; for this is what I am most passionate about and brings me the most joy. The Posse of Angels is saying that because of my diligent efforts in believing in me as a writer and author, The Universe will have no ambiguity as to how it will help me co-create my heartfelt wishes to come true in 2013. And while my path to this new beginning year of 2013 is different to others, I can tell you that we are all in the same boat, as we riding on the waves of a very new frequency and a great change in energy. This energetic change is like nothing else we have experienced on our Planet. For you see- you, me and everyone on the Planet has finally made it to a very important crossroads in our lives. Cross roads are wonderful as they give us possibilities to step forward in new directions, but only if we are willing to make that first step. If one lingers too long at these intersections, the energies at crossroads tend to be stagnant, still and cause us to be immobile. Of times when we come to a crossroad in our lives, it halts our movement, and causes us to ponder which way to advance. And it is in this time of stillness at these crossroads, that it gives us pause to linger and take a long look back to how far we have come. How many of us reading this have finally closed doors and decided to leave dishonoring people, dishonoring jobs, become proactive about looking after our health, and nurtured our passions to share them with the rest of the Universe? The stillness of January has been extraordinarily useful for us to stand at our own individual crossroads. Many of us have taken a really hard look at where we are now after completing the grand march to 2012 and we are now poised for the the new to unfold. And just like myself bringing forth my passion for writing, this new energy has all to do with each and every one of us finding that passion inside and then sharing it with the world; sharing it with the world is the most important component. This energy is expansive, limitless, unbounded, filled with magic, miracles and endless possibilities. And the wonderful news is that this new energy and the ability to utilize it for whatever your heart desires, is now a part of a brand new you. You might not have felt any different since the start of 2013. But let me assure you, whether you realize it or not, you are now in possession of a new power within. Ask yourself, “What would I do if I could not fail?” “What would happen if I truly let go of all preconceived ideas of what I should do and followed my heart as to what I love doing and share it with the rest of the world?” Now is the perfect time to review your unique and special abilities, step up and own them. In the majority of cases, this ability is something that comes forth effortlessly. This passion or talent is often something that when you do it, you lose all track of time and you would do it even if you were not getting paid for it. This gift is so much a part of you that it is inextricably linked to who you are and brings your heart immense joy. The Posse of Angels is saying please do not hide your talent or passion away from the world because that passion is the very reason that you are here in physical form. Now many might be saying, “But I’m not talented, there’s nothing that I do that is creative in order to share with others”. At this important crossroads of our lives, it is paramount to remember that we each have an integral puzzle piece and purpose for the world. In fact you incarnated on the Earth plane in physical form in order to rediscover who you are and rediscover your importance to the Universal plan. That importance to the Universal Plan is held within your passion, your gifts and your talents. It is important to note here when so many people are looking to be more spiritual, and searching for answers in their lives, that the number one thing that will reconnect you to feeling like you are Home or living Heaven on Earth, is for you to recognize the blessing of your God given gifts that you were born with and to bring them forth to share with the rest of the world. This is the key to the New Age and each of us holds a piece of it to create. By passionately bringing forth your talents and abilities with fun and joy, you will work with these new powerful energies to create and open doorways to the most magical and miraculous connections and opportunities for yourself. But these magical doors will not open for you, if you have not stepped forward and shown faith and trust in yourself as part of the Divine plan. That Divine plan that you signed on for, was to share your glory with the rest of humanity. This glory within you, your passion and purpose, is begging to be recognized now. The Earth is waiting for you to celebrate and bring it forth with all your enthusiasm, excitement, and joy. By uniting the recognition of our gifts and passions and the powerful brand new energy available to all of us, this winning combination will bring forth an amazing reality for each of us. And I, like The Posse of Angels, am wiggling with excitement and can’t wait to see what miracles I will co- create as a result of this. What miracles are your going to co-create with your passion? :) Love and Angel Blessings, Claire Candy Hough Writer and Author of "Angels of Faith" Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Practitioner International Radio Host CEO of Angel Healing House Ph: +61 831.277.3716 SKYPE: candy.hough candy@angelhealinghouse.com www.angelhealinghouse.com http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angel-healing-house www.linkedin.com www.facebook.com/angelhealinghouse

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Dawn Alice said...

So many times lately, I have thought about stepping back from what I do. I said to the angels, " If you want me to go ahead with more books, then let me know". Well, they have and reading your blog was yet another message to keep on stepping out in faith!
Blessings to you Candy and thank you. xo