Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stop Pushing Life and Let Life Flow Through You

I have heard from many people that they are very frustrated because they feel stuck, as if they can't go any further. Or, they have lost their certainty of direction and sense of self where they fit into the Universe. Try as they may, they keep doing and following the same process that was once before successful in ttheir life, but it is no longer working. They have no problem recreating the same energy that worked before, yet now they seem to have hit a wall. Some have told me that it feels like they are spinning their wheels, with no forward movement.
Simply put, because the world is changing energetically and ascending into higher consciousness, it is changing the vibrational dimension where we live and how we interact with the world.
This is happening with greater frequency because most people are stuck in the old paradigm (illusion) of moving down a path to something, because we have always thought the path to be straight. All our senses were programmed to deal with time following linear steps to get to where we were going.
Yet in these higher energies of ascension and consciousness, the path may present signs and synchronicities that take 90 degree twists and turns and prompts us to flow in a very different direction then we had planned with our linear minds. It is prompting us to flow in the direction of our hearts. When we follow our hearts we open ourselves up to receiving all the boundless and limitless possibilities that the Universe can give to us.
Yet, many people cannot discern what their heart wants because they drown it out and allow the programming of fear, self-sabotage, and limitation to silence the strong desire in their heart.

Each and every one of us has an extraordinary gift to give to the world, and nobody else can carry it. In fact it is the reason why you are here to demonstrate this gift and talent in your own unique way.
Yet people have been hesitant about living from their hearts because they are so busy and set on perfecting themselves before they do so.

For the better part of 10 years, through my business Angel Healing House, I have helped people stop waiting to perfect themselves and realize that what they are waiting for, in fact, they already are.
I’ve always liked the quote that says, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is the height of insanity.”

I have helped so many clients to stop pushing and forcing life, to allowing and letting life naturally flow through them. In the first instance, one lives a hard life and in the second, one experiences the wonderment, joy and excitement of life unfolding.
In so doing, their lives have been transformed, as they begin to live from their divine natural state, authentically coming from their hearts and being a co-creator with the Universe.

Personally, because I have lived this way for the past 10 years, life has presented to me the most extraordinary, unplanned opportunities, connections, and possibilities to fulfill my intentions of my dreams coming true. All I had to do, as a co-creator, was to follow in the direction of my heart.
If you need help living the life of your dreams and realizing that what you have been waiting for, in acutal fact, is what you already are, give me a call.
831 277 3716
Love and Blessings,
Claire Candy Hough

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