Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Allow the Winds of Heaven to Dance at the Party of My Life

Are you a person that is highly organized? Do you diligently make lists and feel so much better as things get crossed off?
I used to be like that.
Years ago, I was so organized that I had a Day Runner for my Filofax. I was constantly buying inserts, with tabs and plastic sections to organize and arrange my days. My life was so obsessively well ordered that I had lists for my lists; as I tried to control life. (From a higher perspective, I now know that because I allowed others to take control of my life, I tried to cling desperately to this one area that I seemingly had control over.)
I would diligently follow my lists with military precision.
In so doing, I probably missed out on the most wonderful miracles and synchronicities that the Universe had on offer for me. The reason for this is because with my eyes trained myopically on my list, I failed to look beyond the horizon of logical possibilities and closed myself off from receiving the magic of life.
For most of the time, it is in the minutiae of our planning and over planning that we miss the forest for the trees.
Having chosen to live a conscious life of awareness these past 8 years, I am laser beam focused on my intentions (dreams, goals, desires and wishes). But, I have let go of the “how” and the “when” they will manifest in my life. By co-creating with the Universe, God and the Angels, I allow the winds of Heaven to dance at the party of my life; in order to bring me magical connections.
When one lives like this, and does not put any limitations as to how and when things “should” happen, the most amazing connections and opportunities occur that the limited human mind could not script nor possibly conceive of ever happening.
Case in point:
Back in October, I met a lovely Reflexologist at a Wellness Institute where I was working. He suggested since I am new to LA, that in order to get better known, I should join some business networking groups. This made sense logically but at the time I didn’t wiggle. Sorry, let me explain. We all have an inner voice, our intuition that speaks to us and tells us to step forward in excitement or if we are not getting a good feeling about it, this means to back away.
I am so clear now, that when something is for my highest good and would be of great benefit to me, I wiggle. I get an overwhelming childlike, excited flutter in my tummy and I know to proceed; no questions asked. As I was not feeling excited back in October, I didn’t proceed with his suggestion. Several months had passed, and for some reason, the Reflexologist popped into my mind. I immediately arranged a lunch date for us to get together. At lunch, he asked me if I had joined any business organizations. And suddenly, I got head to toe goose bumps. The rest of lunch was spent filling myself with French onion soup and salad greens; as I digested his suggestions for business networking organizations. I felt myself get excited about the one that had no joining fee and presented monthly mixers that one could attend. I excitedly put my information on the website, and scanned the bios of the members. As I was going through the photos, I stopped at one woman’s face and my fingers froze on the keys. Suddenly, I got this overwhelming feeling like I had to meet her. I sent her a message saying that since I am new to the area, maybe we could meet for a tea, coffee and a chat.
Her response was positive and we met at her friend’s cafĂ© the following week. The more we spoke, it turned out that our lives and backgrounds had been quite similar. Amidst our sharing, she said, “I would like to invite you to attend the West LA Chamber Women’s Business Networking Group, which meets next week. I have only recently taken over from the lady who was running it, as she is ill.” Once more, I get an overwhelming shiver of goose bumps, which is my signpost to step forward and go to the meeting. Arriving at the meeting, I secured my name tag, grabbed a plate of food and chose a seat. Immediately, a lady sits down next to me and I introduce myself. She stares at me in amazement and says, “Do you hold the traditional Reiki lineage?” I told her yes, as I had been taught by a teacher who could trace her lineage back to the gentleman, Mikao Usui, who had rediscovered Reiki in the 1800’s. In this way, I have been taught and attuned in the traditional way that Reiki has been passed down through the years.
She then states, “I have been asking the Universe to send me you.” It turns out she is also a Reiki Master. But as a journalist, practicing Hypnotherapist and a midwife, she no longer has time to practice Reiki. She has been searching for someone who has been traditionally trained in order to refer her pregnant clients for the wonderful calming, rebalancing energies of Reiki.
As the meeting came to order, each one of us had the opportunity to stand up and introduce our business and services. As a result of my attendance, 30 more women received my brochures and now know about me. In fact, since that night, one of those ladies booked a session with me.
Now the logical thing to do would be to circle the date on my calendar for their next Chamber meeting, pay my dues and become a member. And that may or may not happen. Because life does not necessarily work like that, and here is why.
Just because I was led intuitively to attend this group this time, does not mean that the Universe has to give me business in this way. And although it is possible that lightening can strike twice in the same place, it is highly improbable. Knowing this, I have garnered clients from anywhere and everywhere just by being present, crystal clear on who I am and stating my intention to the Universe.
My intention is, “Bring me people who I can help, and bring me people who can help me and let my eyes be clearly open to see them.” In this way, I have met clients in grocery stores, at gas stations, in fitting rooms of department stores and in ladies rooms, just to name a few places.
If you authentically and honestly respect who you are, what you do and are passionately shining your enthusiasm and joy out to the world, then in every moment of every day-no matter where you are-your inner light acts like a beckon that attracts others to you and what you do.

Once you consciously live this way, it is very easy to follow the individualized signposts that the Universe and you are co-creating. These signs act like a compass to keep pointing you in the direction of magical synchronicities that continually fill your heart’s intentions.
Living this way, I no longer chase after clients and tell the Universe how it must send me more business. I set my intentions, keep my eyes open, stay fully present and step forward and act when I get that 'wiggly' feeling.
In doing so, I clearly feel the winds of Heaven blow in my direction as God and the Angels orchestrate and choreograph with me the most astounding dance of life.
All I need to do is stay in my childlike wonder, let go of controlling, and when the Universe invites me to dance, I wiggle.
If you would like some lessons, on how to wiggle, give me a call:
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