Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rich Beyond Compare

As a presenter and motivational speaker, my workshops are filled with examples of the Laws of Attraction. To demonstrate the Universal Law of ‘like- attracting- like’, I weave interesting personal stories of how I re-focused my attention on what I wanted, instead of what I didn't want, and overtime my life became more positive, rewarding, and abundant. As a result of this, many of my dreams were realized.
So having experienced the results of focused desire and intention, I decided to create a new vision board for 2011.
My former vision board had worked a charm. A year previously, I had cut out a photo of a VB New Beetle and an iphone and miraculously the money manifested for both in divine timing.
I excitedly worked on my new vision board; cutting out visual representations of my dreams manifesting into physical form. Last but certainly not least, I pasted copious amounts of photos of money swirling around the pictures.
Within days of putting up the vision board, I received a call from a former Reiki II student of mine who was experiencing terrible back pain. Her Reiki session with me calmed the twisted nerves in her back and once again, she was pain free. We decided to go out to dinner afterwards and she asked to invite three of her friends that were very excited to meet me. During dinner, I mentioned that as I had recently moved to the Los Angeles area, I was thinking of different ways that I could inform more people about myself and my Healing Practice. With great excitement, my student said that months ago her Chiropractor was looking for a Reiki Practitioner to work out of her office. She said that she would send my brochure and a letter of recommendation to her Doctor. One week later, I met Dr. Iris Williams on December 22nd. There was an instant connection between us and she asked me to join Halo Chiropractic.
A similar example of how the Universe does not work in straight lines came shortly after I moved to Los Angeles. Without consciously looking for it, through a synchronistic meeting, I was enthusiastically asked to join a Wellness Center in Culver City. Although I sprinkled my brochures and business cards around the clinic and spoke to many people, the clients seemed to be blocked from coming to me for some reason. The Reflexologist who worked there mentioned one day that he had a wonderful friend, who I just had to meet; as she was also a Reiki Master and a Theta Practitioner. Upon meeting each other, we connected immediately. She was very interested in the workshops that I had created and expressed interest in coming along in the New Year.
Now what does all of this have to do with my vision board you may well ask?

Looking back to my vision board, I asked for more money; and lots of it. And if the Universe worked in straight lines, taking us on a direct journey from point A to point B, then from the time I created my vision board and turned around, I would have fallen over a huge pile of money.
But, fortunately, life does not work like that, and I’ll explain why.
As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have chosen to incarnate to work on our spiritual growth by learning lessons that we draw to ourselves. Many times these lessons can only be learned with the help of others along our path in the journey of life. Sometimes we are the ‘life line’ for someone in their time of need and at other times, our prayers are ‘magically’ answered by just the right person, appearing at just the right time. You see, by drawing my student back into my life, she brought with her wonderful connections that opened up doors of possibilities. The two of the young women that came to dinner that night have become new clients. And, in addition, one of those young women recommended me to another friend of hers, who has since, also become a new client.
Since working at Halo Chiropractic, I have acquired new clients and received greater exposure for my work as a Healing Practitioner and motivational speaker. Not only that, I get to work in a nurturing, energetically welcoming and happy office in the middle of Hollywood. (Oh, by the way, on one of my former vision boards when I lived in Australia, I had pasted up pictures of Hollywood, California thinking that Pete would be working there. Well Pete has realized his dream and is working in the film industry in LA. But, strangely enough, it is I who am now working in Hollywood.
(You can play your own version of, the Twilight Zone’ theme music here.)

In addition to these wonderful occurrences, I received a call from a lovely lady who was looking for a Reiki Master/Teacher to study Reiki with and the Colonic Practitioner at the Wellness center recommended her to me.
Looking back, all of these things occurred within 3 weeks of focusing my intension on my vision board of acquiring more money.

Having seen very tangible results in the last month of exactly how the Universe works, I have decided to ‘tweak’ my original way of thinking. Instead of refocusing my attention on what I “want” to appear in my reality, I am going to accept the fact that I am “RICH BEYOND COMPARE” and accept and allow for the limitless possibilities and ways that the Universe/God/Source/Angels wish to manifest that in my reality.
The huge difference now will be that I will be able to clearly see the abundance in exactly what shows up, rather than looking everywhere else for my limited and preconceived notion of how the Universe should be answering my prayers.
And there within the great difference lies.
By choosing to live life this way, I now live a life of acceptance and joy for exactly what turns up in my reality.
For if it is there, it has been ordered by Divine Source to be the greatest good of myself and the greatest good of all concerned.
What a relief!! I no longer have to push, plead and beg for anything to arrive in my reality, in any other way than it is presented to me.
And with this feeling of letting go to what is, I feel so much more empowered as I have given myself permission to, “Do my best, and leave the rest.”
Caution:If you choose to accept what is, instead of constantly forcing what isn’t, you just might find yourself being happier, more balanced and more 'gosh darned' peaceful than you ever possibly imagined that you could be in your whole life!
Love and Blessings,
Candy Hough
Angel Healing House
831 277 3716

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