Thursday, February 10, 2011

I HAVE ASCENDED ENOUGH! Where in the H*ll is my Twin-Flame??

How is your ascension going these days??? Ascension, you might say, what ascension? Well, the more we choose to live from a more unified, accepting, and loving awareness, the more our choices begin to reflect this awakened state.
As many of us are consciously living a ‘heightened’ sense of awareness, we diligently incorporate this knowingness into higher vibrating, more beneficial choices in our lives.
For instance, from a dietary standpoint, many of us have cleaned up our diets to showcase more foods that are grown organically, to drinking pure water, and filtering foods with artificial color, flavoring, additives and preservatives.
From a spiritual point of view, many have taken up forms of meditation to get in touch with our higher selves, and read many New Age self-help books to help us with our new sense of being.
There are even those who no longer compromise their souls for just money and have honored themselves as to doing work that is nurturing and nourishing t their soul.
We take our reusable bags to the grocery stores to protect the environment; we diligently recycle and give what we can to the homeless and less fortunate.
So, within our conscious lives of awareness…How is your love life?? (If, you don’t mind me asking.)
I hear from so many clients and students that everything is going beautifully in their lives, yet the one area that has still eluded them is a precious, cherished beloved partner to share their life with. A love that allows them to be themselves without any game playing and is built on a solid foundation of honesty, transparency, honor and respect, which one does not have to compromise any aspect of ‘who they are’ in order to be in the relationship. A love that they burn and hunger for; as their heart yearns for a love of Divine proportions.
The good news is that not only do these relationships exist, but they are in each and every person’s capacity to experience this love.

What most people on the Planet have been experiencing when it comes to finding love is ‘Soul Mate” relationships. And while there is beautiful love in them, they come in with irritation, agitation, and drama that pushes our buttons. They do this in order to reflect on to us something that we have to clean up within ourselves. They are there to create this contrast and annoyance, in order to help us honor ourselves, to grow and make movement forward for us to clean up our Karma.
So how are you with playing the Soul Mate game? It’s pretty challenging and disheartening, isn’t it? How do you know if it is a Soul Mate relationship? Well, if there is anything that irks you in any way shape or form or makes you feel like you can’t be yourself, than it probably is one.

Sick and tired of feeling used or compromised in love?

Well, it is time to step up to the next level in the ascensions process.
I am living proof that this is not only possible, but relatively easy to do now that you have consciously started to live all the above steps on the way to ascension.
In 2003, after living 47 ½ years in which I was a victim and gave my power away in order to be loved, I started to look seriously at what I was doing to have attracted these less then desirable relationships to myself, and started to practically live a very different way. Within a short amount of time my reality started to reflect a very different picture.
Six months later, I drew a very different love to myself called a Twin-Flame Relationship.

Twin-Flame Relationships have been rare on the Earth plane because people’s energies have not been high enough to draw this Divine complement to themselves. In fact, A Twin-Flame is the only other person in any space, time or dimension who is the completion of who you are. When brought together, it is the original Divine representation of perfect love.

And with 2011 being the year of Disclosure (Wikileaks, Egypt collapsing, UFO Disclosures etc) the human species is waking up to the fact that we must live lives that are authentic, honest and transparent.
This information of the Twin-Flames is timely; as it grounds the Divine in human form through a beloved, cherished relationship.

Are you ready for it??

If you are ready to ditch the Soul Mate game with its often heartbreaking, soul destroying, dishonor and disrespect, then find out what you can do to draw your own Twin-Flame to yourself.

Having drawn my own Twin-Flame to myself, I have created ‘The Twin-Flame Relationship Workshop’ to help others experience this love.

This Transformational Workshop:
* Explains where Twin-Flames originated and the characteristics of such a relationship;
* Explains the difference between a soul mate relationship (your ex, parents, siblings, children, friends are all soul mates) and the extraordinary bond and heightened spiritual awareness that are shared by Twin-Flames;
* Demonstrates not only what you can consciously focus on to bring your Twin-Flame to you, but also reveals what things you are doing that are preventing you from finding your Twin-Flame.
* Provides information on how to deepen your current relationship.

For more information on where and when you can attend one of these workshops, or if you would like me to present this timely, transformational workshop to your group, business or organization, please call me on 831 277 3716.

With transforming and transmuting so much of who we are in the past years, in order to ascend, we have opened the door for new beginnings and we can feel the new energies promising to reinvigorate us with new life, new passion, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Make your next conscious decision to open up to finding out how your own Twin-Flame Relationship is possible to experience in this lifetime.

Love and Blessings, Candy

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