Friday, April 29, 2016

Finally Releasing Negativity To Live Your Truest Self

   The Posse of Angels is sharing with us that something extraordinary happened in April as massive incoming waves opened a gateway of heavenly light to finally release the human karmic negativity that we all have within; yes, even the most spiritual of us.
     And while the overall energies have seemed to have shifted and do not feel as hard, we still have been releasing old beliefs and programming and letting go of anything that caused us to be triggered and reactive in any way. In fact, to help us find any hidden triggers, many of us were or are being presented with people from our past, who we thought we dealt with. And with their arrival, we may have received a nasty twinge when they appeared again. Their re-emergence in our lives is to see if we have finally released any and all illusions of negativity around our association with them and to see if all we now feel is simply unconditional love and forgiveness; no matter what transpired with them.
     One client said, “I could not believe with all the spiritual work that I have done, and the fact that I am a Life Coach and a Theta Healer, that so many unresolved emotions were coming up for me to address.” In many ways, it feels like we are doing spring cleaning and de-cluttering our lives in preparation for the new to come in.
     And The Posse of Angels is reminding us that although you can ask others to help de-clutter and release any negativity that is still left, it is ultimately up to each one of us to personally resolve and bring our false belief systems and illusions into Heavenly alignment. And no matter how much we wish, ask and pray for new opportunities and connections to bring about the fulfillment of our desires, each and every one of us must resolve these triggers because we simply cannot advance into the new if we are still hanging onto the false energy of anything but pure love.
     The Posse of Angels is reminding us not to beat ourselves up if we are still finding things that are causing us to be reactive. Please know that by being presented with these final reminders of anything that is not wholly of Divine love, that it is helping us towards the freedom that our soul has been craving. In fact, this is what the conscious collective has been working on and marching towards since the beginning of 2016, which is no less then the freedom of our soul. To help us to mop away any of the last remaining illusions of anything but unconditional love, The Posse of Angels is reminding us to freely and happily let anything that comes up around people from our past to just simply let it pass by you; as if you are are the silent observer, detached from anything that is not fully steeped in love. Solely allow love to be your Geiger counter and your compass with which to navigate.
     We all have experienced the relentless illusion of holding on to negativity with some aspect of our past, as we desperately clung to being right, making the other person wrong, rather than just holding love. And the perpetuation of this negative cycle of rehashing what a person did or how they treated us causes harm not only to ourselves, but also lowers all other energies and light frequencies on the Planet. I recently heard from a distraught client who told me that she asked the angels to ‘get a certain man out of her life’ and yet every time she goes on Facebook or turns on her phone, his is the first post, text or call that she sees. She asked why don’t the angels help her and why these random things are still occurring.
     I said that nothing is random and that we all create our realities for the greatest good of ourselves and the greatest good of all concerned, even if we are not aware of it. I explained that it would be most beneficial to concentrate on shedding, releasing, surrendering and letting go of any triggers and reactions that cause her to feel anything but peace, love and forgiveness toward him. I told her that she was very clever to keep drawing this gentleman to herself, so that she will be faced with these adverse feelings in order to finally address and bring the energies around him into Divine alignment. This needs to be done so that she will ultimately move beyond the adverse reactions, be infused with only Divine love, so that she may attract an energetically pure love to herself.
     What we are learning now is that we have always been free to utilize our power of love and that power comes from our free will. In any moment, we can consciously choose to go into our hearts and find the peace and feel the love that our soul is yearning for. Please remember that our days of saving and enabling are long gone and we simply cannot do this for others. But what we can do is to become that radiant example of God consciousness and allow that illumination to flow through us, which will then light the path for others to give them clarity and direction; if they should choose to do so.
     The Posse of Angels is emphasizing that we have always had this freedom of choosing how we are going to feel in any given moment. And they are reminding us that it is only when we take time to just be and observe our lives just as they are, that we can see that we have been creating every part of our world. And if there is anything that we do not like that we created, then it is through the blessing of our free will that we can create a different reality if we desire.
With the clarity of choice comes the startling realization that it was the clearing of all negative energies and illusions which we created that stopped us from being crystal clear to manifest what we desired. By being clear, bringing these triggers into the light and love of Divine alignment, we then can begin to start to create and manifest our true reality. Many of us are so excited and enthusiastic about finally choosing to clean up our lives!
     I experienced this very thing on my Angel Healing House Radio show on April 26th as the callers all sounded hopeful and empowered; giddy with excitement to see what their efforts would bring them now that they finally brought all things in their lives back into Divine alignment. For those who have finally declared their freedom by dropping any illusions of anything but love, the month of May and the summer months will reveal physical tangible evidence of the wonderful miracles that will finally be able to manifest for us.
      With this final releasing of the illusions of negativity and declaring that we can now experience freedom, we can proclaim aloud that we are finally free; free to be who we are and live the truest representation of ourselves.
     But wait a moment, The Posse of Angels is picking up that some of you are apprehensive of what it means to be free. If we are free, we have to take responsibility for our lives, take inspired actions, be pro-active and not rely on others to tell us how to live, where to work, what to think, and this may take some getting used to; especially if that is all we have ever known. The Posse of Angels is reminding us that we have always been birds inside a cage and the cage door has always been open, but we have been looking to so many external sources to tell us what to do, that we totally disregarded our ability to fly free.
     Each and every one of us is not here in physical form to be a compromise of who we are and to limit our lives and to settle for less. So, with your new found freedom with the release of anything that is not of Divine love, what will you do now?
      Will you fuel your dreams and desires to move from where you presently are; visualizing a new home, new location, perhaps where it suits your new free energies better? Will you fuel the energies of bringing to yourself accepting, supportive, encouraging relationships that allow you to be exactly who you are with no game playing and no diminishing of your own energies in order to stay in the relationship? Will you begin to take your gifts that you are passionate about as light worker and monetize them into a business to share with the rest of the world?
     By choosing to finally bring all aspects of life back into Divine Love, many will experience wonderment on the horizon, as we step into our truest self.

Love and Angel Blessings,
Claire Candy Hough
Author of "I Am An Angelic Walk-In", "One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness" & "Angels of Faith"
Reiki Master/Teacher // Angel Practitioner
International Radio Host // CEO of Angel Healing House
Ph: 831.277.3716
SKYPE: candy.hough 

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